A Normal Day For Me At Least – (MI) “DAY 24” – 7/28/10

July 29, 2010 - 10:37 am - (MI) “DAY 24”
I woke up this morning hoping three things would happen. 1.) I would find a local poker game to play in.  2.) The Yankees would win.. but most importantly... 3.) A-Rod would get his swing back but NOT hit a home run!

Me "Rooster" and J.T.

Let me explain # 3 before I move on.  As many of you are aware of, I was at the Cleveland Indians vs. NY Yankees on Tuesday night.  A-Rod didn’t hit his 600th home run which would make baseball history, not to mention the ball is worth a lot of $$$!

I couldn’t go back to Cleveland today (Wednesday), it’s just too much driving in back-to-back days.  So I decided if A-Rod didn’t hit a long ball tonight, I would drive back to Cleveland for Thursday night’s game alone (my cousin can’t go this time, studying) :(.

Anyway, back to the first thing I wanted to happen.  While I was playing at the MGM Grand in Detroit (40 min away), a guy at the table told me about some local charity games they have in Ann Arbor.

F.Y.I. - They are called charity games because the rake (% of the pot the house takes, usually 10% of the pot up to $5) goes to a charity organization instead of to the house.
They are legal.

I searched the internet and found a game less than 2 miles from where I’m staying.  It was called Heidelberg and it’s open everyday from 5pm - 2am.  Today (Wednesday), they have a $40 deep stack tournament that starts at 7:30pm and the internet says... cash games start at 5pm but that wasn’t true.

I know that because I showed up at 5:30pm and nobody was there except for the staff who was having a meeting.  The lady who ran the room told me to come back around 7:15pm for the tourney.

Ann Arbor
OK, now what to do... with 2 hours to kill, I hit the town.  I was in the heart of Ann Arbor on Main St. so I decided to walk around and take in the town.  There was a lot of restaurants/ bars but I wasn’t hungry for dinner and didn’t want to drink.

I was hungry for some junk food though, I haven’t much chocolate, ice cream, etc... and my sweet tooth was begging for candy!  As my mind was fighting the urge to find some fattening food, I walked by a chocolate store, oh no!


I couldn’t help myself and walked in.  I wasn’t sure if I would buy anything but the store smelled so good, I had to browse.  As I was looking around, a pretty girl (Jackie) who was working there asked me if I needed anything.

Now, I’m doomed... The only way for me keep talking with her was to order a variety of chocolate snacks.  I got chocolate pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, and some chocolate peanut butter mix.  I can feel myself getting fatter! 🙂

We talked for a while as she told me some of cool bars to go to in the area.  I thanked her and handed her a Rooster card (with cell number) and told her to give me a call if she wanted to grab a drink while I was in town.  Who knows... We’ll see!

After that, I kept walking around and saw a store named Moosejaw.  The only reason this is cool is because of one my best friends is nicknamed Moose.  This picture is for you big guy!

Back to Poker
It was now around 7pm so I headed back to the poker room.  There were people there now, nice!  I signed up for tournament and since I was more than 15 minutes early, I was eligible to buy 1000 chips for an extra dollar.  The tourney cost me $41.

Since I’m in a local game, the first thing I did was check the house rules.  You never know what local rules will be added to the game.  I was right to check because in this casino if you misdeal (cash game), you have to throw a $1 in the pot.

Anyway, the tournament had 36 entries and the top prize was $530 (4 places were paid).  The room wasn’t as interested in my journey as other places were but there were a few guys who asked questions.  I understand, this is their local home game and all these people want to do is get away from wife/husband. 🙂

No problem, I’m here to win anyway.  I played strong poker for awhile and then I went card dead.  I didn’t get a playable hand for over a hour.  I kept playing my game and made it through three breaks (over 3 hours).

There were 15 people left when I finally got a hand to play, pocket 7’s (7, 7).  I was in the big blind and the button raised.  He was raising my blind all night, so I called.  The flop... 6D, 2C, 2S.  A great flop for me... I pushed all in!

I was immediately called... oh no!  The guy had pocket 9’s (9, 9).  This was the first hand he probably had when he raised my blinds.  What bad luck!  I didn’t catch a 7 and got knocked out in 15th place.

It was now around midnight and the place was closing in 2 hours.  I signed up for a 1-2 NL game but there was a waiting list and only one table going.  I waited for 15 minutes and then left for home.  I know nobody was getting up in the next 2 hours, I wouldn’t have :).

When I got home, J.T. had just finished studying so we watched some tube and decided whether or not I should go to the Yankee game in Cleveland on Thursday night (A-Rod didn’t hit a home run).  He said he couldn’t go but that wasn’t gonna stop me so I bought a sole ticket for the right field seats ($34).

As you can tell, I accomplished every thing I wanted to today.  I found a poker game (although I didn’t win), the Yankees won 8-0, and A-Rod got his swing back but didn’t hit a home run.

4th.. Damn!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get real lucky and catch that damn BALL!!

On-line Poker
Oh yeah... I played on-line poker after J.T. went to bed.  It was the first internet poker I have played since I left.  I entered 45 person $24 tournament.  After 3 hours... I took 4th and won $108 dollars.  I should have won it but that’s poker.

With that on-line win, I ended the day up plus $41.  I’ll take it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:


    Is there any way you can ask Jeremy NOT to take any more vacation time during your trip? I miss the poker graph updates! (Sorry, Jeremy…but Dave is paying you good money to do your job…or maybe not. Hah!)

    Good luck tonight at catching the ball.


  2. Dad says:

    I’ll be looking for you in left field, second at bat for A-Rod , with you catching #600. Go Dave !!!!!!!!



    Hey there Rooster….Glad to see you are truly following your dream. Two new casino’s have opened in my area. Havn’t gone yet, waiting for the rifraf to leave.

    Wishing you the best of luck for Sat. night, and at the poker tables.

    Nancy (Atlantic City)

  4. dave says:

    Thanks for checking in on me. Good luck to you too!


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