My Birthday & I’m 30…. Well… 30! :) (WA) “DAY 113” – 10/25/10

October 26, 2010 - 11:23 am - (WA) “DAY 113”

When I woke up this morning, it was my birthday officially for the whole day.  Nice!  While I was sleeping, my cell was blowing up, so when I got up, I checked my cell phone and saw many texts/phones calls.  Thank you all!

And then...  when I finally got on the internet (about an hour later) I had numerous Facebook messages as well.  To many to count.  Thank you Facebook friends!

Writing My Daily Post
Even though it’s my birthday, I still have to work so I went down to Starbucks and posted “DAY 112”.  While I was writing, I was on the phone with a bunch of friends who were wishing me a Happy Birthday.  It feels nice to be remembered!  🙂

After I got done writing (about 3:30 pm), I had to get ready to go to Brooklyn’s Volleyball game.  Well... I didn’t have to... I wanted to!  Brooklyn is my buddy and over the past 10 days we have become good friends.

She is so well raised, sweet, thoughtful, smart, and at least 20 other adjectives that would describe how awesome of a person she is!   You go Brooklyn! 🙂

Volleyball Game
When I got back to Casey’s, they had already left but Casey left me the address so I was all good (GPS works now!).   I got ready real quick and headed down to Ridgefield Elementary (away game).

When I got there, the match had just started.  Perfect, I didn’t miss anything.  I wanted to be there for the whole match because I knew how much it would mean to Brooklyn.  I remember being young and always loving when people showed to watch me play. 🙂

Anyway, Brooklyn was actually good as she was one of only two girls who served overhand.  The rest were serving like I would... underhand (fist to ball).

Casey, Lisa, Me "Rooster"

I watched by myself for the first game or two because I couldn’t find Casey and Lisa, then Lisa spotted me and called me over to where they were.  Ahhh... I don’t feel like a stalker anymore.  Being at Elementary school when you don’t have a kid is pretty creepy! 😉

F.Y.I. - I’m not sure who won because the game moved so fast and I wasn’t in place where I could see the score.  But I do know that it went to three games so they at least split the first two.

None-the-less (I love using that phrase :)), I enjoyed watching Brooklyn play and am glad I made it to her game.  The game ended around 5 pm so we all went back home (Casey’s) and ordered Chinese for my Birthday dinner.

Dinner & Monday Night Football
While we watched the Giants vs Cowboys, we ate Chinese food and talked about my week here in Seattle (Kent).  It was pretty relaxing and that’s exactly what I needed.

Sixty plus days on the road without knowing anybody was very trying and getting to stay with Casey... was just what the Doctor ordered!  It’s wild how you can go from not seeing somebody for a bunch of years to immediately getting right back into your old groove. 🙂

Like I said earlier in the week, Casey, Cooper, and I lived together in AZ for many years and collectively we never fought over anything.  Well... except for who’s taking out the garbage and Cooper’s dirty dishes. 😉  But that’s to be expected when 3 single guys live together. 🙂

Anyway, instead of getting drunk and hitting the town, I decided I wanted to hangout with the family (Casey, Lisa, Brooklyn) for the rest of my Birthday (they had work/school in the morn.).

And seriously... this is much more fun than getting drunk with a bunch of people I don’t know anyway. 🙂

My Birthday Cake
Then, after we had finished dinner while Casey and I were watching football, Brooklyn called us into the kitchen.  SHE MADE ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE!  Ahhhhh....  Brooklyn is so sweet!  But not as sweet as the cake was. 😉

Anyway, Brooklyn loves baking cakes and as soon she heard I was gonna be here for my birthday, she decided she was making me one.  Now, I have seen/heard of kids baking with their parents but she actually made me this cake by herself!  F&$King AWESOME!

Look at the picture of this cake I took closely, it maps out the route I took from NJ to Seattle, it has the whole USA in icing, and she even made an edible Rooster out of some candy for the top!  THANK YOU SO MUCH BROOKLYN!

I cut the cake in way that it wouldn’t ruin her artwork and handed everybody a piece.  She even made me my favorite kind of cake... vanilla cake, vanilla icing, and of course... A ROOSTER CANDY TOP!

After eating enough cake to put on all the weight I have lost on this trip, we went back to the living room and watched the rest of the football game together.  While we watching, Brooklyn even gave each adult a quick shoulder massage.

Well... except for Casey... he is so large that she had to stand on his back in order to get though the first layer of cushion to work the muscles in his back! 😉

Brooklyn went to bed at 9 pm as Casey, Lisa, and I hung out in the living room together until they called it a night themselves a little after 10 pm.  I had the perfect Birthday!  A good dinner, good friends, and a Rooster cake!  What more can a man ask for??? 🙂

Late Night
I watched TV by myself while I talked with Jeremy (Cali- best friend) on the phone about how far I’ve come in this journey and... how old I am. 🙁  He can’t say shit though... he’s been my age for a few months already! 😉

I got off phone with Jeremy around 11 pm and watched TV until I feel asleep sometime after midnight.  Like I said... I had a perfect Birthday and couldn’t be any happier unless I had a shit-load of money.

But then again... money doesn’t make happiness happen.  Although... if you’re already happy... I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Big Brother Adam says:

    Happy Birthday Little Brother (I’ll keep this message on your 10/25 post even though it’s like 3 days later). Sounds like you’re livin it up on the Left Coast.

    Casey – you’re a lucky dad…David’s in town for 10 days and managed to attend (and stay til the end) your daughter’s volleyball game. In the 6 years since my kids started their activities, he’s been to 2 softball games for my daughter and 1 football game for my son (where he left at halftime because he couldn’t stand it anymore).

    it’s true my kids have never made him a cake of the USA so that must’ve been the clincher.

    Anyway – Hope you had a great Bday…speak to you soon.

  2. Jeremy says:

    That cake is great!!

  3. G says:

    Happy B-day you old fuck!

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