A Great Night At A Minnesota Twins Game! (MN) “DAY 58” – 8/31/10

September 1, 2010 - 11:28 am- (MN) “DAY 58”

I woke up this morning mentally deflated, even Dave (Hostel buddy) asked me if I was OK.  He said... (paraphrase) It was the first time he saw me all week not happy and acting a little under the weather.

Mom and Me

Well, he was right... and anybody that knows me knows... I wear my heart on my sleeve for better or worse.  I don’t know how to be the sad clown! 🙁  (My Mom is the best at it! :))

So Dave and I just kicked it for a while doing random stuff.  We got lunch, watched some Tru Blood (HBO) on the computer, and he even helped me with some computer stuff I didn’t know how to do.

Gene - LOL

During the time, I checked my email and saw that a friend of mine from AZ had read my “DAY 57” and decided to send me $100 through Paypal!  People are amazing!

For the record, it wasn’t the amount of money that mattered (although it is nice), it was that somebody could tell I was down and wanted to pick me back up!  It is so humbling when you realize that there are people all over that care about you.  Thank you GENE! 🙂

My First Injury
It was around 4pm and I was going to the Twins game later (starts at 7pm), so I headed upstairs to take a shower, change, etc...  While I was changing, I realized my belt (which I just bought in D.C.) doesn’t fit me anymore.  I needed a another notch, nice!

So I pulled out my little switchblade and tried to poke a hole in it.  The problem... there always is... I didn’t poke a hole in the belt... I poked a hole in my finger!  Ouch!!!

It was (is) very bad as I am still bleeding as I write right now (Wed. morn).   None-the-less, I sucked it up, put on Neosporin, and found a band-aid as a quick fix.  I’m OK. 🙂

Minnesota Twin vs. Detroit Tigers
Now, as we all know... I don’t have a ticket for the game and the Twins are sold out for the whole season (new Stadium).  I found out that they do have standing room only tickets on sale ($22) at the ticket window.

This will be my budget.  So if I can find a ticket from a scalper for less than $22... I’ll buy it or keep negotiating til I get to my price... FREE!  I know have a ceiling.

The truth is, I really needed a free ticket tonight and was gonna do what I had to, to get one.  My plan was simple... buy a 6 pack of beer ($5) and meet some people who are drinking and join their party.

Hopefully, by the time the game starts they'll offer me a extra ticket if they have one.  I know it sounds daunting... but my whole trip is just that.  Heck, I left NJ with only 2 grand for the year! 🙂

Scalping A Ticket
Anyway, as I was walking to Target Field I started asking scalpers... “ How much for a single? “  The first guy I met, I got down to $20 for a $34 ticket.  Ah ha!  I can make this happen...

I kept walking closer to the stadium until I finally met a scalper who understood my goal...a free ticket!  He got it because we talked for bit as I told him my story.  He wished me good luck and said he’d have a $10 ticket waiting for me if I needed it.

Then, as I walking away, he even offered it to me for $5.  I declined and kept moving.  I got about 30 yards from him when he chased me down and said “ Rooster, there is a guy over there you might want to talk to.”


A Free Ticket - Dean
Now, I thought he was still trying to sell me something but I walked over and talked to the guy he pointed out anyway.  The guy (Dean) was sitting at a table on the patio of The Hard Rock having a drink (vodka soda).  At this point, I think I’m meeting “The Don” of scalpers. 🙂

As I approached his table, he offered me a $34 season ticket (with special privileges) but said I could have it for $25.  I immediately stopped him and said nicely, “I don’t think I’m the guy you

Dean at Table in background

are looking for, as I am looking for the deal of a life time.”

We started to talk about what I was doing (at this point, I realize he’s a regular guy with an extra ticket, not a scalper) and after about 10 minutes he offered me the ticket for free!  People are awesome!  The kicker... he then said “ Rooster, wanna sit down and have a drink, I’m buying!”

The Ticket - Dean

Really... a free ticket and now drinks!  Thank You so much Dean!  You are to kind.  Anyway, we talked about his life and mine as we had a few rounds.  (I was drinking double captain and cokes.)  Dean wasn't just generous, he was a cool guy as well.  Nice!

Montana People
It was getting close to game time, so we headed toward the stadium.  Now, I still had a 6 pack of beer that I was carrying but there wasn’t a real tailgating area.  What to do?  Dean then told me that they sell beer outside the stadium that people can drink on the way in.

Montana Crew

Perfect!  I’ll drink it there.  Dean continued on into the stadium, as I hung out front with a 6 pack of Bud Light.  I wasn’t gonna drink it myself, so I approached a group of people who were having some beers a good time.

I told them that I had some extra beers and they were welcome to drink’em.  I explained to them what I doing as we pounded the 6 pack.  They were beer drinkers!

I only hung out with them for 15 minutes or so, but by the time I was leaving, a couple who was in the group told me they owned a bar in Montana (Red Lodge Ales).  They handed me a card and said when I come through Montana to stop by their bar (beers on them).  Nice!  This Country Rocks!

Kirby Puckett

Outside Target Field - Statues
Before I entered the stadium, I looked around the outside of the field and took some pictures.  They had statues of Rod Carue, Kirby Puckett, and somebody else.

Joe Mauer

Then there is this statue of Joe Mauer with stuff all over him (hard to explain, look at the pic. :))  And... it isn’t just in front of the ball park, it is all over the city.  I have seen 4 of them so far.

After that, I finally entered Target Field and made it to my seat by the bottom of the 1st.  This stadium is beautiful!  The scoreboard is supposedly the biggest in all of sports (except the new Cowboys one).  Really cool!

