Mentally Rebounding & A Dave Matthews Concert! (IA) “DAY 72” – 9/14/10

September 14, 2010 - 4:23 pm - (IA) “Day 72”

I woke up this morning at 9 am and didn’t feel any better than I did last night.  As you can tell by now, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do not know how to control it!

Anyway, I had a late check-out, so I had to be out of my room by 1 pm.  That gives me enough time to write my post and try to figure what I’m gonna do and where I’m gonna go.

It was 1:05 when I finished posting, so I left my room, packed my car, and went back into the casino to find a casino host to see if they could comp me get another room for tonight.

Trying To Get A Room
It took a little bit of time but I eventually spoke to a guy named Dean.  He was very cool and helpful but he couldn’t get me a room for tonight, they were all out of comped rooms.  He couldn’t understand why a Tuesday was booked full but then remembered that Dave Matthews is in town and playing tonight (8 pm).

Then... he did get me a comped room for Wednesday and again on Sunday.  Thanks Dean!  But I am still S.O.L. for tonight and obviously... Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  But that’s to far away to worry about. 😉

F.Y.I - The hotel has free Wi-fi when you get a room (24 hours worth) and since I got my room on Monday (7 pm), I still had time to use my computer.

So, I got my laptop and surfed the net for hotels/casinos in the area.  The only other casino with rooms that is close is Ameristar.  Before I left to check out Ameristar, I surfed the net for Dave Matthews tickets.  The concert is just 5 miles away (Omaha, NE) and the cheapest ticket I could find was $40.

Damn!  I like Dave Matthews and would like to do something today other than gamble but spending $40 is a little to steep after the beating I took yesterday...

Charity Work
While I was deciding whether or not to buy Dave tickets, I spoke with Wendy (Charity help friend.)  By the way, she donated $50 to me today before I even posted, weird.  It’s like people can feel it when I’m getting down and out... 🙂

Wendy : behind the charity

Anyway, we discussed the different options (3 places) she found for me.  Then, she gave me all the contact information I needed to make it happen this week.  Thanks Wendy... for everything!

The first place I called, I spoke with a nice lady named Tiffany.  She didn’t have anything for me but said she worked in complex where there was 5 other charity organizations and that she could definitely find me something.

Then, she took my number and said she’d call me back later. Nice!  Thank you for your help Tiffany.

Now that I had taken care of a few things and was feeling slightly better, I decided I would go play some poker and try to win just $40... so I could get a Dave Matthews ticket.  That’s the plan.

OH MY GOD!  I didn’t realize it but I left my laptop in the hotel lobby and left to go play poker!  I’ll get back to this later in the post.

I got to the poker room and got into the only game I could, 3-6 limit.  Now, I don’t hate 3-6 limit especially when I only want to win $40.  So I sat down and bought in for $100.

The first I hand I got was (J, 10) off-suit.  Six players called the $3 pre-flop bet.  The flop... (K, 8, 3).  The whole table checked.  The turn... Ace.  Everybody checked, then the button bet $6 (I was one player behind the button).  The whole table called but I folded.

The river... you already know... Q!  I would have rivered the nuts and won the $40 I needed right then and there but I folded for $6 when nobody could have raised behind me!  Damn my timing is off.

The very next hand I got (K, Q) off-suit.  I raised to $6 and got two callers.  The flop... (K, Q, 7).  Nice!  I flopped top two.  I bet out and got called by both of them but when the turn hit, they folded.  I won about $25.  Almost there.

The next hand, I was in the big blind and three people called, so I checked.  The flop came and nobody bet.  So after the turn, I did and they all folded.  I was up $36!  Almost there!

The next hand (it happened all in a row like this), I had (J, 10) of diamonds in the small blind.  Nobody raised pre-flop so I called the $2.  The flop came with two diamonds.  I checked and then called a bet.

The turn... diamond!  Cha-ching, I hit my Jack high flush.  I actually bet out $6 because I knew if I won the hand I would have more than the $40 needed for a ticket.  The better then raised me.  Huh?  What does he have... a set of something (3 of a kind)?

