My Dad’s Birthday & Making A Gingerbread House! (CO) “DAY 169” – 12/20/10

December 22, 2010 - 12:16 pm - (CO) “DAY 169” - Week 25 - State 23

Since I went to bed early last night, I woke up real early this morning (5 am).  Actually, it worked out perfectly because not only do I have I have to catch up on my writing but... today is my Dad’s birthday, so I called him bright and early to talk to him!  Happy Birthday Dad! (Dec.20).

After talking with my Dad for awhile about whatever (we talk almost everyday anyway), I got down to business and started writing all the posts I didn’t have time write in Albuquerque (“DAYS 165-167”).

For the most part, I wrote from 6 am to 6 pm.  Yeah, a 12 hours shift. 🙁  The only break I took was to get some lunch at the “Crazy Asian” a few blocks from where Sadie lives.

Other than that, I wrote and wrote and wrote until my fingers hurt.  Well... just my two index fingers because I still can only type with two fingers!  Ahhh! 😉

The Girls Get Home From Work
I stopped writing when the girls got home from work (6 pm-ish), so I could hang out with Sadie and Ali.  As you already know, Sadie is one of my best friends and Ali is one of her best friends, so by the Laws of Kevin Bacon... Ali and I are also BFF! LOL 🙂

Anyway, the three of us sat in living room and started watching “Happy Feet”.  It’s a real good movie, that penguin's feet are so happy and funny, I couldn’t stop smiling! 🙂  I’m just a real big kid at heart I guess!

During this time, I could tell Sadie was feeling a little troubled.  I’d explain it further but this website is not, so I ‘ll just say she was having a real tough day to say the least.  (I’ll get back to this thought in a moment.)

Lunar Eclipse - (Solista! - Inside Joke) LOL 🙂
It was now close to 8:30 pm and in three hours, the lunar eclipse or something was happening, so my plan was to keep the girls up so we could all watch it together.  They also wanted to see it but they generally go to bed by 10 pm during the week.  Ahhh, Real life!

So, there I was sitting in the living room when I came up with a plan to solve all the problems in the house.  The problems being, make Sadie happier and keep both girls up until 11:30 pm.  Got it?  Good.

Sam’s Club
After I formulated my master plan to bring joy and happiness to the house, I left for Sam’s Club to put it into action.  Now, I don’t have a Sam’s Club card but... like that matters, I’ll be able to get what I want anyway. 😉

I got to Sam’s Club and after looking around for a bit, I found what I was looking for.  Bam!  A gingerbread house kit!  Yes, making gingerbread house’s was my plan to bring joy and happiness to Ali and Sadie’s home while killing a few hours. 🙂

F.Y.I. - I thought of this idea because Sunday night Sadie mentioned to me that she had never made a gingerbread house before and thought it would be real cool to do sometime.  Well, that sometime... was tonight! 🙂

I got up to the cashier’s register and when they asked me for my Sam’s club card, I told them I didn’t have one.  I immediately started telling them my story and that I was only here to buy two presents for the girls who were kind enough to let me stay with them.

The lady looked at me and said, “OK Rooster, I’ll use the card I have back here for you, Merry Christmas!”  It must have been an X-Mas miracle but I have heard since that Sam’s Club never does that for anyone for any reason!  Thank you Sam’s Club!

Back To Sadie & Ali’s Place
I got back to the house shortly after 9 pm and when I walked in, I handed each girl a gingerbread house to make.  They were surprised and even though I’m broke as a joke, it made me feel real good to put a smile on their faces! 🙂

Making Gingerbread Houses
The plan was working because before I knew it, Ali already had her’s out of the box and was working on the frame of her house.  I didn’t know it then, but Ali must have minored in gingerbread houses while she was in college because she was all business! 🙂

Shortly after Ali had constructed the frame of her gingerbread house, Sadie pulled her’s out of the box and began to gingerbread it up as well.  Nice!  I can already tell that Sadie is feeling better, as at least for the moment her mind is distracted by gingerbread madness! 🙂

Two Completely Different Gingerbread Houses
Now, let me set the scene for you.  The three of are at the dining room table and Ali is using one side which is spic and span perfect while Sadie and I using the other side which is well... a complete disaster area to say the least! LOL 😉

Just by looking at the organization process of both sides of the table it was easy to see who’s gingerbread house would sell first on the gingerbread housing market once X-mas was over.

Heck, our gingerbread man actually left our house and walked over to Ali’s while we were still putting up the decorations.  Damn you Gingerbread Man, you better run as fast as you can cause your being chased by the Roosterbread Man!

Finishing Up
Before we knew it, it was already 11 pm and the eclipse was just a half hour away.  So, the girls put the finishing touches on their respective houses as we sat there and laughed at how different they were.

Ali’s gingerbread house was so nice that seriously... if I could have shrunk myself down to gingerbread man size, I would move in this minute!  And our’s (Sadie and mine), well... it was the place that drugged out gingerbread people went to get more candy smack! 😉

Christmas Card Photo
Before we went outside to see the eclipse, the girls grabbed their respective house and knelt in front of their X-Mas tree so I could take a picture for their X-Mas card they want to send out to everybody they know.  We took at least 10 pictures because they were laughing so hard! 🙂

Seeing The Eclipse
The plan worked out perfectly because it was now 11:30 pm and all three of us were outside watching the lunar Solista eclipse. (I thought it sounded funnier as a Spanish party eclipse.) 😉

Anyway, for the next half hour or so, the girls and I kept going outside about every 5 minutes to see the changes in the moon.  F.Y.I. - The moon when it was fully covered looked a huge orange in the sky.  (Well, duller than that, but it did look real cool!)

At midnight, the girls called it an evening as they joked that they were up at least 2 hours past their bedtime.  I, on the other hand, stayed up until about 2 morning as I watched the whole eclipse take place.  It looks best when it was 3/4 covered. 🙂

Crashing On The Couch
Sometime after 2 am, I passed out on the couch even though I still have writing left to do in order to catch up to date on my posts.  It’s the holiday season so I’ll give myself a pass this time. 😉

Winning $500
Oh Yeah!  I almost forgot, tonight I orchestrated 5 way modified chop in a NFL suicide pool I am in.  The prize is pool is $4300 winner take all unless there is a tie.

So, I sent out an email suggesting each of us take $500 and play for the remaining $1800.  Everybody agreed so I’m $500 richer with $1800 waiting in the wings! Woo Hoo! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    First, you were the first and last call of the day
    to wish me a Happy b-Day. It was a good day for me and it turned out to be a fun day for you and the girls.We spoke and you couldn’t have been watching a better movie to cheer Sadie up with than “Happy Feet”.
    Everyone loves that movie.Then the Gingerbread
    houses. Genius !!!!!

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