Made it to Virginia! (VA) “DAY 8” – 7/12/10

July 12, 2010  - 2:45pm,  (VA) , “DAY 8”

I got up this morning in Delaware at the Super 8 Motel to a knocking on my door...

HK - Housekeeping.

ME - No, thank you. Sleeping.

HK - Housekeeping.

ME - Could you come back here in an hour?

HK - Housekeeping. You want towel?

ME - No towels, need sleepy.

HK - Housekeeping. You want mint for pillow?

ME - Please, go away! Let me sleep, for the love of God!

HK - Housekeeping. You want me jerk you off?

ME - What kind of hotel is this, what the hell are - Oh, it's yo

HK - Good morning, sunshine.

Yes.. That’s “Tommy Boy”... but my morning was very similar except for... the jerk me off part. 🙁


So I packed up the car and headed to Alexandria, Virginia where I’m staying with Kim, another old college (WVU) friend.   This time it’s a little different though,  1). She’s a she. 2).  She's not married ( has a boyfriend) and doesn’t have any kids. (So my laptop is safe 🙂 ).

Other than that it's about the same. (F.Y.I.- John (DE) or Gene (WVU) was the person that introduced me to Kim at WVU many years ago, funny how life works out, huh? 🙂 )

The drive from Harrington was about 2 hours and I didn’t hit any traffic at all.  I did drive over some huge bridge, it had to be at least a few miles long.  I took a picture while I was driving to try and show you how vast it was.

So here I am at Kim’s place waiting for her to come home from work (she left me a key).

Kim's Place

Well... that's about it..  Oh yeah, I think I’m playing slow pitch softball (mixed-league) tonight with Kim, I love playing “old man “softball.  The only problem, it looks like it might rain, I hope it holds up until after the game .

July 13. 2010  8:44 am (VA) “DAY 8”

Before Kim got home, I went to the store and bought her a dozen roses in a nice vase. (just a little thank you for letting me stay).  My Mom loves it when I would bring her flowers, (I’ve gotten my Mom roses at least every month for the last 2 years) hopefully Kim likes it too. 🙂

When I returned, Kim was there waiting for me,  after we talked for a bit, I settled in the upstairs loft where I’ll be staying all week.   Kim bought this condo less than a month ago and it’s still being moved into.  It is very nice, if I owned a place, this place would be perfect!


Back to softball, the games are played in Washington D.C (20 min away), so between the traffic and likelihood of rain, Kim was on the fence about playing.  After some convincing, we decided to go.

F.Y.I. - As I wrote earlier, I love playing softball but I haven’t played in well over a year since I had shoulder surgery for a torn labrum.  The repair done to my shoulder is the exact motion it takes to throw a softball or any ball for that matter.

Anyway,  Kim called the team manager to make sure I had a spot on the team for the game.  He agreed to let me DH but then said he’ll see... in case, I looked sucky, I'm sure. 🙂

When we arrived at the field in downtown D.C., it looked like a city field, no fences, dirt infield, freeway in the background, etc...  None-the-less, I was super excited to play!  I couldn’t wait to see how my shoulder would hold up and how good I would still be.  (I used to be real good 🙂 .)

After meeting the team and manger (Derrick), he decided to let me play 1st base and bat 6th.  I told him I could play first cause I wouldn’t have to make a long throw anywhere.  (First to second for a

Michelle, 2cd base - got hit with a screaming grounder, bruise to come! 🙂

double play would be my biggest throw if I had to, or to home.)

Fast forward to the bottom of the 7th (like bottom 9 in real baseball), we’re tied 11-11, man on second, nobody out, and I’m coming the plate.  So far, I was 2-3 with 3 RBI, and the last time up, I hit foul ball well over 300 ft.  I was hitting good.  So I scanned the field and saw the right fielder was a girl who looked a little shaky.  The pitch... I hit a high fly ball to deep right field,  the girl started moving around like she had ants in her pants and then... it’s caught.  (Nice Catch!)   Ahhhh... I didn’t get a walk off hit in my first game back but the runner advanced to 3rd and the next batter won the game for us 12-11.