Ace should be a diamond

I just called because again... the pot was big enough for me to make what I wanted and then some.  The river... no help. It didn’t pair the board and a diamond didn’t fall.  I checked, he bet $6 so I called.  He flopped over a Ace high flush!  Ahhhhhhh!  One of the two hands that could beat me!

I was know about back to even.  From this point on, I lost every single hand I played and I didn’t play on tilt, I was just second best with monster hands until I was busted!

I lost with pocket Q’s to pocket K’s.  Believe it or not, I lost another hand exactly the same way as I lost with the flush earlier.  I had (J, 10) again (hearts though), the other person had a Ace high flush... again.

Realizing the cards just aren’t going my way, I got up from the table and left the casino entirely. 

F.Y.I - My laptop is sitting in the hotel lobby unattended and I do not realize it!

Charity Call Back
It was 3:00 pm when I got into my car and realized that I had a few missed calls.  Mind you... I’m in about the worst mood I have been in since I started this trip and I do not know how to act like the sad clown. 🙁

Anyway, I checked my phone and saw that Tiffany had called back, so I called her.  We spoke for a second, then she told me that she had found me something and that Jessica would be my new contact.  She transferred me to her.

Jessica was super cool and excited while I was just trying to be polite and curtious.  I’m so down right now, I can barely get out of my own way.  Hell... I didn’t realize yet, but I was so out of it, that I had left my laptop (the most important thing to me on this trip) in the hotel lobby!

We spoke for a few minutes and she asked me if I was OK with her calling the local media so they could come down and do a story on me.  This is more than awesome and exciting but I was in such a funk... I could barely respond appropriately.

I said OK but didn’t show the enthusiasm and gratitude I should have.  She then asked me a few more question about what PR I was doing, when I had a minor breakdown.  I began to tell her how I may be broke and homeless by the time I get there (Thursday) and I don’t have any time to do my own PR.  I said, I’m just trying to survive right now (paraphrasing).

I did end with... that I would be there at 4 pm Thursday no matter what... even if it was my last act on this journey!  I’m sure it didn’t sound to promising to her.  My bad Jessica!  I am out of my funk and I apologize if I sounded a little moody!

I am excited to help out, I am appreciative for her help, and I’m thrilled about the potential media coverage!  Thank you again!  I hope I didn’t ruin it already....

Dave Matthews Concert
Although I lost another $100, I still went down to concert venue to see if I could get a ticket somehow (3:30 pm-ish).  I got the arena and it is a very nice venue with statues of musicians all over the place.  Very cool!

I went ticket window and again found out that the cheapest ticket was $40, so I asked the lady if there was somebody I could talk to about getting a press pass for the event.  She directed me to the administration office.

I walked in and spoke with a lady at the front desk who tried to help me out but all media passes had to be approved the week before.  I was to late!   Thanks anyway!

I left after about 30 minutes and decided if I was gonna go to the concert... I would have make it happen right before the show started.

Ameristar Casino and Hotel
On my way back to the Horseshoe, I stopped at Ameristar Casino and Hotel to see if I could get a free room somehow.  I spoke to everybody I could, but between the Dave Matthews show and a slot tournament they were holding later... they had no rooms available at all!  (Their poker is video poker.  No good! :()

The Horseshoe
It was now about 4:10 pm when I pulled back into the Horseshoe parking lot.  I didn’t want to gamble... when it’s not your day... it’s not your day.  So, I decided I would grab my laptop and go play on the internet for awhile in the hotel lobby while I still had a few hours left of free Wi-fi.

It was at this moment when I finally realized that I had left my laptop in the hotel lobby the whole time I had been gone (2 plus hours)!  I jumped out of my car and sprinted to the hotel lobby.

When I got to where I left my laptop... it was still sitting there just as I left it!  Whew!  Can I say that again... Whew!  Seriously... my trip would have been over right then and there if my laptop had been stolen!  Maybe my luck is turning! 🙂

I am sitting in the same spot I left laptop, writing what you just read, it’s 5:36 pm.  I am still unsure of what I am gonna do.  More poker?  Go to the Dave concert?  Try and find a room?

