A Vikings Game… Then Poker! (MN) “DAY 55” – 8/28/10

August 29, 2010 - 11:25 am- (MN) “DAY 55”

I woke up this morning knowing my post was gonna be long...  But before I started writing, as is my routine now, I had to go downstairs and pay for another day at the Hostel.  (I have now paid for three days, totaling $84 - all on credit card).

It was 4 pm when I finally finished (it took me 6 hours to complete).  Whew!!!

Mike From AZ/ Jared Allen
Anyway, while I was writing, I was waiting to see if a friend of mine from AZ (Mike) was able to score me a ticket to the Vikings / Seahawks game tonight (7 pm).   I know that must sound weird, calling somebody in AZ for a ticket in Minnesota, but Mike has a huge (6’6) connection here.

Ya see, Mike is a childhood friend of Jared Allen (Vikings star DE #69) and while I visiting AZ two years ago, I was able to meet Jared (through Mike) and hang out with him for a few days.

F.Y.I. - By the way, Jared is a super cool dude, very down to earth and real!  Nice!

I know Mike doesn’t like asking Jared for anything but I’m in a tough spot this year (financially), so I asked him if he would check into for me.  The problem... there always is... I didn’t call Mike until mid-night the night before the game (Friday/Sat. morn), to see if it was possible.

For as long as I have known Mike, he has been nothing but awesome to me.  He lets me stay at his place (for free) whenever I’m in the desert and... I don’t stay for a week... I stay for a month! 🙂  Thanks Walleen!

Anyway, he said he’d try but gave me a 50/50 chance because it was so late and the game was the next day.  Either way, it’s real cool that there’s even a chance that the best DE in football (give or take) might leave me a ticket at will call for the game.

It didn’t happen though... Mike called me around 5 pm and told me he wasn’t able to get a hold of Jared.  It’s all good... I just have to make it happen myself now! 🙂  Thanks for trying Mike!

Walking to Game
It was 5:30 pm now and I had to leave to get the game on time.  I was walking there (2-3 miles) to save money on parking ($10).  I didn’t know it until I was en route, but most of my walk was through a bad part of town.

But as I cleared the rough neighborhood, I could see the Minneapolis skyline ahead of me and it was nice!  Not bad for a mid-west city! 🙂

As I was approaching the stadium I was trying to find a free ticket.  My plan was... to talk to as many people as possible until I found the group that had an extra ticket that their drunk friend didn’t show up for ;).  It would be a single and sometimes people just give it away.

But before I even started asking people, I ran into a scalper (ticket broker) named Jim Rush.  I asked

Jim Rush

him how much his cheapest ticket was and he showed me a ticket with a face value of $29 ($34 after tax, says it on the ticket).

I believe he told me to give him $20 for the ticket but real quickly it was down to $10.  Now, $10 bucks isn’t bad for Pro-football game but I’m on a budget and really need a free ticket.

I told him my story, handed him a card, and 5 minutes later he offered me the ticket for $5.  I know I won’t find a cheaper ticket anywhere, so I bought it.   Thanks Jim!

It was 6 pm and I had my ticket, so what do you do next at a football game... Tailgate!  As I was walking toward the stadium I noticed more Peanuts characters.  (They are all over this city, I seen one at the fair yesterday too.)

Jesse and Scott

I had to take a picture, so I asked two guys (Scott and Jesse - who were having beers) if one of them would take it for me.  Scott accepted and took the pictures for me, thanks man.

After the pictures, we started talking about what I was doing and why a grown man wants a picture with Lucy! 🙂  They seemed interested as they offered me one of their beers.  Nice!  Thanks guys!  I stayed until I finished it and then hit the immediate stadium area.

Me "Rooster" and #1 Vikings Fan

Outside the Metrodome
As I approached the Metrodome, all you can see is a sea of purple.  The fans here are very passionate about their Vikings, as I can see!  As far as the eyes can see, are people with Viking helmets on, jerseys, and even some are done up more than that like this lady who I took a picture with (Carol?).  You go girl!

Then... and I don’t know why, but monkeys/gorilla’s are everywhere in the country!  I seen the Viking Gorilla and had to take a picture with him.  Really... it’s just a drunk guy with giant monkey on the back of a bicycle. 🙂

The outside of the stadium is filled with activities for all ages.  There is a children’s area where kids can do football drills (throwing, running, dummy drills, etc..).  Then there is the adult area... the rest of the stadium!

I took in as much of the outside of the stadium as I could before I entered for the game.

Inside the Dome
Before I found my seat I walked into the row I saw and checked out the stadium.  It is a awesome sight!  I don’t think I have ever been in a dome for a football game.?  I’m glad I walked in then, because this is when the Vikings entered the field.

It was cool to see Ragnar (Mascot) speed across the field wearing a Viking helmet on a motorcycle.  Sweet!

Finding “My” Seat 🙂
My ticket was in the cheap seats, but as you know by now... I’m not sitting there! 😉  So, I walked around the inside of the stadium looking for the right seat.  I watched and saw that security didn’t check anybodies ticket, nobodies!  Nice, this will be easy.

Since the stadium was my oyster, I choose a seat about 15 rows from the field on the 35-40 yd line (seat 1).  I didn’t want to be to greedy and sit on the 50. 🙂

Thanks Tom!

