Living In A Tree House In Georgia! (GA) “DAY 255” – 3/16/11

March 18, 2011 - 12:35 pm - (GA) “DAY 255” - Week 37 - State 33

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was call the front desk to ask for a late checkout while  I figured out what I was gonna do.  I also spoke to the manager to see if I could work out a deal (no deal, $40 a night was the best they could do).

Knowing what I now knew, I packed up my things so I could leave the Motel 6 at the appropriate time (I can’t spend $40 a night here again and again...).  My plan... head to the Hostel In The Forest, check out what the place is like, and if it looks cool... I’ll stay and pay the $25 a night. 🙂

Hostel In The Forest
The drive to the Tree House I might be staying in wasn’t far and in 15 minutes, I arrived.  The only problem I had was when I got real close to the Hostel. It's on a dirt road and there isn’t a street sign.  None-the-less, I found it and headed down the bumpy path a half mile to where parking was.

Taking In The Hostel In The Forest
Now... even though camping, hiking, vegetarian food, etc... isn’t my thing, people are my thing and as soon as I walked though the grounds, I could tell there was a lot of interesting cats here. 😉 (I’ll get back to the people in a minute though.)

The Hostel itself was unlike anything I had ever seen before as it really was a community or village or something all unto it self.  You could also look at it a resort for people who wanted to get away from the business of city life.

There were tree houses all around, big wooden domes in the center where a lot of activities take place, as well as many other structures throughout the massive amount of land the Hostel was located on. (But, I’ll get to that in a minute.)

The Front Desk In The Main Dome

Everything I just described was what I saw as I walked the 100 yards from the parking area to the main dome.  I was intrigued but still wasn’t sure if I was gonna stay or head out to Savannah (which was my other option).

As I was standing in the main dome waiting for my turn, two other couples arrived the same time as I did, so I started to talking to them.  I forgot one of the couple’s names but the other was Colin and Mary.  Both couples seemed like good people, so my first impression was already a good one.

Meeting Bella
Wow! How do I even describe this?  OK, I walked up to the front desk window when it was my turn and the person on the other side was Bella.  Bella’s energy was/is so amazing and radiant that you can’t help but smile as she talks to you. (I know... I sound like a hippie right now, but the truth is her happy energy was contagious!) 🙂

Bella spoke maybe one sentence to me before I said I would stay for 2 nights.  And that’s before I even took the tour of the place she was about to give.  Like I said, she was so entertaining and happy, I had to stay and see more.  Even if living in forest life wasn’t exactly the situation I’m used.

Bella Gives Us A Tour
The property the Hostel is on is very big and there is a lot of stuff to see and do.  So, before anybody who is new to the hostel shows up, somebody who works there gives them a full tour of the facility.  Bella was our tour guide (the 5 of us) and I can’t imagine anybody doing a better job!

F.Y.I. - As I found out, Bella is dressed crazier than usual because today happened to be Wild Wonderful Wacky Wednesday.  The truth is though, he outfit fit her personality perfectly as she was creative, smart, energetic, and to some... maybe a little a crazy.  To me... she was entertaining and a pleasure to be around! 🙂

Anyway, for the next hour or so, Bella showed us around the entire facility explaining to us everything they do here to preserve the earth, nature, and our natural resources.  This facility almost completely runs off of itself (from what I can tell).

She explained so much to us that I can’t begin to tell you everything she said.  But if you are interested in learning about this Hostel a little more, go to their website and read a little about the place. ( )

Some Areas Of The Tour
Although I won’t try and explain to you everything she told us, I will tell about some of the areas she showed us on the property.  Here it goes, there are many different huts for many different activities.

They have a yoga hut, an arts and craft area, a pool table/rec room, a gorgeous lake with a dock in the middle that you could swim to, a labyrinth, 3 sacred areas, a handful of outhouses, and much much more.  As I said earlier in this post, this place is big and there is a lot to do. 🙂

F.Y.I. - The owner of this Hostel is Ton Denard and he opened/built this place in 1975.  He’s a lawyer and author by trade but... after seeing this place... he must also be a hippie as well!  Nice! 😉

The Lake
After getting the tour and settling in, I decided to walk to the lake so I could just relax by the water and take in nature.  Ahhh... my inner hippie is exposed! LOL 😉  Seriously, I love the peace of the water especially if there is a swinging chair I can sit in. 🙂

As I was relaxing by the lake, I soon realized that there were a lot of naked people in the water.  Huh?  This is interesting.  There had to be a few naked guys and girls swimming around the lake and tanning on the dock.  The thing is, it wasn’t a big deal in this environment as nobody judges anybody.