OK...  I’m not gonna get find a place to stay tonight because I do have a room here (The Horseshoe) tomorrow.  So... I’m gonna suck it up and pull an all nighter.  Now a concert or poker???  Huh?

That’s all for now...

September 15, 2010 - 10:32 am - (IA) “DAY 72” : Continued
After I finished writing, I read a few of the comments people left for me and it was very helpful for mindset.  It is a awesome feeling when people reach out to you and show they care! 🙂  Thank you all!  Even you Mike! 🙂

Then, as I was deciding on my plan for the evening I got a call from a friend from NJ (Cisco).  I played poker with Cisco for the past 3 years as we became friends.  

Anyway, he is in San Diego until the end of football season and was calling to see when I would be arriving.  Again, another big boost for my mindset.  The fact that he just assumed I would make it there.

And... he has a hell of a week lined up for me if I make it  (a georgeous Penthouse, Chargers game, beautiful women, etc...)   Thanks Cisco, the call couldn’t have come at a better time!

Dave Matthews Concert
I was now 100% back to being me, so I decided to live life to the fullest, go to the concert, and make it happen somehow!

I arrived at the Quest Center about one hour before it started (7 pm) and the first thing I had to do was find a free parking spot (parking was $8).  I spoke with a parking attendant and he told me that all metered parking was free if I could find a spot.

Eventually... I found a street spot and walked about a half mile to the concert.

Finding A Ticket
I already did my research earlier, so I knew that the concert was close to sold out and the face value of tickets started at $40 and only went up from there.  Given that information... my ceiling is $20.

Renee and Deb

I walked to the area where the scalpers were and asked around for the cheapest single anybody had.  The cheapest ticket I was offered was $50 for a $65 face ticket.  Nobody I could find was even selling the $40 ticket. 🙁

Then, I spotted a lady selling tickets who didn’t look like a scalper but somebody who had got stuck with extra tickets.  I approached her, told her my story, and asked if she could give me a good deal.  She was friendly but wouldn’t budge on what she wanted ($50 for a $65 ticket).

I waited in that area and asked as many people as I could (that were walking up) if they had an extra ticket.  Nobody did but... I could see the lady wasn’t having much luck either and was getting frustrated.  She’s not a scalper, she wants to enjoy the show.

It was now close to 8 pm and the concert was about to start when I re-approached her.  I offered her $20...  she accepted but made sure I was going to see the concert and not re-sell the ticket.  I assured I was and I did!  Thank you!

Dave Matthews Concert - Inside
I walked in and the concert had already started, well... the opening band (Dave went on at 8:30 pm).  I took in the scene and then walked to my seat which was in the mezzanine to the right of the stage (my view).  I was one row beneath the luxury boxes.

Seated next to me (2 seats away) was a few people from Nebraska who picked on the Jersey Shore.  They were cool and being playful but I’ve found out that people from around the country assume that the state of NJ is exactly like the cast of Jersey Shore. LOL 😉

Jersey Shore
Truth be told... that show isn’t to far off when you are 18-24-ish growing up in NJ, but as you get older... there are beaches in Jersey that are chill and awesome without all the childish drama.

Hey... not that a fight or crazy bitch doesn’t show up there as well, but the point is... every beach in NJ isn’t like Seaside!

T & A

Back To Dave Matthews
When the concert began I got two new neighbors, T & A (Tracy and Aaron).  They were a real cool couple from D.C. who came to Omaha just for the show.  Sweet!  T was a huge Dave fan and gave me the low down on anything and everything that had to do with Dave or anybody in the band.

The whole I concert I chatted with them and had a blast!  Enjoy the Fish show you headed to next week!  Maybe I’ll see again somewhere! 🙂

Let’s talk about the actual concert now.  I do like Dave Matthews music but what I found out was I like his older music better.  He played almost all new stuff (last 10 years).  He only played 2 or 3 songs that I knew all the words to when I know at least 10 or more.

