Meeting Anna, A Amos Lee Concert, & More! (TN) “DAY 278” – 4/8/11

April 10, 2011 - 10:45 am - (TN) “DAY 278” - Week 41 - State 37

After the events of yesterday, today will now be my last day at this hostel because Conner’s friends from Nashville are taking me in for the rest of my time here.  (His friend Anna is letting me stay with her Friday and Saturday and John is letting me crash with him on Sunday.) 🙂

F.Y.I. - Conner is a guy I met at the Super Bowl in Dallas two and half months ago.  He told me then I could crash with him in Nashville, but since he isn’t in town this week (work related), he called/emailed his friends to lend a helping hand.

Writing All Day
Even though I wasn’t staying at the hostel tonight and should be out by noon-ish, I asked the owner if I could stay for the afternoon while I wrote my daily post.  She (don’t remember her name) said no problem as she was a very nice lady. Thank you! 🙂

Now that I had somewhere to hang out until Anna got off work (around 5 pm), I bunkered down and got to writing as much as I could before another wild day begins. (Just from the few text messages we exchanged, I can already tell that Anna is gonna be a lot of fun to hang out with.) 🙂

Meeting Up With John At A Bar

As I was getting my work done, John text me to let me know that even though he’s taking it easy tonight because he’s going to Atlanta for a Braves game tomorrow, he still wanted to meet up to have happy hour cocktail with me and Anna.

So, as soon as I finished posting, I left the hostel and drove to meet up with John at Jonny’s Sports Bar. (Anna was running a little late so she said she would meet us there around 6 pm.)  Nice! 🙂

Jonny’s Sports Bar
I got to the bar around 5:30 pm and when I walked in, John was waiting for me at a table by himself having a casual cocktail.  My bad dude! (I arrived a little late than expected as I thought I would be there at 5 pm.) (Left: Larry works there, I played softball with her last night.) 🙂

John didn’t mind as he was just happy to be done with work for the week. (Hey, Friday to a working man is a big deal.) 😉  So, for the next 30 minutes we talked about whatever while we waited on Anna to arrive.

Anna Arrives
As you are aware if you read everyday, I haven’t met Anna in person and although John is friends with her, he hasn’t seen or hung out with her in awhile. (Just setting the scene.)  So when Anna arrived everybody was happy to see to see everybody.  It was like a re-union of old and new friends.  Nice!

Now that I had finally met Anna, she started to tell me what our plans were for the night. (As I already told you, John is just staying for happy hour and then leaving to go home.)

At this point in the evening it is 6:30 pm and our plan (mine and Anna’s) is to go to a Amos Lee concert she had tickets for (starts at 8 pm).  How cool is Anna!  I just met her and she’s already giving me a ticket for a concert that sells for as high $125 per (scalper prices).  Thank you so much Anna, for everything! 🙂

Leaving The Bar
Anna and I stayed a little longer than expected because both of us wanted to meet John’s girlfriend (Leslie) who was stopping by the bar to say hi.  So, after she arrived and we exchanged hello’s, we immediately had to say out good-bye’s so we didn’t miss any of the concert at the Ryman.

Meeting Anna’s Friends At Another Bar Downtown

While Anna was driving us downtown (I left my car at Jonny’s), she told me about all her friends we were meeting as well as about Amos Lee who I have never heard sing. (Evidently he is very popular.) 😉

She also gave me a brief tour of all the Honkey Tonk Bars that are in downtown Nashville. (They were right around the bar we were going to so it wasn’t out of the way.)

Pirana’s - Home Of The 10 lb Cheesesteak!
When Anna and I walked into the bar, the first thing I saw was a sign challenging anybody who thought they could to eat a 10 lb cheesesteak they serve there.  I watch “Man vs. Food” all the time and Adam has trouble with anything over 6 lbs, so this is almost an impossible feat.  Just saying. 😉

Anyway, after checking out the challenge, I met some of Anna’s friends who were going with us to the concert.  I met so many people in such a short time that I don’t remember all their names, but one real cool guy (who didn’t go to the show with us) bought all of us a shot for the road.  Thanks pal!  Sorry I forgot your name.

Ryman Auditorium
For those of you like me who have no idea what the Ryman is, I’ll try and tell you a little about what I know.  This is a famous music hall in Nashville and I think this used to be the old Opry (not sure).  None-the-less, it is a very nice concert hall and as I found out, the acoustics in there were perfect! 🙂

Meeting Up With More Of Anna’a Friends
As the evening went on, I became more and more aware that Anna knows a bunch of people in Nashville.  I don’t remember how many people she introduced me to, but it was a lot.

I do remember her friend Rachael though because she looked like a much hotter Julie Roberts.  For real!  And, I later found out she’s pregnant in this picture.  Wow!  Lucky dude! 😉

Entering The Ryman
Moving on, when 8 pm rolled around, Anna’s whole group of friends and I entered the auditorium so we didn’t miss any of the show. (It didn’t actually start until 8:45 pm so we had some time although we didn’t know that.)

