My Last Day In Milwaukee! (WI) “DAY 49” – 8/22/10

August 23, 2010 - 4:12 am - (WI) “DAY 49”

Today (Sunday), is my last day in Milwaukee.  Tomorrow, I will be taking Mike Braun’s advice and head to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.  I think it’s frozen all year long! 😉

There, I will watch practice and if things go right... take the stadium tour and see the Packers Hall of Fame (it sells out daily).  Wish me luck! 🙂

Anyway, I woke up hungover but... I didn’t hurl!  I guess drank the right amount! 🙂  I had to write my daily post which took a long time again, I didn’t finish until 5 pm (Central).

While I was writing, Riccio went to Target and got me razors.  The only problem he got the wrong ones so when I finished I headed over to target to get the right blades.  I’m down to my last razor and it’s as dull as this analogy turned out to be! 🙂

After I got that done, I headed over to the Crazy Rabbit (Conejito’s) to buy dinner for me and Riccio.  The steak tacos are gooood!  I knew it was gonna be my time there, so I got 16 of them ($18. after tax).   Normally, you order 4 at time but hey... it’s my day.

Buy the time I got home and finished eating tacos, it was after 8 pm.  Next, I called the casino’s poker room and put my name on the list for the 1-2 NL game.  (I know there is gonna be a list, they only run one 1-2 NL game everyday.)

There was a wait (as always) so I took a nap on the couch before I headed over to Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

F.Y.I - Potawatomi is the worst run casino I have EVER BEEN TOO!  What I mean is... they treat the players like garbage (poker room).  They act like you’re a burden, not a guest!   They are rude, unaccommodating, and seem to have general bad attitude toward their clients... THE PLAYERS!

The thing is... they are the only game in town and they know it!  The dealers have been knowledgeable and nice but other than that... this place is a shit-hole!

Poker Room

Anyway, it was my last day to play so like I said... it’s the only game in town... so I went there inspite of my distaste for the casino.  I’m even up in this room and I still hate it!

I arrived at 10 pm and immediately got into a 1-2 NL game.  This is a first, but I did wait 2 hours at home before I came.  I bought in for $140 and sat in 10 seat.  (The 10 seat is the same seat I won in the last two times I was here.:) )

John, Jamie, Shane

The table was full and everybody there was really cool.  By the time I had left, I felt I was playing at a home game with my boys from NJ.  To my right was a guy named John, next to him was Ben, then Shane, Jamie, and John.  That’s all I remember.


We talked about my journey the whole time I played and they all seemed very interested and supportive.  At one point, John took my card and stuck it to his forehead while he played a hand.

Priceless!  I had great time playing with all of you. Good luck in life guys!  Let’s talk some poker now.

I have been playing very patient and I have been winning so today I stuck with the same style...for awhile...  I folded almost every hand for the first hour.  I won one or two small pots and was up under $20.

Casino walkway to poker room

I had a feel for how the table playing except for one guy who had just sat down in seat 2.  (I didn’t know it yet, but he was a green as can be.  He didn’t know the betting rules, never knew when it was his turn, and was calling crazy bets with nothing.)

Anyway, I was dealt (Q, 10) of clubs in the button and Shane (seat 7) raised to $17.  Now I don’t call $17 with a marginal hand like I had but I had noticed that Shane had been raising with weak hands all night, so I called.

The 2 seat also called along with another player.  The flop... (A, 10, 4) with two clubs.  I have middle pair and high flush draw, I like the flop.  The guy in the two seat leads out with $10 bet.  The raiser (Shane) raises it $60.

I now know Shane has a Ace, but I think my flush or another would be good so I gambled and called.  The two seat called behind me.  The turn... 9 of diamonds.  The 2 seat bets $10 again as Shane pushes ALL IN!

Again, I know I’m behind but the pot is big and people always win hands like this vs. me , so I called it (I only had $70 left.)  The seat calls as well.  The river... Ace of hearts.  I lost! 🙁  That’s what I get for chasing a hand I should have never called pre-flop.

But, I did make the right read on Shane, ( A, 9) off-suit is not a good $17 pre-flop raise to me.  And I found out the 2 seat had no idea waht he was doing.  He showed no pair or flush draw.  I don’t know???

I re-bought in for another $100 because I still felt like could win here, especially with a player who I knew was gonna donate as much he had in his pocket (2 seat).

I lost a few hands and was down to $36 when I tripled up with a nut straight.  I had (10, 9) and turned the nuts.  Nice!  I kept playing tight while watching the 2 seat accumulate a big stack winning with garbage.  Got if I get a hand vs. him I’ll double up!

I finally got him a few hands later.  I called a pre-flop raise ($12) with (J, 10) off-suit.  There were 5 callers.  The flop... (J, 4, 2).  The 2 seat lead out with a $10 bet.  the table folded to me so I raised it to $50.  He called.

The turn... King of spades.  I didn’t care... this guy plays shit.  I pushed ALL IN ($75)!  He called.  Damn... did he hit a King???  The river... King of hearts.  He turned over Ace rag, no pair.  I doubled up.  I was now up a little again.  Nice!

The good thing was... the 2 seat still had over $200 in front of him.  I was now only looking to play against him.  It’s easy money. 🙂  My chance came about an hour later.

I had (K, J) off-suit and called the $2.  The whole table called, it was a family pot.  The flop... (J, J, 4) two spades.  I was first to act, so I checked in order to slow play my hand.    The 2 seat bet out $15.  Everybody folds to me.  I raise to $50.  He calls.

The turn... Ace of Diamonds.  He checks and I bet $40.  He raises me to $80, I push back ALL IN!  He calls with (J, 3) off-suit.  I have him dominated!  This is perfect.

The river... Ace of clubs.  F$&K!  A chop pot, we have the same hand now... Jacks full of Aces.   I was a little steamed because I had got what I wanted.  Then got screwed even though I didn’t lose.  I took quick break to cool down (10 min).

When I returned, the 2 seat had got busted by somebody else and left for the night.  Damn!  At least it was John (5 seat - rooster card), he was a nice guy!  The easy money left, it was 3 am, and I was up $88, so it was time to go.

I know I’m leaving early for Green Bay this morning (Monday), so I packed up my stuff and put in my car so when I wake up, I’m ready to leave.

Thanks John Riccio!

Riccio, I want to thank you for letting me stay with you this week.  You have opened up your home to me as well as all your connections in the area.  You promoted my webpage on Facebook, through a bulk email, and spoke about it to everybody we met!

You are a great friend as well a great person.  I wish you not but success in any and everything you do.  You deserve it!  Again Riccio... I THANK YOU!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. G says:

    State of NJ just sent me a surcharge bill of $3,342.78 from 92. So dave when you feel depressed I spent almost $11,000 om drivers license without knowing if I will have it next month. Talk about a bad beat!

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