Everything is clean, the stadium (inside) is spacious, and there isn’t a seat in the house that doesn’t have a good view.  I know... I walked around and sat almost everywhere by the time the game was over.

F.Y.I - They didn’t check tickets here and it was sold out!  Crazy!  It isn’t like this in Yankee Stadium.

Dave (orange), Ryan, Dean

Ryan and Dave - A Place to Stay in Iowa
Anyway, my original seat (Dean’s ticket) was 30 rows from the field, down the right field line.  Seated to my right, were two real cool guys (Ryan and Dave).  Dave was Ryan’s girlfriend’s Dad, he was from Iowa.

I tell you this because within 5 minutes of telling him what I was doing, he offered me his place to stay at in Iowa.  I don’t know if I’ll make it there because he’s in Iowa City (other side of the state from where I want to be) but it is awesome that he offered and who knows... I may wind up there!  Thank you DAVE!

Drew - A Place to Stay In Kansas
To my left, was a real pretty girl (Drew).  I always notice a pretty girl ;), but this time it wasn’t her looks that got my attention...

Let me explain.  I looked over and noticed she was on her cell phone (ahh... a girl texting during the

Drew - Didn't want her pic taken. 🙂

game and not watching, so typical) but as I looked closer... she wasn’t texting... she had the box score up on her phone!  For real???

I started to talk to her and told her how I was impressed she was actually following the game that closely.  She then said, it wasn’t even this game, it was minor league game!  Come on!  Wow!  She is a baseball fan!

I found out her boyfriend and brother both play in the minors and she was checking up on how they were doing.  Still... real cool! 🙂

We kept talking and she was a super cool chick!  Then, before I left, she offered me a place to stay in Kansas when I get there along with a ticket to Allen Field house to see the Kansas Jawhawks play!

Thank you so much Drew (and your boyfriend, he’s hooking up the tickets)!

Exploring the Stadium
It was the 5th inning, so I got up and checked out the whole stadium.  The first thing I did was got to guest services to see if there was a guide for me.  Then, I walked around and checked out all the different food they had to offer.  I got suckered and bought a steak sandwich (looked better than it was).

Anyway, at this point I remembered I had a special pass to get into a area of the stadium only season ticket holder could enter... The Metropolitan Club.

Legends Club


Before you get into the club you walk through area where they have numerous pictures of all the major league baseball stadiums, very cool.

Then there was separate area called the Legends Club, I tried to enter but you needed an even special-er ticket.  You know what I did....

I asked the security guy (Brett) if I could enter anyway and he said couldn’t.  But, he then agreed to take my camera and snap a bunch of pictures foe me of all the cool stuff they had in there.

Metropolitan Club
I eventually made it into the Metropolitan Club and it was sweet set-up.  It was air-conditioned and had everything you would need for a comfortable baseball atmosphere.  I didn’t stay long, just checked it out and left.

Free Bobblehead Dolls


I started walking back to my original seat when I noticed a stand giving away Kirby Puckett and somebody else’s Bobblehead dolls.  I found out you had to be a certain level of season ticket holder with a voucher (from the mail) in order to get the dolls.

Well... 5 minutes and a cool guy named Louis later... I had the Bobbleheads!  Thanks Louis!

Real Funny T.C.

Mascot Time
I had just gotten back to my seat when I noticed the Twins mascot (T.C) was in the right field (outfield) hanging out with the fans.  I immediately rushed over to get a picture with him.

Before I got to him, I noticed a cameraman who was filming a few hot girls (they were on the big screen) so I jumped into the shot and made my scoreboard debut for the trip!  Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this. 🙁

I then got my picture with T.C, he was a bear with a personality as he covered my Yankee logo during the picture!  Pretty clever bear....

As I was walking away, I noticed a Moose of some-kind hanging out so I took a picture with him too.  (I don’t know who he was or why he was there...)

The End Of The Game
It was the bottom of the 7th and Twins were down 3-2 when they rallied to take to the lead 4-3.  I don’t want to take the credit... but I will because one of the Twins fans (1 row ahead of me) switched hats with me and turned both of them inside out... rally style!

It must have worked because during that time is when the comeback happened!

The Twins ended up holding on after that and won the game 4-3.  After the game, I walked down to field level and took some more pictures.  This place was awesome!

Well... as you can read... I did it all and only spent $15.50 for the whole evening. (beer and steak)

Outside Stadium

It was a great time and I met a host of even better people!  You go Minnesota!

Bus Ride
I decided to take the bus home instead of walking.  I had a lot stuff on me (Bobbleheads, programs, Twins shirt- CC app., etc...) so I paid $1.75 and took the easy way home.

Claire and Mike

On the bus, I met a cool couple (Mike and Claire).  After talking during the ride, they wanted to be on the website, so I took their picture.  Here ya go guys... now you have to follow me. 🙂

With the exception of waking up in a bad mood... this turned out to be a perfect day!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Once again, good prevails. People are AWESOME !!!
    Thanks for being nice to my son.

  2. bennervous says:

    I am cracking up at your adventures. I know people are awesome…sometimes it is just a matter of finding them. You really have a knack for finding cool people everywhere. It’s just amazing how you find someone to not only give you a free ticket, but buy you drinks! Glad to see you are not taking advantage of your celebrity status!

  3. Ryan says:

    It was great to meet you at the game last night!
    TRUST me. You have to call Dave and go to Iowa City.
    I assure you, it will be more then worth your while!
    Blessings on your trip my friend!

  4. dave says:

    Thank you Ryan, it was a pleasure meeting you as well. Thanks for the laughs and good time!

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