Anyway, seated next to me was a real cool guy and his wife (Tom and ?, my bad).  As soon I sat down, I asked them if they minded I was there (I told them I didn’t have ticket for the seat).  He didn’t care in the least and said it was all good.

Tom and I talked for the whole first half as he bought me beers the entire time ($7 each).   He was regular guy with a wife and family, he works in sales and might even sell some advertising on

#12 is his son

my car for me.  (Take what you want pal, currently I’m making nothing!)

Pop Warner Game
They were at the game because they were Vikings fans, but the real reason was... at halftime their son was gonna be playing football on the field in a Pop Warner game.  So cool!  I wish it was me out there!  AND... in a Pop Warner game... I could still dominate! 🙂

The game itself was a closely contested contest as most of starters (including Farve) played well into the 3rd quarter.   I took a bunch of pictures of the game as well as some of the players on the sidelines.

The best shot I got was one of the game with the whole stadium in view, I can’t figure out this damn camera yet!  All my pictures should be good now.  Damn technology!

Anyway, it was the end of the 3rd quarter now and I wanted to explore the rest of the stadium so I thanked Tom for the beers and went off to see it all!

Luxury Box
The first thing I did, was find my way into a luxury box.  The doors to the rooms were wide open and again... no security was out front either.  I walked into the first box where it looked like they were having a party and asked if I could watch for a bit from there.

Thank you!

The people were cool and let me hand out for a bit.  They even let me take a special program that you either had to pay for or only got with your luxury box purchase.  Either way... thank you!

Das Boot!
As I walking through the hallway, I spotted a giveaway where you would get a glass boot (plastic) if you bought $10 in Minnesota lottery tickets.  I wasn’t gonna buy $10 worth of anything, so I talked my way into getting one for free!  Nice!

The game was close to the end, so I knew it was now or never if I wanted a picture with the famous Viking Mascot... Ragnar!  They added a new fake costumed mascot recently, named Viktor but I didn’t want a pic with

Me "Rooster" and Ragnar

him... I wanted one with the real Viking Mascot!

I spotted Ragnar down on the field by the 20 yards line so I worked my down to the first row and started a conversation with him.  His is a ornery guy as he mocked me for being from NJ and at first... said he would take a pic with me.

Then I said, I’m here to watch and cheer for the Vike’s... he was cool and just busting my balls as he took a picture with me.  Thanks Mighty Ragnar!

It was time go because the game was ending and I still wanted to head to the casino for a promotion they were running.

Walking Home
It was 10 pm and dark out (no shit! :)), and I didn’t remember the way back home so I asked a cop for directions back to the Hostel.  When I told her where I was going... she responded... you’re walking?

I told her I walked here and it wasn’t that bad, I just don’t remember the route.  She said, that’s not it... you’re walking through a very bad neighborhood at night, I wouldn’t walk it!

She gave me directions anyway as I headed back home on foot.  The walk wasn’t bad and nobody f&$ked with me.  I know anybody can be robbed but I don’t think I look like an easy mark!  Lets’ hope it stays that way. 😉

I got back to the Hostel at 10:30 pm ( I jogged some of it), but had to immediately leave so I could get Running Aces (20 miles way) before 11 pm to check a promotional ticket I had received.  (It could be worth anywhere $1 - $2,500, I can’t pass up that opportunity!)

Running Aces Harness Park
I arrived at 10:55 pm and just made it in time to check my ticket.  I rushed over to the area where were scanning the ticket and... it was worth $1.  Hey... money I never had! 🙂

I then checked the amount the hours I played this week on my players card.  I did this because if you had accumulated 10 hours of poker (which I knew I did) you qualified for a free tournament this Sunday where 9 players will win a free $1,100 seat into a tournament they are holding shortly.

I know that isn’t cash per se, but people sell the ticket for upwards of $1000, which is what I’ll do if I happen to win it.  Wish me luck! 🙂

It’s 1:11 pm right now (Sunday) and I have to be at the tournament in less than 2 hours so the poker part of this post will be brief.

Cash Game
Anyway, while I was there I decided play in the $2 - $60 spread limit hold’em game.  I had a goal in mind and it wasn’t a lofty one.  All I wanted to do was win enough to put some gas in my car and pay for the hostel another night (cash this time).

I bought in for $140 and the second hand I got was (A,K) off-suit.  I raised to $12 and got two callers.  The flop... (K, Q, 8 ).  Nice, I have top pair, top kicker.  I bet out $26.  I was then check raised back to $52.  Huh, a minimun raise.

I should have realized it then that he wanted a call, but I put him on (K, J or K, 10) so I raised back.  I did this because I only had $80 left and knew he would be pushing on the turn.  If I call the $26... I’m in til the end anyway.

He called and turned over (K, Q), top two pair.  I’m crushed!  I didn’t hit a Ace or straight and was busted in less than 5 minutes.

I took a few minute break as I regained my composure then bought back in for another $100.  With in 5 hands I had gotten Pocket A’s (A, A) and flopped the nut the straight with (10,J).  I was back to even!  Nice!

I played for another hour so and left the poker room up $78 on the night.  Perfect, I have enough money for gas, the Hostel, and even a little left for me!  I hit my goals!

Now... I just have to win that tourney tomorrow!  Wish me luck!’

Thanks for reading!


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  1. pat says:

    Did you complement Ragnar on his sweet skullet?

  2. pat says:

    Check out who playing the first week of September

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