Month 1 Re-Cap! – 8/2/10

Well... I made it a month on the road.  So let’s look back on what I did or did not accomplish.  Below, I have listed everything I think you would want to know, from where I stayed to what I bought to the game and events I attended, etc...

The most important thing, at least I think so... is my monetary situation, so we’ll start there.  I started my trip with $2007.00 of my own money and $400.00 of donated money from all of you (by the end of week 1)!

F.Y.I - Thanks to Gerry - $20, Derek - $20, Deniro - $5 who have donated in the past 2 weeks. 🙂  I truly appreciate it!  Every dollar helps !$

I also have some credit cards but between them, I have about $500.00 of credit left (before I started).  Now that you have all this information I will break down where I am currently financially.

Bank Account
Currently (after 1 month), I have $1,700 in the my bank account and $455.00 in donations - in a separate account.

Gambling Totals (Poker/Blackjack) - Casino’s I’ve Played In

After playing in 6 different casinos (plus internet, 1 day) in 3 different states, I am currently up $761.00 playing poker.

I played blackjack in 2 different casinos and am down $70. (I will not be playing any more BJ, this should be my last BJ update!  And hopefully... I won’t be giving any BJ’s either any time soon... or ever for that matter! :))  Not that there’s anything wrong with it! 😉 (Seinfeld)

1. Delaware Park (DE)
2. Harrington Raceway & Casino (DE)
3. Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races (WV)
4. Wheeling Island Hotel Casino and Racetrack (WV)
5. MGM Grand - Detroit (MI)
6. Heidelberg Poker Room - (MI)
7. Full Tilt (Internet)

Bills/Gas Money
Like everybody else, just because I left for a year doesn’t mean I left my bills behind too.  I have 5 credit cards, my cell phone bill, and student loans I still have pay each month (although I’m trying to get my student loans deferred for another year.)

Here are the totals.  After paying the minimums on 3 credit cards (I still have 2 to pay), I dished out $119.00. My mom paid my cell bill this month ($80.) she paid $100. ($20 credit toward next month!), THANK YOU!

I bought gas 8 times in 6 different states for a total of $238.00, $65 of which was paid on  a credit card.

Places I’ve Stayed

John's Home

I’ve already told each and everyone of you this, but it can’t be said enough... THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This trip could not be completed without your help and friendship!

Matt and Pratt's

1. John Gillespie’s House (free)- Delaware
2. Motel 6 ($68) - paid on credit card - Delaware
3. Kim Godfrey’s House (free) - Virginia
4. Jenn Elswick’s House (free) - Pittsburgh, PA
5. Wheeling Motel ($55) - West Virginia
6. Matt and Pratt’s House (free) - Ohio
7. J.T.’s Apartment (free) - Michigan

Sporting Events I’ve Attended
I’ve been to 6 different games in 5 different cities and have had a blast at all of them!  I do wish I caught A-Rod’s 600th home run but... nobody has yet, maybe I still have a chance if he waits long enough! 🙂 (August 12th Yanks are in K.C., I’ll go there if he hasn’t hit it yet!)

1. Phillies vs. Atlanta - Philadelphia

2. Orioles vs. Toronto - Baltimore

3. Pirates vs. Milwaukee - Pittsburgh                                      

4. Clippers vs. Pawtucket - Columbus                                             

5. Indians vs NYY - Cleveland

6. Indians vs NYY - Cleveland

Charity Work
I’ve done charity work in 4 different cities and have given 5 days of service.  After each day I give back... I wish I could give more!  I also become more aware how serious the problems are right here in our own Country.  I will give back, in someway, for the rest of my life!

1. Sunday Breakfast Mission - (Wilmington, Delaware)
2. DC Central Kitchen - (Washington, D.C.)
3. Hero’s - (Columbus, Ohio)
4. Genesis House lll (Detroit, Michigan)

Events I Have Attended
I have been to a different event/attraction in each city I’ve visited except for Michigan.  In Michigan, I went out of state to Cleveland, Ohio for two baseball games vs. the Yankees.

1. Iron Hills Twilight Criterium (Bike Race) - West Chester, PA - Delaware week
2. I saw Washington, D.C. - (White House, Wash. Monument, etc..) - Virginia week
3. Jazz and Rib Festival - Ohio week
4. Cleveland vs. NYY, the chase for 600! - Michigan week

Items I’ve bought
Here is a list of things I’ve paid for over the past month.

1. Jeans
2. Belt
3. Rooster’s on the Roof t-shirt
4. Three WVU t-shirts
5. Two hats (WVU, Steelers)
6. Steelers lighter
7. Three carcature drawing

This has been an area I need to improve on.  Not to make excuses but I have been very busy and haven’t put in the effort needed to find a date when you’re only average looking and poor!

Also, I think telling girls that I want to date about my website is a bad idea.  They go home, look at my site before our scheduled date, and get scared off.

So next month, if I like a girl and want to ask her out... I will tell her I’m traveling but not that I’m writing every detail of my life or about my website.

1. I didn’t find a date but kissed a cute drunk girl who couldn’t find her car. (DE)
2. I had a date with Michelle but she had a boyfriend and I knew the situation. (VA)
3. I got stood up by the girl who I helped put gas in her car. (OH)
4. I met a few girls but nothing materialized. (MI)

I started my journey weighing a robust 220 lbs (maybe even 223 lbs).  I wasn't exercising at all while eating everything bad for me in site!

After 4 weeks of eating better and exercising somewhat regularly, I weigh 203 lbs. I have lost 17 lbs so far... 10-15 to go, then tighten it up FAT BOY!

That's it!
Well... that’s about it!  A complete recap of my first month on the road.  I hope you have all enjoyed my adventure as I head off into the mid-west!

F.Y.I. - "Day 28" can be found in the slider on top or in "Stories From The Road".

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Diana says:

    I can’t believe a month has passed already!! Time flies by when your in-love Max. Keep up the good work.
    – Why 3 caricatures, isn’t one funny looking picture enough?

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