Leaving Delaware, but can I find my laptop? “DAY 7” – 7/11/10

July 12, 2010 (DE) 2:00am “DAY 7”

Funny Story (For all the parents out there, I now feel your pain!)

I got up today at noon just incase I had a lunch date with Lynn.  I called her around 12:30 but she didn’t answer, as expected. Oh well...

Anyway, it was time for me to leave Delaware and John’s house so I started to gather up all my stuff when I realized my laptop (MacBook) was missing!  I had just used it in the shower, (played iTunes  - music).  Then, I took it to the room I was staying in and placed it on the bed.

Some time went by as I was walking around the house (3000 sq. ft.) making sure I didn’t leave anything behind.  John and I talked a bit and said our good byes.  I also thanked Sara (John’s wife, etc..).

Sara, John, Leila, Liam

Then, when I went back up to the room, my laptop was missing.  I looked all over the room, the upstairs, the bathroom, then I frantically rushed downstairs to the basement (where I used my laptop the most), it wasn’t there!  I'm F#&KING losing it on the inside by now.  I then went up to the main floor and looked around.  John could see I was visibly shaken and asked what I was looking for?  I responded “My laptop was missing and I just had it.”

I asked John’s kids (3 and 4 yrs old) if they had seen my laptop or played with it?  They said “no”.  I asked again, “ Hey guys you wont get in any trouble, but did you see a shiny metal object?  Again, they both said “no” and looked at me with the sweetest most innocent eyes I had ever seen.  I had to believe them at this point.

Liam (4 yrs old)

I kept looking around the house and on the inside I’m FREAKING OUT!  This laptop is my life-line for the this whole trip, not to mention it cost $1,500 bucks.  So John joined in on the search and after another 15 minutes or so he found it.

Where, you ask?  He found it in the closet of the kids room under a dresser (they have a big closet with dresser’s in it).  I was so relieved!  I would have never found it!

I don’t have kids and that’s why, I know they’re 3 and 4 and that’s what 3 and 4 year olds do.  But man they straight lied to my face as if I was crazy!  They would be good poker players cause they sure bluffed me!

I still love you guys, it’s funny now.  But boy... I was losing it for a minute!  Whew!

Next Stop : Alexandria Virginia


I said my good-byes again,  packed up and headed over to Starbucks to put up the rest of “DAY 6”.

At Starbucks, I decided to look at mapquest.com  to decide which casino is on the way to Alexandria, VA.  Ya see, there is no legal poker in Virginia, so I gotta get in my last day of poker in Delaware..

I gave the map a quick look and saw Harrington Raceway & Casino (which I was at with Jake “DAY 4”) is only a 45 minute detour...  That’s the plan, play for the night and leave in the morning.

As I pulled in to Harrington, DE, I saw a Super 8 and decided to get a room for the night.  My first hotel room of the trip, it cost me $68 after my AAA discount.  It’s what you would expect, not bad... not to good.  Except they do have a good wifi connection so I can’t complain to much.


Around 9pm, I finally made it to the poker room and settled into a 1-2 NL game (after a 15 min. wait).  I bought in for $200 which is max buy-in for the game at Harrington’s ($50-$200).

My first hand was J - 2 off and I folded it. Then, I lost $40 into a hand (chased a flush draw).   After that, I won a good pot after flopping a set with pocket 5’s.  I doubled up, which put me up a $100 or so.

I played a few more hands then took a break to get a players card downstairs (in the main casino area) and when I returned... the game had broken up.  I was up $80.

I was first on the list for the next available seat in the room.  After a 20 minute wait, I  was reseated at a different table.  So I put the $80 profit in my pocket and again played with the table max of $200.

I flopped another set ( that’s 3 of a kind), 3’s this time and won $60-ish off a guy who pushed all-in with A-K, (the flop: KS, 4C, 3D.)  I insta-called and that was all the action I had.

I played another 20 minutes and cashed out with $335.  A $135 profit for the night.  The winning continues in Delaware.

It’s 4:22 am and I may go back for another round.


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  1. melissa says:

    I have a friend in Bristow, VA…about an hour from Alexandria….if interested I can see if she wants to meet up. Let me know!

  2. Christine says:

    It’s Christine from starbucks! Checked out the website, great stuff! Boy do I have amazing picture skills. 😉 good luck!

  3. dave says:

    Thank you! And yes, you do… the pic looks great! If it only made me better looking too! 🙂

    Thanks again for stopping by! Tell your friends!


  4. dave says:


    Thank you and I will let you know after I settle in and see where I’m at.

    Thank you,

  5. Mickey says:

    the rooster i know woulda realized he has done nothing but won $$ in Delaware and stayed till the cards ran out!!! props for sticking to the plan

  6. Rico says:

    You kind of remind me of that other silly Jewish fellow that traveled America in search of nothing. I believe his name was Borat….HaHaHaHa…HaHaHaHa

  7. Moose says:

    What’s up Rooster? Doing a great job but, it sure seems like best chance you had of getting laid was that guy in starbucks you had your arm around! Maybe you should stick to the cards. If you win enough you can always pay for it!!!!!! Love your friend The Moose. Stay safe and win BIG!!!!!!

  8. Bopp says:

    Damn rooster, Put a leash on your laptop……remember when you lost it (or shall i say miss placed it) at mikes house! Clean it up!!! lol. miss ya

  9. dave says:

    Bopp: I know… I know.. Thanks… and remember you are my date in AZ! I better get in shape! 🙂

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