The Ryman is very cool looking place as almost every seat in the house is a good one.  It probably holds a few thousand people but it has the feel of a small venue.  Since the show wasn’t starting yet, I walked around and took a few pictures of some of things the Ryman displayed.

Finding Our Seats
About 15 minutes later, we (Anna, I, and others) walked into the auditorium to find the seats that Anna had gotten us for the show.  Thanks again Anna!  Our seats were great as they were 2 rows off the balcony level.  A great view to see a show.

But as we waiting for the show to begin (there was about another 15 minutes before it began), I decided to venture off to see if I could in the front row. (I wasn’t bailing on Anna as she was with all her friends as well as her boyfriend, it was OK with her that I did my thing.) 😉

Sitting In The Front Row Almost Dead Center
Before I left the balcony I told Anna to look for me when I got down there and at first she said, “I don’t think you’ll get a seat down there, to... ya know what Rooster... go for it, you do your thing.”

Well Anna must have a pretty good read on me because 5 minutes later... I was sitting in the front row waving to her in her seats. (She text me to stay there as long as I could.) 🙂

Making New Friends Where I Was Seated
Since I planned on staying here for as long as possible, I started talking with all the people sitting around me about whatever. (I was just having fun and enjoying myself.)

Directly behind me were 3 people (2 girls and a guy) who were really cool. (The girl who is pregnant and the guy I think are a couple as they both were from South Carolina, but I’m not sure.)

Anyway, they enjoyed what I was doing and were all about me staying in the front row seat they knew wasn’t mine.  Also, they were nice enough to take a bunch of pictures of me while the show was going on.  Hey, a great picture in the front row of a Amos Lee concert is like having a Mastercard.... priceless!  Thank you! 🙂

The Amos Lee Concert Begins
Now, I have never heard of Amos Lee, so obviously, I have never heard any of his music either.  But what I found out was that I’m in for a pleasant surprise as he is a great singer and musician. (His music reminded me of a better Dave Matthews.)

F.Y.I. - He may not be as good as Dave but I’m still a little salty with Dave from his concert I saw last year in Omaha, NE.  He only played his new stuff as I was hoping to hear a bunch of his classics.  Need-less-say, I was disappointed in the show.

Anyway, for the first 20 minutes or so of the concert I had the best seat in the house as I really was just feet from where Amos Lee was playing.  I was sitting so close that I couldn’t even get a picture of him and his band in focus. (I could only get half at a time.)  What a great seat! 🙂

Getting Kicked Out Of The Front Row
Then, about 4 or 5 songs into the show, the inevitable happened... the people who’s seats I was in finally showed up. (I was only in one seat but there were 2 open.)  They were cool about it as I just said, hey I had to take shot, nobody was here. 🙂

Moving Around The Venue

Even though I was enjoying Amos Lee’s music, I didn’t really mind that I was removed from the front row.  I sat there longer than I thought I would anyway.  So, for the next 30 minutes of the show (about), I just bounced around checking out different spots to watch from.

Then, as I was standing at the top where I could see the whole venue, I noticed the two people who had arrived late to the front row were already gone.  Nice!  I’m heading back to my front row seat with what is now old friends. 😉 LOL

Returning To The Front Row
When I returned to the front row all the people I met earlier were laughing that I was back.  I understood, I can see the humor in my efforts. 😉  The only problem... the people who’s seats I was in again didn’t leave for good as just 2 songs later they returned.

F.Y.I. - The guy who’s seat I was in wasn’t mad at all but his girlfriend seemed to be slightly annoyed.  I don’t blame her, I really thought they were gone for good as I watched for 3 songs before I went back down to reclaim their seats.  My bad. 😉

Back To The Balcony
After being booted from the same seat twice, that was enough for me as I just went to seat that Anna had gotten me for the rest of the show (maybe 5 more songs).  Again these seats were great too, so I had the best of both worlds during the show. 🙂

When the show officially ended after three enchores, Amos Lee and his band bowed for the audience which was still screaming for more.  I can honestly say that although I had never heard him sing before, I had a great time and might even look for some of his music on the internet.

Leaving The Ryman
By the time Anna said her good-byes to everybody it was close to midnight, so we hopped back in her car and headed back to her place for the night.

I know already wrote this but Anna is just so nice for letting me stay at her place for the weekend although we just met in person today!  People are so amazing!  Thank you again Anna! 🙂  Also, on the way home, Anna stopped at Jonny’s to get us a pizza to snack on late night.  Unreal! 🙂

Calling It A Night

When we finally got back to Anna’s place, she stayed for a few minutes and ate some pizza with me but then left to go to her boyfriend’s for the night.

I can’t say enough about Anna and the way she has treated me.  She wasn’t lying when she said any friend of Conner’s is a friend of hers because she is treating me like a friend she had for years.  And for that... I am forever grateful! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    I’m speechless. You continue meeting individuals
    on this journey who are just fantastic. Total strangers who become friends. There is hope for a brighter future, because of people like you and those you’ve met along the way.

  2. Spalding says:

    I am glad to see you are still on your journey. Amazing how cool people can be after you meet them for a couple hours at pre-Steelers game or I mean Superbowl.

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