Leaving Wulf’s & Traveling To Somewhere! (NC-??) “DAY 274” – 4/4/11

April 5, 2011 - 9:30 am - (NC-TN) “DAY 274” - Week 40 - State 36

Last night before I went to bed, I told Wulf to make sure he wakes me before he leaves for work in the morning. (I have to say good bye to him again.)  So, when 9 am rolled around, as expected Wulf was standing at Jake’s door (where I’ve slept all week) waking me up.

We talked for a few seconds and then he left for the day while I started writing in the rec room (as I have all week as well).  I have two days worth of posts to write and upload before I hit the road for Nashville (I think, I’m not sure where I’m going yet). 😉

Writing Until 2pm
It took me a little longer to leave than expected because I had to pack my cloths, take a shower, and all the usual stuff people do before they take a road trip.

Plus, I went downstairs and said good-bye to Robin by sharing a few laughs with her. (I showed her some of the college videos I made which are stupid funny.) 🙂

During that time, Wulf stopped back home for a few minutes.  Perfect, I can know re-say good-bye and thank Wulf for everything he has done for me this week. 🙂

Thank You Wulf Family
I don’t even know where to begin... I’ll start by saying that I had a blast all week long and from the minute I walked through the doors of your home, I felt like family.  And that to me is special and something I will never forget. 🙂

Also, for the entire week Wulf wouldn’t let me pay for anything.  Nothing!  I still have the same amount of money in my wallet that I showed up here with. (Actually I have more because of the $200 donation I received earlier in the week.)  Your generosity was overwhelming and I can’t thank you enough!

Lastly, they feed me all week long like a king.  Meal after meal after meal.  This even lasted right up until the moment I left when Robin handed me a few bags of food complete with homemade muffins and brownies.  Mmmm!  Thank you so much Robin! 🙂

I could go on and on about the Wulf’s so I will. 😉  Seriously though, all that’s left to say is you and your family are friends for life and that’s more special than anything else you could have done for me.  You the man Wulf Daddy! 🙂

Traveling To Somewhere

I left Wulf’s house and my plan was... well still up in the air.  I might drive to straight to Nashville, TN which is 10 hours away.  I might only drive to Knoxville, TN which is 7 1/2 hours away.  Or, I might drive 5 hours away to a Harrah’s casino in Cherokee, NC (it’s on the border of NC/TN).

The good thing about all my choices was that they all basically on the same path to each other.  I’ll get to Cherokee first, Knoxville second, and Nashville third if I ever even  get that far.  Got it?  Good. 🙂

Making My Decision
I’d like to say I made the decision but the truth is... the weather made the decision for me.  About 3 hours into my drive it started to rain and get real windy, so that when I made up my mind to stop at the first place I’ll get to which is the Harrah’s in Cherokee.

That’s fine with me even though I’ll lose a day in Tennessee (my safety is the most important thing to me when traveling).  Now that I know where I’m going, I called Harrah’s to see if I could get a room but they were sold out.  Huh?  Sold out on a Monday night in April?  I’ll figure something out.

A Fire On The Highway
Right before the rain started, I saw a brush fire on the highway in the mountains of North Carolina.  It was starting to get big when I passed and I was lucky I made it through that part of the road without a delay because there were already fire fighters on the scene blocking lanes.

Arriving In Cherokee, NC At Harrah’s

As soon as I got into town around 8-9 pm, I drove to the Harrah’s to see if a room opened up somehow but it didn’t.  Damn!  So even though I wanted to start playing poker, I had to leave to find a room for the night before all these little motel in the area close their doors.

Finding A Room (EL Camino Motel)
For the next hour I drove around to all the Motels in the immediate area searching for the best deal.  Most were $55 plus tax but I found a place (El Camino Motel) that made a deal with me for $40 total.  Thank you pal!  Every dollar saved helps out. 🙂

My Room
I got to my room just in time because the weather was starting to get real bad out.  It actually got so bad that I was only in my room for about 30 minutes before the power went out in the whole motel.  Yes, I had no lights, TV, or anything.

Since I wasn’t sure how far the power outage went, I just stayed in my room instead of driving to the casino in a terrible storm. (It was only a block or two away but I thought I’ll wait a minute to see what happens.)

As I sat in my room in the dark listening to the sounds of the storm through my windows, I must have passed out because next thing I knew... it was 2 am.  I only stayed awake for a few minutes because my room was still dark as the power hadn’t been restored yet.  Wow, this storm must be bad.

Well... that was it for my day as I laid back down and went to sleep for the night.  Tomorrow, I’ll still have to figure out what I’m doing for the week as I’m currently in limbo.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. VeVe says:

    If u want to carry on w/ur nature rendezvous, I have friends in Roan Mtn,TN. They live up on top of the mtn (a half-hour drive up). Beautiful scenery, tranquillity, & peace. They’re a very L’Loving family. Let me know & I’ll give them a call to see if they’re around.

  2. VeVe says:

    Oh, they also have a teenage son who absolutely L’Loves football. Last I knew, he’s on the high school team 🙂

  3. Dad says:

    The Wulf’s are awesome. Thanks for taking care of my baby boy.

  4. Wulf says:

    Beer Stein,
    It was a pleasure having you all week. It was great to catch up and BS about old and new times. The kids have already asked when your coming back. I wish you the best of luck throughout the rest of your journey. Make sure you keep me posted on the hostel stories. I can’t get enough of them. It was great hangin’ out again.


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