Forgot your name, my bad!

I wound up 2-4 with 3 RBI and didn’t make an error in the field all game, well...maybe one mental error.

Oh yeah, the team we played had a tall left handed batter who smoked a ball at me, I made the play but it tore my glove.  To the left is a picture of him and I. (I’ll send you the bill!)

Thanks guys/girls!

Also, I gotta give props to “Blue” (umpire), he was the best slow pitch umpire I have ever seen and I have played in many leagues across the country (NJ, FL, AZ, CA, WV).  You go Blue! (lost his picture.)

After the game, we went to Bonefish Restaurant to eat some dinner and shoot the shit.  I got us some free drinks cause the TV’s went out (rain) during the MLB Home Run Derby.  I have to contribute somehow! 🙂

Well, that’s it.  Day 8 in the books, I have another softball game tonight, I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for everything Kim! You are the best!


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  1. Michelle says:

    Great job out there despite the old injury, Dave. SOo, are ya ready for another game this Thursday?? Hope you didn’t pull anything out there…what do you do to stay soooo flexible??? Yoga?? 🙂
    (p.s. wasn’t the 2nd baseman’s name Michelle? lol)

  2. Dad says:

    You didn’t break anything but a sweat. Good job. Show them a little Jersey flash! BAT LEFTY

  3. Larry says:

    It’s nice to see you finally played in a league that is up to par with your talents…and that you aren’t playing the OF.

    I don’t know that they need an OF who can throw the ball clear over an 18′ high backstop from 175 feet out 🙂

  4. dave says:

    Sorry MICHELLE! I woke up after 3 hours of sleep to write the post and was definitely still dazed :).

  5. Mom says:

    I think the roses u gave Kim r absolutely beautiful,& I thank u for mentioning me & also for texting me the roses, which put tears in my eyes.
    However, according to my calculations, u kinda still owe me more roses, after all 3 to 4 roses in a month, is not 12 roses in a week. But hay, who’s counting.
    U know I love u & your roses always brought a lot of “JOY” into my life.
    PS What kind of car does Kim drive?

  6. Matt Miller says:

    All this softball talk brings back memories of the Bud Bombers in Motown. Can you remember Shake’s number (-1 I think and entirely appropriate)? Team mascots…Bernie & Marvin. Very good times!

  7. Mickey says:

    Why does Aunt Joy keep signing off with Evelyn? I’m confused…

  8. Aunt Donna says:

    HI Dave. I’m finally figuring out how to read all your blogs and follow you! I think this is really fabulous and exciting. There’s nothing like having true friends. I commend them for putting you up-my kind of people! Don’t forget to reach out to our cousins in Oregon-Batinah and Bhakti when you reach that part of the country. Are you going to Calif?
    Stay healthy and safe-that’s most impt. I’ll send you cash soon.
    Luv A.Donna

  9. John says:

    Dave…if that Johnson Football t-shirt is from when we played, you need to splurge on a t-shirt or two from this decade after the next poker win!

  10. dave says:

    No John, it’s from Gus when he coached at Johnson 2 years ago. I helped him with some filming and he gave me the shirt..


  11. dave says:

    That’s such a Evelyn comment, it’s never good enough… “You gave her 12, I got 3.. ” 🙂 LOL

  12. Aunt Donna says:

    HI David. Glad you had fun but sorry you felt sick in the morn! Go for the yoga! It’s life changing. keep it up!

    Luv A.Donna

  13. Tracy Moore Warren says:

    BEERSTEIN!!!!! So glad to see you are doing well & Godfrey is taking care of you. I love that you are doing this and wish you all the best! I havent seen Godfrey in a while so give her a hug for me. Have fun and be safe out there!!! Where are you staying in West Virginia…..I can only assume you are stopping by good old WVU!
    Take Care

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