The only problem... the nats and flies were brutal!  I couldn’t sit there for a one minute without swatting at a bunch of annoying bugs.  Ahhh!  Bothered by the flies, I headed toward the camp fire so the smoke would keep them away. 😉

Fire Pit
When I got to the main fire pit (there are a few), I met a bunch of cool people who were staying there this week.  The first person I met was Nunzio.  Nunzio is a college kid who is here on spring break with his friend Spencer and they are my kind of people.

F.Y.I. - Although I got along with everybody I met, I”m glad I met them as they are from Pennsylvania (Philly area), so we have some things in common.  Also, they are cool college kids looking to have a fun week.

After meeting them, I met some real hot girls from Kentucky who were also down here for spring break.  The only problem... they were leaving this evening.  Damn!  The brunette was so hot as her eyes were as blue as the clearest ocean.  She was like a forest goddess! 🙂

A Group Dinner
Every night at the Hostel, dinner is provided for the whole community. (It’s a vegetarian meal, so I’m not to excited as I’m a meat and potatoes eater through and through.)

Anyway, the cool thing was that everybody eats together and before the meal is served, the whole group holds hands and individually says what they are thankful for.  I was last to speak, so I just said, “I know you’re all thankful I’m last, so you can eat.  But other than that, let’s get drunk, have fun, and do whatever anybody wants to do!”

Going To Babylon
Sometime during dinner, I skipped out so I could go to the store and get some food for myself for later.  I did this because I didn’t eat anything they served.  It may have been good but I didn’t try anything (I’m a picky eater).  Oh yeah, they call city life... Babylon! 🙂

Parting By The Fire At Night
I don’t know why I didn’t, but for the remaining part of the evening (or most of it), I didn’t take many pictures.  I guess I was just so caught up in the bongos, the fire, and all the interesting people I was meeting, that I forgot to take out my camera.

Plus, it was dark out and even though I have taken (and filed) over 24,000 pictures so far, I still don’t know how to use my digital camera appropriately. (I’m not very good with technology.) 😉

But, I did take a few pictures of Colin and Mary (who I met when I arrived).  We wound up hanging out together and they were so cool that when they went to store, they bought me a 6 pack of beer for the evening!  People kick ass!  Thank you both! 🙂

Story For The Book
I’m not going to go into this part story in detail but during the evening, the girl who stayed next to me at Motel 6 last night, called me (I gave her a card).  The reason I will not tell this tale now is because she asked me to not talk about her at all.

Also, I don’t have a picture for the same reasons but let me tell you... her tale and lifestyle are so sad, I couldn’t help but go get her and bring her to the hostel for a few hours.  I hung out with her by the fire until her problems became to much for her and she had to go. (There is so much more to tell, but it will just have to wait.)

Calling It A Night
After taking her back to where she was staying, I drove back to the Hostel where I hung out by the fire and ate the hot dogs I bought. (I shared them with Nunzio, Spencer, Bella, and somebody else.)

Oh yeah, I also bought marsh mellows for everybody to roast over the fire.  The white ones were good but the pink ones... not so much! 😉 (The marsh mellows were eaten during the course of the entire evening.)

Well... that’s it as by 4 am I was tired and ready to go to my tree hut for bed.  The walk to my bed wasn’t bad, but it was dark out so I’m glad I had a flashlight with me. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    This is my kind of place. It’s sounds and looks great.
    I’m sure the people there are all very cool.
    Take a few more tree house pictures from the inside.

  2. Mike says:

    Last comment I left was 1 day and 16 hours ago and its still not up on the site. Rooster you told me you were not going to censor any comments? Why do they have to get approved if your not going to censor them? this is bullshit rooster.

    sincerely yours,


  3. dave says:

    Relax dude. I haven’t been able to get to the internet in awhile and the comments I didn’t check yet. Jeremy also has the ability to approve comments, so he must have approved my Dad’s because he was my Dad. Other than him, he leaves it up to me. And I just saw your post. Also, I will address your post in detail in a Post just for you. I’m writing it now! Hang in there.

    Not to mention, I just approved somebody’s post who just made fun of you, so you know I didn’t wait on purpose to approve that one. I’m just busy traveling after living in a tree in the forest!

    And about the approving, that’s the way the website is set up. You’s have to ask Jeremy about that, he’s my web guy. But, I’m glad it is because I wouldn’t allow any racial or religious slurs against anybody. That’s not what my site is for.

  4. Deniro says:

    Mike, instead of blabbing pointless rhetoric, why not make your comments more encouraging to the Rooster. If you want to see his response to your comments, maybe make them a bit more endearing. Who wants to respond to a person who is constantly up your ass? You get more with kindness than being an A-hole….

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