My Last Day In Michigan… For Real! (MI) “DAY 30” – 8/3/10

August 3, 2010 - 11:19 pm - (MI) “DAY 30”
I woke up this morning at 10 am after going to bed at 5 am.  I must be going crazy?  I had to get up that early so I could write “Day 19” and still get to the Tiger’s game on time.

Baseball Game
It was 12 pm when I finally left for the Comerica Park.  When I arrived, I had to find parking because Greektown Casino wouldn’t let you park there for free unless you had a players card (I hadn’t played there yet, so I didn’t have one).

I wasn’t gonna pay $10, so I found a spot on the street, a few blocks from the stadium. --(I’m leaving to go play poker at Heidelberg, I’ll finish writing in the morning.)

August 4, 2010 - 11:38 - (MI) “DAY 30”
Comerica Ballpark is a really cool looking stadium.  They have a huge Tiger in front as well as Tigers perched like gargoyles on the corners of the stadium.  Another cool part was the statues of their famous ball players (Greenberg, Cobb, etc...).

Anyway, I bought a ticket from the window for $12 ($5 tickets were sold out).  It doesn’t matter which ticket I buy... I’m gonna sit where I want to regardless ;).

F.Y.I. - It was 90 degrees and humid, a real hot and sweaty day baseball game.

The first seat I had was in left field.  I was 3 rows from the field and from where I was sitting, I could look directly into the bullpen.  I stayed in this area for the first 2 innings and then it was time to move on.

Across left center field were the statues I was talking about earlier.  On my way to my next seat, I stopped in that area and took some pictures.  I keep walking toward right field when I saw a memorial to the late great announcer Ernie Harwell.  Really cool!

From there, I decided to check out the stadium and walk the entire inside ring.  After 20 minutes, I found my next seat (7 rows behind home plate).  This stadium had almost no security checking tickets... maybe, there was a ticket guy every 5 rows.  I could go anywhere I wanted!  Nice!

By the 5th inning, the Tigers were down by 8 or 9 runs.  Needless to say, the crowd that was already hot and sweaty, was leaving one by one.  Nice!  Now, I can get any seat I want because nobodies in most of them.

I have always wanted to sit in the first row down the left or right field line.  You know, the area where you can reach down and scoop up a foul ground ball.  I sat there for 4 innings and... of course... no foul ground balls came my way :(.

Me "Rooster" and Phillis

One good thing about my new seat was the hot Tiger’s fan sitting next to me (Phillis).  She had her Detroit gear on, #1 finger, and a stuffed rally Tiger.  We talked for the rest of the game (her cousins went elsewhere to watch, it was to hot for them).

She was a real cool girl and if I was staying in Detroit any longer I would have tried to get a date with her.  She was my kind of girl, pretty and a little wild ;).  Timing is everything and my timing has been off by a just a little this whole trip.  We exchanged numbers anyway, who knows...

F.Y.I. - I wanted to take a picture with the Tiger’s mascot but he never showed his Tiger face.  I guess they were down to many runs early and he said... “It’s hot out there... you wear this damn Tiger suit to cheer on a team down 10 runs!”

Detroit lost 12-2 in 2 hours and 35 minutes. That must be a record.  I have never seen a game that had that many runs go less than 3 hours.

It was now 4 pm, so I headed over to MGM to play some poker (3 miles away).  There were 4 tables going and shockingly... I was immediately sat at a table.

I bought in for $150 and the first hand I got was (10, 9) off-suit.  The flop came with nothing and I folded.  I played good poker for the next hour or so but nothing happened.  Up $20, down $20, you get it.

It was time to take a break, so I left my chips on the table and went to grab some food.  When I got back, everybody was talking how Ray Liotta just left the room.  Evidently, he was playing at the table right next to me for the whole time I was there.  Really!

Again, timing is everything and mine is off by a little right now.  Damn!

A few hands after I returned, I lost all my chips.  I had (8, 9) of diamonds, the flop came (7 D, 3D, 3C).  The turn... 5 of diamonds.  I hit my flush with a gut shot straight flush draw.

I bet ALL IN and was insta-called.  I knew I was beat.  The guy had pocket 5’s (5, 5).  He turned a full house and to add insult to injury, the last card was another 5.  He got quads!

J.T. and Maria

It was almost 7 pm, so I headed back to J.T.s to decide what my plan was.  Leave for Gary Indiana tonight, leave in the morning, go to Heidelberg to play later??? I wasn’t sure yet.

When I got to J.T.’s, there was a party going on.  Don’t get to excited... it was a study party with all his future lawyer friends.  Hanging out was Beauty, Maria, Dillon, Nate, and Maria’s kinda boyfriend (Tyson).

Thanks Tyson!

Tyson was the only person not studying, so we started talking about my journey.  He was a real cool guy and worried that I didn’t have enough money, so he donated $25 to the cause.  Thanks Tyson!

Poker Again
Around midnight, everybody cleared out as J.T. was going to bed.  I wasn’t tired so I headed to Heidelberg one last time before I left (they close at 2 am).

When I got there, there were 2 tables going.  A 2-5 NL game with over 10 G’s on the table and 1-2 NL game that was short handed.  I played in the 1-2 game.

I bought in for $140, 20 minutes and a busted straight later... I had no chips again!

I only has $60 left on me, so I bought in for what I had and waited for a good hand.  That hand never came so with $33 left... I pushed ALL IN with (Q, J) off-suit.

The Flop came (K, 3, 2), all off-suit.  The guy who called had pocket 3’s (3, 3), he flopped a set.  I was standing up and ready to leave when the turn came A, and the river... 10!  Woo Hoo!  I sucked out and won a hand!

I took that money and got back most of my buy-in for the night.  When it was all said and done, I lost $22 at Heidelberg.  Not bad.. considering.

Thanks Tuck!

On the day, I lost a total of $172.  I gotta get back on the winning track... Soon!

That’s it.  Off to Indiana to try my luck in a new state!

Oh yeah, Thank you J.T. for everything, you have a been an awesome host and even a better cousin!  Good luck in life bro.. Although you won’t need it.. You’re on the path to greatness already!

As I just finished my post, A-Rod hit #600 (Wednesday - 1:25 pm)!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Dave, you and Phillis do look good as a couple.

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