My First Lakers Game! (So-Cal) “DAY 128” – 11/9/10

November 10, 2010 - 12:22 pm - (So. Cal) “DAY 128”

I woke up this morning a little after 11:30 am (I went to bed at 5 am ;)).  Anyway, I knew I was going to the Lakers game later (6 pm, Joel got us tickets) so I had to get my daily post written and posted before that time.  (It took me until 5 pm.)

Another Great Sunset
After I finished writing, I showered and hung out with Matt until his friends arrived.  While we were waiting, another great sunset was right outside his window!

This was one of the best things about LA area when I used to live here.  Amazing sunsets!  Mine used to be of the sun over the ocean (I lived in Venice) but this view of the sun setting over the city is just as nice! (You can see the moon too.) 🙂

Joel & Peter Arrive
Joel and Peter arrived at Matt’s place around 6 pm (game time was 7:30 pm).  Joel got us all four of the tickets through one of his connections (he is from here and knows a lot of people) so my ticket was free for the game.  Thank you Joel!

Movember - Prostate Cancer Awareness
As I wrote a few days ago, I used to know Joel when I lived here 5 years ago but back then... he didn’t have a cheesey mustache. 🙂  The reason he has the mustache is to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

And... because the stache is so ridiculous, people always ask him about it and then he tells them about prostate cancer.  Here is a link to website where you can donate money to help support a cause that affects 1 in every 6 adult males.  Click this link: Support Prostate Cancer Awareness

Getting To The Game
The Staple Center is only 10 miles from Matt’s, so it isn’t far.  But... with LA traffic... who knows???  Luckily for us, the traffic wasn’t to bad and it only took 30 minutes to get there and park.

As we were walking to the Arena, I was taking in the fact that I was in a big city again.  There were billboards everywhere, lights as far as the eye can see, and a general sense of busyness was in the air. 🙂

The L.A. Homeless
During our walk, we were approached by numerous homeless people.  Now, we all know that since I started this trip, I have donated my time to helping the homeless in many cities so I feel for there cause but... money is something I just don’t have to give right now. 🙁

Now Peter on the other hand... must have had money to give but not time because he handed one of the homeless gentlemen a hundred!  Yes... a hundred!  I wanted to rip the hundred out of the homeless guy’s hand and keep it for myself!  Damn!  I’m homeless too!  LOL JK

I mention that happened because... 1.) It happened and 2.) It shows that there as some good people out there in the world willing to help for no other reason than they give a shit about others!   You go Peter!

Outside The Staple Center
As we approached the Staple Center, the line to enter was long.  So while we were waiting, I walked the front of the building and took pictures of all the statues they had out front.

They had Wayne Gretzsky, Oscar De La Hoya, and Laker Legend... Magic Johnson.  The statues were pretty big but not as big as Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau out front of Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

F.Y.I. - Even though I lived in this area for 2 years, I never saw a Lakers game while I was here.  I didn’t have the money then or the will to do what I do now.  I was dating “The Devil” and she drained me of all my positive mojo!  It happens... but never again!

Security Into The Game
The security to get into the Lakers game was similar to the security to see the President of the United States.  It was thorough.  They had the metal wands as well the airport type stations to walk through before you could enter.

Our Seats
The seats that Joel got for us were in the upper desk a few rows from the top of the Staple Center.  The view was awesome because you could see everything but the guys had told me that there was no way I could get onto the court here in L.A. so... the challenge was on!

I knew had time to get done everything that I normally do, so I stayed with the guys and watched the first quarter.  Close to where we were sitting, was a the Lakers band. (It’s the only professional sports band that plays during the game!)  Real cool!

Also close to where were sitting were the retired Jersey’s of the all the Laker greats as well as the numerous NBA Championship banners they have accumulated over the years. (Can’t they just let the Knicks win one already! ;))

Exploring The Staple Center
The first quarter had ended, so it was time to take off and do what I do. 😉  The first place I headed was to where the band was so I could jam out with them. They were cool as well as excited that somebody wanted a picture with them!

