Leaving Nashville & Off To Kentucky, Somewhere? (TN-KY) “DAY 281” – 4/11/11

April 13, 2011 - 7:30 am - (TN-KY/IN) “DAY 281” - Week 42 - State 38

I woke up real early this morning because that’s when John goes to work. (John is the guy who’s house I stayed at last night.)  But, because John is so cool, I didn’t have to leave right then as he told me I could stay until I needed to.

Meaning, I could go back to sleep and write in his place after I get up.  All he asked of me was to lock his front door behind me whenever I decided to leave.  Unreal!  People are just so amazing and John is definitely one of them! 🙂

John Even Donates Money To Me
On top of everything John has already done for me (showing me around, buying me beers, getting me on his kickball team, introducing me to his friends, making me dinner, giving me a Titans hat, and more), he even left me a $20 bill on his desk so I could put some gas in my car.  Seriously... what can I say... except thank you so much John! 🙂

Writing All Day
After thanking and saying good-bye to John in person, I did go back to sleep for a few hours before I re-woke at 10 am to start writing.  Once I was fully awake, all I did was write and write and write. (I am a few days behind as a lot has happened during my time in Nashville.) 😉

I thought I would be done working around noon, but I wrote so much that I didn’t finish putting up my post until sometime after 2 pm.  Once that was done (although I’m still a day behind), I got all my stuff together so I could leave for Kentucky (around 2:30 pm).  And one more time... Thank you John!

A Big Thank You To Conner!
Right before I left John’s house, I sat there for just a second and thought about how this unbelievable week even came to be.  Conner from the Super Bowl! 🙂  I’ll already told this story a few times but Conner is a guy a met in Dallas during the Super Bowl and told me that when I got to Nashville, he would put me and up an show me around.

Well, as I got close to Tennessee, I contacted Conner but he told he wasn’t back in town as he was still in Texas.  Then, he went above and beyond for me as he contacted his friends in Nashville who I had never met and made this whole week happen!
Thank you so much Conner and when the movie about this year comes out (I hope someday), you will definitely get to play yourself. (You can play yourself too John.) 😉  Good luck in life and if I can ever help you out with anything... just hit me up!

Traveling To Somewhere In Kentucky???
As I pulled away from John’s house, I actually had no idea where I was gonna end up when my car finally stopped.  I had a basic direction I was going in (toward Louisville, KY, but other than that... it was still way up in the air. ???

What I did know is that Louisville is about 3 hours away, so my drive wasn’t gonna be that bad when I did arrive wherever I ended up.  Then, as I got close to the city of Louisville, I checked my GPS for casinos nearby.  Nice!  There’s a casino about 10 miles northwest but it’s in Indiana.  Huh?

Deciding What To Do?
Now I had a decision to make.  Do I go to the casino which is in Indiana on the Kentucky border or do I just stay somewhere in Kentucky?  After checking my finances (around $600 left), I decided I had to go play poker and see if I can make some money. (Right: It was pouring rain during my whole ride.)

F.Y.I. - I was on the fence because Indiana is a state I already lived in during week 5.  I stayed at the Majestic Star in Gary which was as far north as Indiana goes and now I’m in Elizabeth, IN which is as far south as Indiana goes.  But as I found out, this casino in Indiana is almost completely filled with Kentucky people.

The Horseshoe Casino
As I already made mention, this casino sits almost directly on the border of Kentucky and Indiana.  The only thing that separates the states is a river that runs between to two.  I was told that if jumped in a raft, I could float down the river 3 miles to Fort Knox. (I don’t think that’s legal though.) 😉

Oh yeah, the Horseshoe is also a riverboat casino, so it actually sits on the water as it is a boat.  It doesn’t leave the dock but once or twice a year for state regulations and tonight happens to be one of those nights.  Well, tomorrow morn (Tuesday) from 6 am until 12 noon it will be out leave sea or whatever you call river boating.

Going To The Horseshoe On The KY/IN Border

Anyway, I arrived at the Horseshoe around 6-7 pm and the first thing I did when I got there was to check and see if I could get a comped room for the night.  A few minutes later after finding the right person, I got a comped room for the night.  Sweet! 🙂

The problem, I could only get Monday comped as Tuesday they are already sold out. (I tried to get two nights in row.)  Hey, tomorrow’s tomorrow, so I’ll worry about that then.  I’m just happy I have a place to stay tonight.  Thank you Horseshoe! 🙂

My Room
By the time I got all my stuff and settled down in my room, it was almost 8 pm.  Now it’s time for some poker. 🙂  So I grabbed my Rooster card protector and headed to the poker room for the rest of the night. (As always, Harrah's properties have very nice rooms and this one was no different.)  🙂

The Poker Room
Since I needed a win and didn’t have much money to play with, I sat down in a 3-6 limit game with a $88. (I used $12 of the $100 bought in for before I even played a hand so I could get a table massage.  I needed it, my neck and back is killing me from the drive.) 😉

Playing 3-6 Limit
When you play 3-6 limit (in my experience), the swing is roughly win a $100 or lose a $100.  So knowing that, I’m only at this table to win a little bit and then go back to my room for the night.

The table looked like it had a bunch of regulars at it, so even though it’s hard to bluff in 3-6, I may be able to get some additional callers when I play a hand because they have no idea how I play (which is tight).

This is exactly what happened as the few hands I won, I had many callers all the way down.  Now I know you get called a lot in 3-6 anyway, but I was getting called with Ace high and stuff because they just didn’t want to give me a hand.  That’s fine with me, I don’t bluff and especially in 3-6.

Anyway, a few hours of playing later, I was up $58 and decided it was time to get some food and head back to my room.  Nice!  A win, is a win, is a win.

Back To My Room
After grabbing a $12 burger and fries, I got back to my room sometime after midnight and really didn’t do much except watch TV and then go to sleep. (I know I need a good night’s sleep tonight because I have nowhere to stay tomorrow and I might try and pull all nighter on Tuesday if I can comped room for Wednesday.)  Well... that was my day.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    NASHVILLE ROCKS !!!!! Sounds like a good week.
    As a side note, I hope your friend (Bene—) continues his recovery, so here’s to good health.

  2. bennervous says:

    Thanks, Dad!

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