Besides that... I thought the show as awesome and Dave was very respectful to his band members while on stage.  Let me explain.  During the 2 1/2 hours show, each band member had a their own solo where they would play their instrument for at least 5  minutes or more.

Here’s where Dave was so cool, during each band members solo he would continue to play, but would leave center stage and turn his back to audience in order to draw attention away from himself.  Nice!

The show ended a little before 11 pm and all in all... I really enjoyed myself.  The incredible instrumental solos helped make up for the lack of classic tunes he didn’t play.

Finding Dinner
Like I just told you, it was 11 pm, the concert had just ended, and I had eaten all day.  So... I looked behind me and realized I could jump right into a luxury box and eat some dinner.

The first box I got into was closed down and nothing was available so I kept walking in and out of boxes until I found some food.  (Heck.. it’s gonna get thrown away anyway.)

Eventually, I found a some cookies, berries, pretzels, and soda.  I ate what I could quickly and took a soda for the road.  I ate all the fruit first!

Nowhere To Go & Nowhere To Stay
I got back to my car then decided to go back to the Horseshoe.  That’s where I will have a room by 3 pm Wednesday, so I will up suck it up and stay up until then if I have to. 😉

Jeremy (Cali- Website- Best Friend)
I never write about this, but every night I speak to Jeremy for at least 30 minutes about  life, my mood, his life, etc... It’s my only time away from the trip (kinda).  We laughed about how I was speaking to him from my living room (parking lot of the casino). 🙂

Anyway, after we spoke I felt like playing poker again so I dusted myself off and hit the poker room.

When I got to Iowa, I had $804 dollars in my wallet.  It’s only been a day and half and I currently only

Billy Goat- weak Rooster was fired!

have $180.  Ugh!!!  I need to win some money back!

I got to the poker room (12:30 am) and there were 2 tables going (both 1-3 NL).  I was immediately sat into a game and bought in for $140 out of my $180.  The table almost full and there were some big stacks there.

After the first hour, I was down to just $53.  I wasn’t getting any made hands, just draws where I would chase for $12, $15, etc...  Then I got pocket Q’s (Q, Q).  I raised to $18 and got four callers.

The flop... (Q, K, Q).  I flopped quads!  I slowed played the hand and made some coin but in this casino you get paid for hitting quads or better (promotion they run).  So in addition to winning the hand, I got an extra $67 handed to me!  Nice!  My luck is turning!

I played until 4:30 am when I got up from the table because I was starting to go tilt!  I had (A, K) and the flop came... (A, K, Q).  I bet out and got called.  The turn... 10.  The caller bet out $25.

I thought for second but didn’t want to give back any money to a made hand, so I folded and showed my (A, K).  The better told me he had (A, Q).  DAMN!  I could have pocketed another $100 or more!

Regardless, I listened to some sound advice I got today (Thanks Ron) and left the table even though I had nowhere to go (up $187). 🙂

Chris didn't want pic taken

Hotel Lobby

Instead of sitting/sleeping in my car, I went and hung out in the hotel lobby with the guy working the front desk (Chris).  We spoke about everything, what do ya except... I’m homeless and he’s working the night shift! 😉

Anyway, he told me that I could probably get into a room around 10 am, maybe sooner (depends on the maids).  Not bad... only 5 hours to go until I have a home again... even if it’s just for a day!  Which it is... LOL

Getting In A Room
9 am finally arrived, so I checked with the front desk and got my room by 9:30 am.  I have been writing the rest of the post ever since and it’s currently 12:23 pm (Wednesday).

I am back to myself (at least for today ;)) and ready to tackle the world again!  Well... after I take a nap first! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    187 nice win… you have to lay AK down there no choice… sleep up and grind out … and don’t be afraid of sleeping in your car for a few nights man up

  2. Mindy says:

    Glad you had a better day today. There’s a really nice Ameristar in Black Hawk, CO (45 minutes from Denver)with poker tables. Just a heads up.

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