Leaving Matt’s & Traveling To West Virginia! (OH-WV) “DAY 288” – 4/18/11

April 21, 2011 - 11:00 am - (OH-WV) “DAY 288” - Week 43 - State 39

I know I’m a little behind again as it’s been tough to get everything done when you have now where to stay, as was the case for my Monday and Tuesday of this week.   So, I’m doing my best to get all caught up by the end of today (Thursday).  Here we go.

Leaving Matt’s (Columbus, OH)
I woke up this morning around the same time Matt did (11 am).  I got up to start writing and he got up because he had to go to school today.  Since Matt knew I would be writing for longer than he would be home, he left me the key so I could stay as long I needed to before I left.  Thanks Matt! 🙂

After saying my good-byes to Matt, he left for the day as I did as much as I could until about 2:30 pm. (I still had more to do but it was time to move on to West Virginia.)

I’ve already thanked Matt a bunch of times but to do it again seems only appropriate.  So... To Matt:  It’s so cool that we met at the beginning of my trip, stayed in touch throughout my journey, and then hung out again before it ended.  You’re one of the reasons I’ve made this far and for that I’m forever grateful!  Thank you!

Traveling To Wheeling, WV
The drive from Columbus, OH to Wheeling, WV isn’t a far one as it’s only 2 hours away.  Nice! (A short ride is just what the doctor ordered.) 😉

Now, even though I plan on going to Morgantown for the majority of the week (where I first went to college many moons ago), I’m going to Wheeling first in order to play some poker.

This works out perfectly as far as the route goes because I had to drive through Wheeling to get to Morgantown anyway.  Now, all I have to do is win some money playing poker!

Wheeling Island Casino
I arrived at Wheeling Island Casino at 5 pm and the first thing I did was see if I could get a comped room for the night (or two).  I didn’t have high expectation because in "Week 3" I was unable to get one, but since I had a players card now, I thought maybe I’d have had some offers.

Well... after talking to anybody and everybody I could about making a free room happen, I was skunked again in Wheeling. (The rooms here are $149. a night for some reason.  Where do they think they are?... on the beach in Miami?) LOL 😉

Now that I knew I couldn’t stay here tonight and what that really meant is that I have nowhere to stay tonight because I already know from week 3 that the cheapest room in this area is $55 and I can’t afford that right now.   With nothing else to do, I hit the poker room.

My Finances
I got to Wheeling with $190 cash in my pocket, $100 in the bank, and $43 in transfer from paypal.  So, this is a must win day!  I can’t afford to lose right now as I am at the end of  my rope.

F.Y.I. - The $43 in transfer from Paypal is courtesy of a two different recent donations.  One is from Geri who has donated $23 to me every 2 weeks for the past 288 days.  Thank you so much Geri!  The other donation was from Ryan from Minnesota.  Thank you as well Ryan for the help and the kind words!  Be good my man!

The Poker Room
I got to the poker room and I only had one option to choose from, I could either play 1-2 NL or not play.  So, I took out $120 of the $190 I had and sat down at a table.  The thing about playing now is that if I have to go All-In, I’m almost really going All-In as most of my life money is on the table.  The pressure to win is huge.

Playing 1-2 NL
It didn’t take long for me to have to make a life decision at the poker table.  About my 5th hand in the game when I was in the little blind, some older guy raised the pot $12. There was 3 callers so I had pot odds and called the bet with an (A,10) of clubs. (Not a bad hand.)

The flop... A, J, 10.  Sweet!  I hit two pair!  Needing to know where I stood in the hand, I lead out with $15 bet.  One guy called but he was All-In (he had only $13 of it), then the original raiser looked at me for second and pushed All-in. (He had more chips than me so I would be All-In too.)

Huh???  What does he have???  After thinking it over for a minute, I folded my hand because I put him on pocket Jacks or (A, J), either way I’m way behind.  I was right as he had pocket Jacks so I made the choice, but I was no down to just $80 in front of me.

Making Some Money
The good thing about that last hand was that I wasn’t broke, but the bad thing was, I’m still down $40 on the night.  Then, the next hand I played, I won a good pot.  I didn’t think I was, but I bluffed a guy off of pocket Ace’s when I had a pair of 7’s. (The board was... Q,Q,7,5,4 with 3 diamonds.)  He had me on a flush.  Whew! 😉

After that hand, I was back over my starting total and then after winning another hand with pocket 9’s, I was up over $70 for the session.  At that moment, I realized they had 7 pm poker tournament with just a $40 buy-in (it was 6:55 pm).

Knowing I had nowhere to be or sleep while having a whole a night to kill, I decided to enter the tournament figuring if nothing else, I could waste a whole of time.  Plus, even if I lose, I’m still up for the day.  Got it?  Good. 🙂

$40 Poker Tournament
The need to knows: $40 buy-in for 5,000 in starting chips, only 10 players entered so 1 table, the blinds started at 25-50, top 3 paid, and no re-buys or add-ons. (I didn’t mind that there was only one table but I didn’t know that until I sat down.)

Out of the 10 people who entered, I soon realized only 4 or 5 of them even knew how to play.  I say that because 4 people were eliminated quickly as they called All-In bets after the river was shown when they only marginal hands at best. (One guy called an All-in bet with 4 diamonds on the board and he had none, there was also already 2 callers.) (Left: random internet pic.)

Making It In The Top 3
Like I just said, the competition wasn’t that good, so I waited on good hands and doubled up when the cards came my way.  Next thing I knew, there was just 3 of us left.  The chip leader was a huge leader with over 35K in chips, I was 2nd with 12K-ish, and the guy in 3rd had only 3K. (He was eliminated by the chip leader quickly.)

Heads Up Down A Bunch Of Chips
At this point in the tourney, I’m already guaranteed to win as 2nd place paid $90 (1st was $150.)  But, I wasn’t gonna just give up and go All-In whenever I had a fair hand, I was gonna play this through and try to chip away until we’re even-ish.  Then, I’d make a move.

Well... this strategy kinda worked as I held my own for over hour without getting knocked out.  During this time, I kept trying to get the guy to chop it with me. (Hey, I’ll take $120 when I paid for the entry with winnings.) 😉

My patience paid off as after playing for almost an hour and hour heads up, the guy (William) finally offered me a equal chop.  He said, he enjoyed playing with me and since I was able to hold on for so long with such a chip deficit, he’d chop it with me.  Thanks William!  It was fun playing with you too! 🙂

Writing For The Rest Of The Night
By the time the tournament finished and I got paid, it was almost 11 pm.  Now, I could play more poker or I could just take the win and live for another day.  Since making it another day is all I’m after right now, I went to car, grabbed my laptop, and found a spot  where I could write all night long.

The other good thing about this was, I know had time to get my 24 Friday written and posted which I knew would take a lot of time to finish.  So, for the next 4 hours, I just sat in a closed bar while eating my dinner (which consisted of pretzels and chips) until I got my longest day completely written.

F.Y.I. - All I ate today was the chips I got for free from the poker room and a $5 KFC buffet that I had around 4:30 pm.

Sleeping In My Car
After I got done writing, I went to my bedroom (which was the parking lot of the casino) and laid down in the front seat of my car for the rest of the night.  The good thing was, it was raining out so my windows were covered with water.  It’s not complete camouflage, but it’s better than nothing.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    William has a small resemblance to the “Colonel”.
    Tomorrow’s another day.

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