My First Red Sox Game At Fenway! (MA) “DAY 331” – 5/31/11

June 2, 2011 - 3:00 pm - (MA) “DAY 331” - Week 48 (for real) - State 45

When I got up today I knew I was leaving this Motel 6 room for good. (I couldn’t stay any  longer as $90 for two days was already more than I should have spent.)  So, I got the latest checkout I could and got to writing as much I could before I had to leave my room.

Leaving Motel 6 For ???
It was close to 2 pm when I finally got kicked out of my room (housekeeping kept knocking on my door), so I hopped into the Rooster mobile and started driving toward nowhere.

At this point, I have nowhere to go, I have nowhere to stay tonight, I don’t have much money left for the trip (roughly $400 give or take a buck), and it’s hot out today.  Boy, I gotta figure something out to do today.

Calling Brian
As I was driving to nowhere, I decided to call Brian who I met at “The Poker Room” in New Hampshire. (He told me to hit him up when I got to Massachusetts, so he I am.  Unfortunately though I forgot to take pictures of meeting up with him so I'm just gonna put cool pics from the Red Sox I go to later in this area.  Got it.)

Anyway, I met up with Brian in the neighborhood he lives in (a few miles outside of Boston) and we hung out for an hour or so while he walked his dog.  During this time, he gave me advice on a few things to do in the area as well as donating $50 toward my adventure.  People are so cool!  Thank you Brian! 🙂

It was 3 pm-ish when I left Brian and headed toward Fenway Park for the Red Sox game that was happening at 7:05 pm tonight. (One of the things Brian gave me advice on was a friend of his scalps tickets at the games in town. So, he gave me his name and told me to mention his.)  Thanks again Brian.

Stopping At MIT
On my way to Fenway Park, I noticed a University on the road I was driving on.  I thought it was Harvard so I parked on the street and got out to walk around while of course... taking pictures. (I’m so tired of taking pictures!!!)

But, as it turned out I wasn’t at Harvard, I was at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and this school even has smarter people at it than Harvard!  So, for the next hour or so I walked around MIT and checked it out.

Luckily for me as I started to walk around I noticed a group of people who were getting an official tour of the school.  So, I jumped in with the crowd and took the tour with them.  I did learn a lot about MIT during the tour but since I have so much more to write I’m not gonna talk about it.

I will mention though that this is a really amazing school with more smart people than I could imagine.  Heck, the t-shirts they sell here on campus I can’t even understand and that’s the truth.

Continuing On To Fenway Park
Normally this is the part of my post where I’d tell you about the ballpark and all the cool things it has to offer but since I already stopped here this past Sunday and talked about it in “DAY 229”, I’m not gonna do it again. (If your interested  it's 2 days ago.)

Finding Parking
Since I was here a few days ago, I did already know that parking is tough in this area and if you’re gonna pay for a spot, it’s $35.  And since I can’t afford that I had to find somewhere I could park for free or close to it.

Luckily, I found a spot a few blocks from the stadium where it was meter parking til 8 pm and free after that.  Even better was that the meter I pulled up to was broken so I didn’t have to pay at all. (I even saw the officer who was working the block and he said I was OK there.) Nice!

Finding Brian’s Scalper Friend
To be honest I didn’t think I’d find the guy Brian told me about but after only a quick search I did find his friend right where he said he’d be.  Not bad.  So, after talking with him and telling him I was Brian’s friend, he said he’d hook me up in an hour or so. (It was 5:30 pm.)  Nice!

Now that I had a ticket lined up for the game, all I had to do now was kill some time around the stadium until 6:30.  So I walked around Fenway checking out the scene on the day of a game. (I did this walk the other day when they were on the road.)

Walking Around Fenway
After walking around Fenway on game-day I gotta admit this is a great baseball town with great fans.  Everybody there was wearing Red Sox stuff, getting drunk, and having a good time.  Not bad Boston!  Not to mention, there are a lot of hot girls running around too. 😉

Bowling Pin Man
Then, as I was walking back toward where I was suppose to meet up with Brian’s scalper friend, I saw Bowling Pin man.  Having never met a bowling pin person, I had to get a picture with him.  You go Bowling Pin man! (He was promoting a local bowling alley.)

Catching A Home Run Ball
After my chance encounter with a bowling pin person, I realized I was standing right behind the Green Monster on whatever street that is (I forgot the name).  And since it was around 6:15 pm (batting practice time) and I still had more time to waste, I found a good spot behind the wall and waited for a home run.  (Right: view from inside stadium.)

Well... my instincts were correct and within just a few minutes a ball flew right over the wall and into my hands!   Oh Yeah!  My second baseball of the year.  Granted, this was a batting practice ball and I don’t know who hit it but non-the-less, I caught a home run ball at Fenway.  Nice! 🙂

Re-Finding The Scalper
It was now after 6:30 pm so I walked back to the area where I had met Brian’s friend and waited for him for a while.  The problem... I couldn’t find him this time and after an hour of looking I gave up and now had to find another ticket to the game.  Ahhh!

Finding A Ticket
I guess the saying everything happens for a reason applies right now because after just a few minutes of searching for a ticket I met a guy named Mike who was trying to sell a single.

Then, after telling him my tale he told me he’d give it to me if he couldn’t sell it in 15 minutes.  Well, 15 minutes later he was still there and he handed me the ticket for free! (It was a $95 face value seat.)  Thank you so much Mike! 🙂

Entering The Game
Now that I had a seat it was time to enter Fenway for my first game ever at this stadium!  Fenway Park meet Rooster, Rooster meet Fenway Park.  Again, I hate to admit it but this stadium is awesome!   I love the old school style, every seat has a great view of the game, and the fans are way into baseball.

