My First Golf Outing Of The Trip and Poker! (WA) “DAY 107” – 10/19/10

October 20, 2010 - 2:01 pm - (WA) “DAY 107”

I got up this morning at 10 am and went to McDonald’s to write my post (they have fast free Wi-Fi).  I was trying to get it done as fast as I could, so I could finish organizing my things before Casey got home from work (3:00 pm-ish).  It’s just easier when there is nobody around.

And... as soon as Casey was to get home... we were going golfing.  Yes... golfing in mid-October in Seattle... I know... it’s not raining... it’s not cold out... and it is warm and Sunny!

I must be bringing good luck to the area.  First, I brought the Huskies a OT win on Saturday.  Then, the Seahawks won their 1st road game of the year at 4-1 Chicago (record before the game).

And lastly, it hasn’t rained once since I have been here, it actually has been about 60 and sunny everyday (it does get cold at night though ;)).

Bode, Me "Rooster", Andy, Casey

Casey did get home at 3 pm and had one of his friends with him (Andy).  Andy, Bode, Casey, and I were going golfing as I had just found out.  (I didn’t know, I just knew to be ready to golf at 3 pm.)

Anyway, Bode was running late so we waited for him while Brooklyn took some pictures of us.

Thanks Brooklyn... You are Awesome! 🙂  (She took the pic of all 4 us when Bode arrived.)

Arriving At The Golf Course
We arrived at the golf course around 4 pm and walked into the clubhouse to pay for the round.  It was about $25 per man with a cart and a few golf balls.  Casey paid for my round.

Thank You Casey
Thank you so much brother, you have been so generous since I’ve been here even though I hate all Seattle pro-teams.  Well... except for the Sonics.  Oh yeah... there aren’t here anymore!  🙁  Poor Casey James! 😉

In one cart was Bode and Andy and in the other was Casey and me.  Our cart sucked, it was so slow we could barely make up the hills.  Or... between Casey and I... the cart just couldn’t take the extra weight! 😉

F.Y.I. - I used to be OK golfer.  By OK I mean, I could swing a club, I used to drive well (long), and my chipping was OK.  When I played regularly many years ago, I would hit between 91- 95.

Going into today, I hadn’t played real golf in over 2 years.  (I may have played a few rounds of pitch and put but that’s it.)

Anyway, I tell you all this so you know what to expect from golf game. 😉  I knew it before I started so I figured I’d tell you as well!

Holes 1-5
My day went just as expected... I couldn’t even get off the tee box without swinging 2 or 3 time.  Not because I hit the ball out of bounds every time (although I did a lot), but because I would miss the ball completely!  LOL 🙂

I played military style golf... sand trap to woods... woods to sand trap. LOL (I just made that up ;)). If it sucks... I’m sure Mike will tell me (reader who thrashes me ;)).

The Guys

Bode is a good golfer who has been playing since he was a kid and after a few holes, he started to give me a few pointers to get my game back.  It did help.  Not that I became Tiger Woods , I just started to strike the ball better.

Andy evidently lives or lived on golf course but you couldn’t tell... JK  I only joke because after each time he hit a bad shot (not to many), he would say, “ And I live on golf course...”

Casey supposedly has become a OK golfer but from the round I saw today... you would never know!  Truthfully, Casey’s game is good but my picture taking was affecting his flow all day.

Every time he would be lining up a shot, I would be snapping photos.  And when it was my turn to hit, I would have him snapping pic of me.  All in all, he did hit some nice strokes but couldn’t get his game in rhythm.  My bad Casey James!

Holes 6-12
After about 5 holes, I started to play a little better and even made the longest the put of the day (about 25-30 feet).  I wasn’t really keeping score because... what was the point when for the first 5 holes I was taking 3 swings off the tee.

But for the last 7 holes we played (it got dark and we got kicked off the course at 6:30 pm), I had 2 birdie attempts, 2 makeable par puts ( I missed both), and bogeyed a few holes.

Not bad considering I hadn’t even touched a club in years and didn’t have one warm up swing before we started playing.  Nobody did, but they (Casey, Bode and Andy) have been playing together all year (weekly).

I can’t say for sure who hit what, but I would guess Bode had the best score, followed by Andy, Casey, and then me.  I think a blind guy with no arms could have beat me today! 😉

Inspite of my bad play, I had a great time as I enjoyed the beautiful day and golf course!  Thanks for a great time on the links guys!

Yankee Game / Nap Time
While we were playing golf, the Yankee play-off had started.  So when we got back to Casey’s, I turned it on and started watching.  The problem... Casey hates the Yankees and... baseball season is over for him (he’s a Mariner Fan... what do ya expect!

Anyway, we wrestled with the remote for most of the game but as it got out of hand (for Texas :(), I decided I would feel better if I just took a nap to forget about it for awhile.

Poker - Muckleshoot Casino
It was a little after 10 pm when I left Casey’s to go play poker at Muckleshoot Casino.  Doesn’t the word muckle sound cool.

Muckle, Muckle, Muckle! 😉

Anyway, (muckle) I got to the casino and walked around to find the muckle room (poker).  But before I got there, I did as I always do and got a Muckle card (players card).

After that, I muckled my way over the the muckle room and muckled in for $93. (It’s like Smurf language ;)). This poker room is big and nice but the problem was... they didn’t have any NL games.

The closest thing they had was a 3-5 spread limit game but the buy-in was $200 and I didn’t have that much.  I only had $93 on me although I did have my ATM card.

Rooster's back!