After walking around the upper deck of the building, I headed to the lower level to see what all the fuss was about.  Then... I found out!  This place is guarded like there is a billion dollars on the court.

The security guards wouldn’t even let you stand in a entrance way and take a picture if you didn’t have a ticket for that section.  I know had to step my charm and game!

Trying To Get To The Court - 2nd Quarter
For most of the second quarter, I kept walking into different sections of the lower level trying to find a chink in the armor.  The closest I came to success is when I met a ticket taker named A.J.B.

A.J.B. and I talked for few minutes about me trying to get down to the court after he stopped me from entering his section.  Then I told him about Where’s Rooster and he let me go down a bunch of rows to take a few closer pictures of the game.  Thanks A.J.B.!

Still Trying To Make Way Down To Court Side
I know knew I had to be real crafty so I waited by an exit way to see if anybody was gonna leave at or before halftime.  If I could tell who they were, I was gonna ask them for their ticket since they were leaving.

That plan failed as I couldn’t find anybody that fit the description I was looking for.  But... I had a new plan... (because I abandoned the 1st one quickly) and decided that as soon half-time started and all the people rushed out to the hallway... I would sneak in during the commotion.

Getting To My New Seat
My plan worked to perfection as I easily walked right by the ticket taker and down to the court.  When I got to the court the security guy there was no joke.  He seen me coming and was instantly on me like a fat guy at a free buffet!

Still, I was determined to get a picture of me on the court so I walked right past him and put my feet firmly on the floor next to the basket.  Then, he grabbed me and started to pull me away as the guy I asked in the front row took the picture for me being yanked from the court. 🙂

Even though I couldn’t get fully on the court... I was down at court side now to watch the rest of the game.  My next challenge... finding a seat that somebody isn’t using.

Finding A Seat
It was still half-time, so there were a lot of open seats and didn’t know which ones were open and which ones had people at the bathroom, concessions, etc...

So, I asked a nice guy and his son (forgot their names) if anybody was sitting next to them and they said nobody had all game.  I then asked if they minded if I sat next to them for the 3rd quarter, they didn’t so... I had a seat 12 rows from the floor behind the basket.

3rd Quarter
While I sat in this seat, I got a bunch of great pictures of the game.  I was close enough to bet good pictures but not close enough to get pictures.  None-the-less, I was in a great seat watching Kobe Bryant play basketball from 30 feet away (when he was at our basket).

Sometime during the 3rd, employees of the arena stared handing out “Thunder Sticks” to the people in my new section.  They did that because the Timberwovles were shooting at our end for this half and “Thunder Sticks” are distracting!

As I was watching the game, I was looking for ways to get a picture with a Lakers cheerleader.  They were right on the court and it looked like it was gonna be impossible then... 5 girls walked off the court and into the locker room.  (I knew they have to come back the same way.)

Moving Closer To The Court - 4th Quarter

Even though I had great seat where I was welcome, I decided it was time to push the envelope and see how far I can get.  So I walked down the aisle until I saw the closest open seat to the court (3rd row).

The whole time the same security guard who threw me off the court was eying me up... big-time!  I sat down next to an older lady who didn’t look to thrilled that some random guy just sat in an open seat next to her.  (She looked rich and snobby!)

I didn’t care, it was my first Lakers game and I was gonna see it all as Frank Sinatra would say... My Way!  During this time, I got more great pictures of the team and Phil Jackson for I was the closest I could be in this section.  🙂

Cheerleader Time
I was now seated just a few feet from the court so I knew when the cheerleaders came back out I would have a chance to stop them and get a picture.

Everything went to plan except... when I approached the cheerleaders... they told me they weren’t allowed to take pictures with fans, that they could get fired doing so.  On top of that... the distraction alerted the security guard back to my presence.  Ahhhh!

