Meeting Up With An Old Friend, A Funny Story, & G’s Birthday! (FL) “DAY 251” – 3/12/11

March 13, 2011 - 9:25 pm - (FL) “DAY 251” - Week 36 - State 32

I woke this morning and immediately got to work so I don’t fall to far behind. (I’m already 1 day back.)  Anyway, as I was writing, I got a text from an old college friend from WVU (David) who now lives in Miami.  He text me that there was a pool party at his place and I should come by with Goran.  Nice! 🙂

I text back that we were in (after checking with G because he was at work).  So, by the time I finished up and G got home from work, it was close to 2 pm.  That’s when we left.

Driving To South Beach (The Flamingo)
David lives at The Flamingo which is (from what I’m told) the best party building in the area. (Its a condo type high rise right near the ocean.)  He doesn’t live far from where G’s place is as it sits just on the other side of the water. (I can see the building from G’s balcony.)

The drive was short and in ten minutes (and there was traffic) we arrived at the Flamingo.  When we got there, we had to get through a security gate and then valet park the Rooster mobile for $2 an hour.  Not bad.

The Flamingo
As we were walking to the pool to meet up David, I took a few pictures of the scenery along the way because from some angles... it looks like a tropical paradise.  South Beach is nice! 🙂  I don’t much more about the place except that the pool is suppose to be amazing.

How I Know David
A little re-cap on how I know David.  David was a friend on mine in college while I was at WVU.  We lived across the hall from each other for year and have stayed friends every since (although now, we only talk every few years).

Also, he wasn’t like most of my other college friends as he was a smooth guy.  What I mean is, his place wasn’t a shit-hole like all my other friends places were as his apartment was like a real home, it was nice!

Also, he was metro before that was even a term.  Lotions, facial creams, tanning, etc... Got it.

Meeting David Poolside
As Goran and I walked around to the back of the building to the where the pool/make shift beach was, David spotted us and walked over to greet me.  It’s been a while since I have seen him but he looked exactly like I thought he would, smooth.  He had flowing locks, a dark tan, and nice cloths. LOL 😉

Seriously though, he did look the same.  After catching up for a few seconds, he introduced me to his girlfriend and then the four of us (Me, G, David, and his girl) found a spot on the beach by the pool.

The Beach Area At The Flamingo
I gotta say... this place was awesome.  Even though the party that was supposed to happen was cancelled, you wouldn’t have known it as this place was packed.

They were so many half naked hot girls, you couldn’t even pick one out to look at.  South Beach is nice!  Did I just say that? 😉

For the next hour or so, we just hung at the beach, had a few drinks, and talked about old times at WVU (Goran went there too).  Since we were drinking, a bathroom was needed so David brought me and G upstairs to show us his place.

David’s Place
After doing our manly business, David gave us the tour and told us more about what he is doing now. (He’s a photographer for sports, weddings, parties, etc..).

Since his girl was still at the pool, we got a few more drinks and headed back downstairs. (His place was just as sharp as I thought it would be and the balcony area was perfectly set up for relaxing.)  Nice!

Back To The Pool
We got back to pool and did more of the same as before, talking and stuff.  Then, as I said earlier, it was like a tropical paradise out here, so I was happy enough to just relax on a beach chair while taking in some sun.  This cost me a great picture!  Ahhhh!

A Real Funny Story! 🙂
As the four of us were sitting on the beach relaxing, we noticed a commotion going on by the pool on the other side of the party area (about 20 yards away).  I’m not exactly sure what happened, but what I heard is that some guy was drunk and acting a fool, so he got arrested.

The funny part is about to come but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it.  As this guy was being lead out in handcuffs, while the whole entire beach area was watching, his baggy shorts fells down to his knees and his water shrunk tally-wacker (I love Porky’s) was exposed for all to see! LOL 🙂

Next thing you know... there he was butt naked and handcuffed while over 100 people laughed at him!  What a scene! (It took at least a minute for a cop to pull up his shorts.) (Left: They are holding up his shorts as they walk him out.) LOL

I can’t believe I didn’t have my camera out in time to get a picture although I did get a few of him being lead away from a far.  It could have been a Youtube sensation but I missed it!  Damn! 🙁

B&B For Dinner
After hysterically laughing for well over 10 minutes, G and I said good-bye to David (It was great seeing you brother!) and left to get some dinner at B&B.  I’ve never been to B&B but G said said they had great burgers, so I was sold.

Even though they had a menu item called “The Rooster”, I ordered a burger because that’s what they are known for.  The Rooster might have been good too, but the burger was great!  Nice call G! 🙂

Back To G’s Place
Even though it was only 7 pm, G and I both wound up passing out on different couches when we got back to his place.  Around 10 pm, I woke up and shortly after that, G woke up as well.  It was now 11 pm and we were deciding what to do.

Then, about an hour later, I realized it was 12:11 pm.  Since it was now Sunday, it was G’s birthday, so I said happy birthday to G and told him we had to go out to celebrate.  I didn’t have to twist arm to badly as he agreed, then we got ready to hit the town.

Hitting A Few Bars
Although it was after midnight before we went out, you wouldn’t have known it here in Miami as the bars were packed until 6 am and beyond.  This is a party town with a great nightlife.

The first bar we went to was called the Transit Lounge and tonight they had a “8 Mile” style rap-off going on all night long.  It wasn’t battling but each rapper got a chance to go on stage and do there thing for a song or two.

Out of the 5 or 6 guys we saw perform, I remember only guy standing out other than a white kid who sang an Eminem song. (I wish I got better pictures but the lighting was weird.) Still, it was entertaining as I got to see a bunch of up and coming performers work on their craft live.

Tobacco Road
After a few drinks, G and I headed over to a bar called Tobacco Road.  This is the oldest bar in Miami and I was told it was owned by Al Capone.

I didn’t look real hard but I didn’t see anything inside the bar that mentioned it.  I did see the Captain though. 😉

Anyway, we stayed at Tobacco Road for a little while but it was getting late (almost 5 am), so we hailed a cab and headed back to G’s to go to bed.

Summing Up The Night
There really isn’t much more to write about the night except we had good time and I’m glad I got to spend G’s birthday with him.  It was 6 am before I finally went to sleep as G and I ate whatever we could find in his place before we both crashed.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Catching up with WVU friends and celebrating G’s B-Day
    What could be better? Happy B-Day G.

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