Leaving Vegas (For Now) & Hanging With An Old Friend! (Vegas – So.-Cal) “DAY 126” – 11/7/10

November 8, 2010 - 2:03 pm - (Vegas - So. Cal) “DAY 126”

Sometimes... two days in Las Vegas is more than enough... this wasn’t one of those times. 😉  When I got up this morning, I wanted to stay for another week and get my poker on but... this week I’m suppose to be in So-Cal (11/8 - 11/14) so I got ready to head back to L.A.

As I was packing up my things, Wende got us some breakfast.  Thanks Wende!  Then I loaded up the Rooster mobile and headed back to L.A.. On the way out of town, I drove by my favorite place in the world... New York, New York (well New Jersey!). 😉

After that, I was on the road back to L.A.  The drive is just under 5 hours so it’s not that bad (well after you drive 10,000 miles... it’s not that bad. ;)).

Chris and Jim (as kids)

I was headed to L.A. but specifically... I was going to an old friend’s house I was on a reality TV show with (Matt Quinn).

Before I move forward... I'd like to send a Thank You out to Jim who got me a great rate on the hotel room while I was in Vegas.  I gave him short notice and he came through for me big-time!  See ya in a few weeks buddy!

Arriving at Matt’s
I got to Matt’s around 2 pm, just in time for the 2nd half of the football games.  I was pumped because before I left Vegas I bet on the Raiders against the Chiefs (Pick'em).  So, I was interested in who was gonna win the game.  (I’ll cash the ticket when I go back in a week or two. :)).

Matt & Friends

Anyway, when I showed up at Matt’s place I decided to act like a fool so... when I walked up to his door after not seeing him for about 3 years... I was wearing the Rooster Suit! LOL 🙂

I didn’t know it, but he was there with a bunch of friends watching the games.  They all got a good laugh of out it. 😉

30 year old Me in Venice, CA

One of the guys there I used to know back when I lived in this area about 5 years ago (Joel).

F.Y.I.- I lived in Venice, CA from 2005-2007 after I got done with the reality TV show “Forever Eden”.  Matt (who was also on the show), moved to LA from the Boston area around the same time.  (Man... I am fat and out of shape now!  Damn old photos reminding me how far I've fallen physically!)

Anyway, Joel was a real cool guy back then but with this cheesey mustache now... I’m not sure. JK 😉  He’s growing it for a charitable cause (I’m not sure exactly which one and what for).

Eating Dinner & Writing
While we were watching the game, I was writing “DAY 125” on the couch.  Then, somebody ordered pizza and wings for dinner.  Thanks whoever!  I continued writing until the about the second half of the night game (Packers vs. Cowboys).

By the way... The CowGirls Suck Big Monkey D$CK!  The Pack destroyed from the 1st quarter til the 4th quarter.  What an embarrassing display of football!

Sometime during the late game, we noticed how awesome the sunset was.  The sun was falling behind L.A. as the sky was a whole bunch of crazy colors.  Real Cool! 🙂

After the game ended, Matt went into room to go to sleep as one of his friends (Peter) stayed over and hung out with me for the rest of the night.  Peter is a super cool smart guy.  By the way... he even donated $25 to me.

Thanks Pete.

Anyway, for about 3 hours we played around on the stock market trading with 60K or so.  Crazy huh?!  During this time, he was teaching about the market and how it works.  But, before the night ended... I was making all the calls as he just let me go.

We set a goal of making around 3K so when we hit that number. we stopped and went to go get some food.  Hey... we worked hard... time to eat! 🙂

Jerry’s Deli
It was late so our options limited but then again... I’m back in a big city so there are some good options late at night.  (As opposed to the mid-west where my options were: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, BK, etc..)

Jerry’s Deli was awesome as I ordered a corned beef sandwich and fries.  It was real good (not as good as back home but still real good :)).   After we finished eating, we went back to Matt’s to do more trading.

Matt’s Again
I was only able to stare at the screen for so long before my eyes started bleed and I had to go to bed.  I’m exhausted for the all traveling I’ve been doing and I just put in a 3 hour shift trading stocks. 😉

F.Y.I. - Matt has a guest room for me, so sleeping quarters are top notch.  It may be a little girly... but I’ll take it!  Thanks Matt... You’re the man!

Like I said, I was tired so I said Thanks to Pete for everything and hit the sack.  Oh yeah, Pete’s a big-time poker player so he suggested that he would state me in some tournaments while I’m here and maybe even beyond.  We’ll see... but I believe him! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    I’ve eaten in Jerry’s Deli when Jill & I visited
    her Uncle G. Not bad, but not Harolds or Katz’s.
    There’s no place like home !!!!

  2. Peter says:

    Wake up because there’s a Commerce tournament you’re gonna go deep in at 2pm… rise and shine Rooster

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