He asked me for my ticket so I told him I was 12 rows back in the lower section and just walked back to where I was sitting earlier without showing him a ticket.

End Of The 4th Quarter
There was about 6 minutes left in the game when I left the lower level and returned to the guys in section 304.   From there we watched the rest of the game as the Lakers held on to win 99-94.

There were a few cool things that happen when the Lakers win at home. 1.) As soon the buzzer sounds, purple and yellow streamers coming flying down from all over the building.

2.) If the Lakers win the game and hold the opponent to under 100 points... Jack and the Box gives everybody there a coupon for two free tacos!  It was so funny because as the game was ending people yelling for tacos!

It reminded me of the scene in the movie “Semi-Pro” when they were all chanting for free corn dogs if the “Tropics” scored a 100.  It was so similar... I found myself hysterically laughing to... myself! 🙂

Leaving Staples Center
As I just told you, you got a free coupon for tacos if the Lakers held the Timberwolves to under a 100 points and since they did... you received that coupon as you walked out of the arena.  Peter stopped to take a photo with the taco lady for me. 🙂

Peter drove us to the game so went back to car and drove back through the LA traffic to Matt’s place.  On the way, we dropped Joel off at his place (Thanks Joel for great night!  I really appreciate it!  And... I did get on the court! ;))

When we got to Matt’s place, we all went upstairs but Matt was going to bed so Peter and I left to get some food.

Pete and I went to a late night L.A. staple since 1939... Pink’s Hotdogs.  We ordered a bunch of food and everything seemed to come with chili on it or some other crazy topping (not that chili is crazy topping for a hot dog.)

I’m a picky eater so I got a hot dog with just mustard and kraut on it as well as a burger and fries.   Peter got a bunch of stuff too and it was all real good!  Peter paid for me, Thanks bro!

As we ate in the dining area, I took a bunch of pictures of the pictures of all the famous people that ate there.  There must have been well over 100 of them, probably more.  I can’t even say who my favorite picture was because there were so many entertainment superstars on the wall.

Ending The Night
It was getting late but I wasn’t tired yet, so I asked Peter if he still wanted to go out somewhere else.  He had to work in the morning but said he’d give me $50 to go to the strip club if I wanted to.  Huh??? Do I want $50 for a strip club???  Yes I do! 🙂

The Body Shop
Truthfully, I hate strip clubs.  They remind me of my ex-whore girlfriend so to be honest, I haven’t been in one in many years.  But... I’m on a year long vacation and I have to get over her sometime (I have been but she still pops into my head occasionally), so I put aside my last thread of memory of her and went in to have fun!

I only stayed for a hour or so because well... $50 doesn’t that far in strip club! 😉  Not to mention, I left myself $10 for a cab ride home.  I had another great night as Joel, Peter, and Matt made things happen for me!  Thank you guys!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Sounds like a great time in Tinsell town. Laker’s win, Rooster makes friends with everyone to get on the floor of the Staple Center and win a gentlemen’s bet. Eat at famous Pinks and do a strip club.
    I’m tired, time for bed.
    Good Night Rooster, cock a doodle dooooooo!!!!!

  2. bennervous says:


    I remember a few weeks ago someone gave you advice not to give away the ending in the beginning of your post or in your headline. Old Rooster headline would’ve been “I got on the court at the Lakers game” or something like that. I am glad you took that poster’s advice, as it was much more entertaining to wait and see how everything unfolded. Great story-telling (and great story)!
    Hey, are you going to see Cisco in San Diego? If so, make sure you say “W’sup” for me.
    BTW, I was in Mexico last week. “WheresRooster” was the only thing I kept up with on my vacation. I wanted to give out your cards, but as you know I am out of them. Your mom never reached out to me or dropped them off at the club. Maybe this Friday??

  3. dave says:

    Thanks Ron! Hope you had fun on your Vaca. And yes… I will tell my Mom to stop by this Friday for sure… Thanks again! Yeah… I hope to see Cisco in S.D. soon.


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