4-8 Texas Hold’em (limit)
The only games they were running were: 4-8 limit, 3-6 limit, and 3-5 spread limit ($200 min).  As I told you (kinda, muckle) I bought in for $93 and sat down in a 4-8 limit game.

I won my first hand before I even had my chips and I thought it was gonna be a good night, but as it turned out... well... you’ll see as you read on.

After that first victory, I lost every hand I played until I saw nothing but felt! 🙁  What to do??? Go to the ATM or leave???  Before I continue, I have tell you about their promotions for poker players, which happens to be the best I have seen yet! 🙂

F.Y.I. - Muckleshoot Casino’s poker room has a “Bad Beat Jackpot” ($90,000).  Basically if you lose with four 8’s or better (both hole cards have to play), the whole table splits up $90 K!

They (Muckleshoot Casino) also run a daily “Monte Carlo” promotion.  This means if you get a straight or Royal Flush, you get the pay out posted.  For instance, a Royal Flush in the right suit would have paid over $26 K.  Nice!

Lastly, and this was the best one they had going... they gave out $100 every half-hour for high hand.  Yes!!!  Every half-hour of every day they give away $100 to the person who had the highest hand in the room (with both hole cards playing).

Back To My Decision
Now that you know all that, you will understand where I’m coming from when I tell you why I stayed and got more money out.

So, as I was deciding on wether or not to stay and get more money, I thought about the promotions and if I could I just get lucky and get a Royal Flush.. I would bet set for weeks.  And if I could just get a high hand... I would be even.

At this point in the night (after midnight), there was only two limits games going and two 3-5 spread limits, so the chances of winning a high hand were pretty good.

Basically... a 1-18 chance every half-hour because the spread limit game doesn’t get to the river to often.  They can bet people out on the flop and turn whereas in a limit game, people can see cards to the river pretty cheap.  Limit games have a much better chance of winning promotions!

Buying Back In
I went to the ATM and took out $200 although I was going to buy back in for $100.  I bought in for the $100 and 2 hours later... it was gone!  Damn!  I’m down $193! 🙁

During this stretch of losing, I wasn’t getting any cards but one hand where I lost over $60 I mis-read my hand!  Nooooo!  A huge rookie mistake that I can’t afford to make!

I had (Q, 5) in the big blind but I thought I had (Q, 6) of-suit.  The flop came (Q, 6, 2) with 2 clubs.  I thought I had top two pair.  I checked to slow play it.  Somebody bet and I called.  The turn... 8 of clubs.  I checked then raised the bettor.  He re-raised me back.

Ahh.. he has the flush.  I called.  The river... 6.  Nice!  I hit a full house, I checked.  He bet and I raised him.  He called and turned over a Ace high flush.

Happily, I said, “I caught you!” and turned over... (Q, 5)!  What!?  Queen, 5!  Ahhh!!!  I just threw away $60 that I wouldn’t even have called the flop with!  He won the hand and I went on tilt!

I tried to get up but they have a rule that if 2 people are already up from the table and you decide to get up and miss a blind... they will pull you from the table and replace you with another player.

So I stayed and before I knew it... I saw felt again!  It wasn’t even because I played bad, I just wasn’t getting any cards!  I’m now down $193!

Buying In Again & A Asian Lady!
It was after 2 am and I probably should have left but I couldn’t resist and pulled out my last $100.  While I was gone, a new player sat down.  She was a nice Asian lady but she became so annoying... I wanted to rip my own ears off!

She kept saying, “King high Loyal Frush” , “King high Loyal Frush” over and over (at least 500 times in the hour or two I played with her).

Now... I don’t mind she has trouble saying some letters in English, the fact she knows at least 2 languages and is speaking mine is impressive in itself but... IT”S a ACE HIGH ROYAL FLUSH!  ACE HIGH ROYAL FLUSH!

That’s what makes it a royal flush... the fact that’s it’s Ace high!  A “King high Loyal Frush” is a straight flush... King high!  Ahhh!

Anyway, I bought back in for my last $100 but told myself I would only play with half it.  I’m glad I never had to test my will power because I finally started to win some hands.  The Asian lady was a pretty bad player and kept paying me off on my made hands. 🙂

It was now around 3 am and I had won back about $70, so I was down $123.  (I did eat dinner $8 (Mongolian beef :)), so I was down $115.)

Winning High Hand

Then I won a hand with a Ace high frush... I mean flush. 😉  It was about 23 minutes into the newest high hand promotion and with just 4 tables going and the last winning high hand being a King high flush... I felt like I had a chance.

But... in just the time I have been here (4 hours), I have seen the winning the hand change in the last minute.  So I was optimistic but not counting on it all.

When there was less than 5 minutes remaining and I was still in the lead is when I would have been crushed if I had lost but... it held on and I won an extra $100!  Woo Hoo!

Getting Up
It was after 4 am when I finally got back to even (a little over), so I took my $7 profit (plus dinner) and left to go back to Casey’s house.  Sometimes a small win feels better than a big win and this is one of those times.   I really thought I was gonna leave down $293 and to leave up $7 felt great! 🙂

Casey’s House
I pulled into Casey’s driveway a little after 5 am and when I did... there was Casey getting the newspaper.  He looked at me like... What are you doing Rooster? 🙂 as he walked back into the house.

I hung out on the couch and watched TV until 6:30 am as I wound down from re-living poker hands, especially the hand where I mis-read my cards!  It still stings!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    It’s about time you played some Damn cards. Mabey you should go grind it out all day then buy Casey dinner. Go pay ur way

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