Even the seats with an obstructed view were cool to watch from. (I walked around the whole stadium and checked out views from almost every area of ball park except from the Monster Seats. Those seats you needed a stamp to get into.)

Sitting With Mike & Fam
By the time the 2nd inning rolled around I made it to my ticketed seat which was right next to Mike and his family (Mike, his daughter, and son).  Hey, I had the 4th seat to there foursome so it made sense. 😉

Anyway, for the first 5 innings of the game I sat there next to Mike and his family while we watched the Red Sox get lambasted by Chicago.  It was a really big beating for a baseball game as Boston was down 10-1.  Oh Yeah!  Go Yanks! 🙂

Thanks Mike & Hope
Since the Red Sox were getting killed the stands started to empty out early especially in the front rows, so I figured it was time to make my move to the front row somewhere.

Oh yeah, I just want to again thank Mike and his wife Hope for the seat to tonight’s game.  I am thanking his wife Hope because if she didn’t bail at the last minute, I wouldn’t have met Mike and got to see my first Red Sox game at Fenway.  Thank you both and good luck in life! 🙂

Walking Around Fenway
As I was walking around Fenway looking for a front row seat, I noticed a group of people in front of a cameraman getting them ready to be on the scoreboard.  Realizing the scene, I saddled up next to them and got camera positioned on the scoreboard to take the photo when we appeared.

Getting On The Scoreboard
I didn’t know it until I checked the pictures after the game ended but I guess I”m now apart of Ropes & Glory because that’s what was under us when I was on the big screen in Fenway. (I don’t know who they are either.) LOL  Sometimes, things just work out. 😉

Other Cool Things About Fenway
There are many cool things to see if you walk around the stadium but since I’m tired of writing, I’m not gonna get into it. (They have an area with a bunch of Red Sox SI covers, an area with huge picture of great Red Sox moments, as well as a Red Sox Mickey Mouse, plus much much more.)

Finding A Front Row Seat
Once I was done seeing everything there was to see, I headed to a front row seat right next to the White Sox dugout was.  There wasn’t any resistance as Boston was still down a bunch of runs so nobody seemed to care.  Nice!  I’m in the front row! LOL

F.Y.I. - I wasn’t the only one to make this move to the front row.  The people sitting right next to me made the same move almost at the same time I did.  (Right/leftt: Look how happy we are.) 🙂

Getting Great Pictures
I was so close to White Sox dugout that when each player got up to head to the plate they walked right in front of me. (I have over 100 pictures from this angle and every picture came out great.)

There is a lot more I could write about this part of the game but again, I’m tired of writing and really just want to get this post up.  So, I sat there in the front row until the White Sox held on to win 10-7 in what turned out to be a close and exciting game. (Left: Rally didn't work old timers.) 😉

Ozzie Is Super Cool
Like I said, I close to Chicago’s dugout so I could see right into it and see what Ozzie Guien was doing (Chicago’s manager). (Ozzie is a very popular and controversial figure in baseball because he always speaks his mind for better or worse.) Needless to say, I’m a big fan of his.

Anyway, during the 9th inning a Red Sox fan yelled to Ozzie, “You getting worried yet?” because the game went from 10-1 to 10-7 and Ozzie just smiled and laughed at him.  So cool! 🙂

Also, after the game ended and Chicago won, Ozzie went over to stands and handed a little kid the official scorecard for the game.  Now that’s real cool!  It even has Ozzie’s signature at bottom of it.  That’s a great piece of memorabilia!  Good job Ozzie!

Leaving The Stadium
After the game ended, I stayed in the ballpark until I was told I had to leave.  Hey, I had nowhere to go or nowhere to stay tonight so I wasn’t in any rush to get anywhere.  Well,  about 20 minutes after the last pitch was thrown I headed back to my car for the night.

Finding A Place To Stay
It was now 11 pm-ish and nothing that I had hoped would work out for a place to stay did, so it back in car for another night. (My friend Buck from NJ was trying to find a place and my friend Pat from Florida was working on something too but neither panned out.)

Sleeping In A Hotel Parking Lot
Knowing my options (get a room or not), I decided to find a nice hotel just outside of Boston and sleep in their parking lot until morning.  I choose a nice hotel parking lot because for whatever reason I feel safest there at night.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s worked out so far. 🙂  Well, that's it.  Tomorrow is another day as I have just 34 left.  And, two weeks of that is in New York and New jersey so it basically only 18 days or so left on the lam.  Woo Hoo! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    I can’t wait to see you in person to talk about Fenway. As for MIT, didn’t you tell them your Summa
    from KEAN. Don’t sell KEAN short !!! Go Yanks !!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Go Dave
    Terry and I are in your neck of the woods, in Newark, NJ staying at the airport Sheraton tomorrow we are flying to Olso, Norway doing a b2b cruise to celebrate Terry’s 50th on the last day of our cruise, the second cruise is a nine night poker cruise with card player cruises, hope to get together when we get back and you’ll be our guest at Foxwoods or Atlantic City. I’m glad things worked out at Apple in Salem, NH. You are always welcome at our place in Rochester, NH and I’m sure Chris Jr in Vermont would echo my sentiments, You never got a chance to play at Garys Sports Bar in Rochester and if you come back I’ll bank roll ya, I would like to see a good player crack that crazy play.
    Well take care and give us a call anytime
    Chris sr

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