My Last Day In Denver, So It’s Poker Time! (CO) “DAY 87” – 9/29/10

September 30, 2010 - 9:11 am - (CO) “DAY 87”

After I finished writing this morning (well... my morning), I decided to stay another day in Denver.  But, I will be leaving tomorrow for sure because it’s time move on from my vacation within a vacation! 😉

The only time I saw Sadie today was first thing in the morning for a second and then for about  a hour during her lunch time (she came home).  I do miss hanging with Sadie.  She’s just so cool, motivated, fun, etc... You go Sadie! 🙂

Anyway, after she left to go back to work, I finished doing all the laundry I had left and packed my things.  Since I’m leaving tomorrow morning, I wanna have everything ready to go so I don’t have anything to do then except write.

Black Hawk, CO - Casino’s
I haven’t played poker in a few days and my funds are slowly dwindling.  I’m not feeling the heat yet but it would be nice to make a few extra bucks before I leave Denver.  I looked through the internet and found a bunch of casinos in Black Hawk, CO (50 min away).

A called a few of them and found out that the Golden Gate Casino has a nice poker room as well as a 7 pm tournament ($100) that draws a good crowd.  Perfect, that’s the plan then.

I’ll head to the casino, play in the tourney, and then leave right after in order to still get a good night’s sleep before I drive 9 hours to Wyoming in the morning.

A Anonymous Sponsor
I spoke with one of my real good friends a few days ago and he said that if I found a good tournament... that he would pay for my entry.  So I called him yesterday and he was all for it!  All he said was play my game but if I get near the end... go after it.. No chopping!  That sounds good to me.  Thank you so much Anonymous Friend!!!

The Ride
The ride to the casino was very fast and filled with beautiful scenery.  I wish I would have cleaned windows before I left so the pictures didn’t look so crappy! 😉

As I pulled into town, you can see all the casinos from the road.  There had to be at least 4 or 5 of them I could see from my car as I arrived at the Golden Gate Casino.

I finally arrived at the poker room around 5 pm and did what I always do.  I got a players card and found out if there was any promotions for new players.  There was, I got a $10 food comp if I played for 2 hours.  Nice!  Free dinner. 🙂

Then, I was immediately sat into 1-2 Hold’em spread game ($2 - $100).  I bought in for $130 as the Billy Goat was back in effect! 🙂  I played until the tourney started and when I finally got up from my seat... I was a ahead $53.

There wasn’t much action at the table but I won a hand right before I got up for the tourney.  I had (9, 6) of clubs and hit a flush on the river.  Nice... I sucked out on somebody finally!

$100 Tournament
Here’s the info you need to know... the tournament was a $100 buy-in, 44 people were entered, 12,000 in starting chips (a lot), 20 minute levels, and... that’s about it.  Now I just need to win!

Since the starting stack was so high and the blinds started low, I played a lot hands early trying to build a chip with little risk.  The problem was... I didn’t make a hand anytime I tried it.  So I lost about 2,000 in chips chasing flops.

I was switched to another table (balancing tables) when I got (A, J) suited.  I raised pre-flop and got one caller.  The flop... (J, 10, 3).  I bet out a good amount and he called.  the turn.. 4 of spades.  No help to him, so I bet an even bigger bet.  He called.

The river... 6 of clubs.  I know I’m good now, no draw hit, no flush on the board, so I bet big hoping he’d call with (K, J) or something like that.  He didn’t call... he pushed ALL IN!  Ahhh... what does he have???

I had him covered and it was only 2,000 more chips to me... I called because of pot odds and... he had pocket Q’s (Q,.Q).  Damn!  He never raised at any point, he slowed played it and it worked out for him.  Nice hand! 🙁

At this point, I had less than 2,000 in chips and the blinds were 200-400.  I played tight and waited for a hand but it never came.  I was eventually forced ALL IN with (10, 8) of clubs in the big blind.  I hit a 10 on the flop but was beat on the turn by a King.  It happens!

Sorry again anonymous sponsor! (I called him last night after I lost.)  I wish I would have won but I truly appreciate you believing in me!  Thank you!

Poker Again
After losing in the tourney, I bought back into a 1-2 spread limit game.  I played for about a hour and left up another $20.  Not much, but it was time to go so I’ll take it.  In cash games... I won $73, in the tourney... I lost a $100 (donated).  So I’m down $27 on the night.

That’s fine by me, I had a good time and didn’t take a beating.  I wish I would have won... but that’s poker! 😉

Comped Dinner
Before I left the casino, I got my $10 food comp and went to a grab a bite.  There was a sign for $5.99 prime rib dinner, that’s all I needed to see... prime rib it is!

Now, I have a lot of $5.99 meals since I left but this was by far the best dinner I have had yet!  The food was awesome!


The prime rib was tender and tasty, the sweet potato fries were dusted in a cinnamon sugar, and even the salad was OK.  A perfect meal!

Oh yeah... there was a guy who was acting like a dick at the poker table and then I saw him again in the restaurant acting like a dick!  A guess... he's just a dick!  So here's your 15 minutes of fame... for being a dick!

I left right after that and got back to Sadie’s around 11 pm.  Well... that’s it for my last day in Colorado.  I will be leaving in the morning for Wyoming, wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Larry says:

    Rooster, you should have taken the Tournament Bull with you! Although he won’t help you when I grab 2.5 more points in the FBB league! When I catch you, I’ll donate the balance above the league fee :). Good luck in WY. Can’t wait to see you in AZ.

  2. dave says:

    Thank you Larry… but I hope you don’t catch me… I need the money!

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