My Last Day In Washington State! (WA) “DAY 114” – 10/26/10

October 27, 2010 - 5:40 am - (WA) “DAY 114”

I should be writing this post from Oregon but... I’m still in Seattle for another day because well... things just happen. 😉  I’ll explain it in the post.

I woke up around 10 am thinking I would write my post and then head off to Oregon.  So, I gathered up most of my things, packed my car, and started writing “DAY 113” (my Birthday day!). 🙂

F.Y.I. - All week long my internet connection hasn’t worked at Casey’s so after I upload and write the whole post, I still have to go to Starbucks (in Safeway) or McDonald’s to actually post it (free wi-fi).


Starbucks In Safeway
After writing at Casey’s, I got to Starbucks at about 1 pm and started putting the pictures with the story on my website.  While I was writing, a older guy named John (sitting next to me) started to randomly talk to me about... whatever?

John - My Seattle Charity Work (Kinda - Helping The Eldery)
He seemed lonely, so I politely held the conversation with him while I was working on my post.  (I haven’t done any charity work in Seattle so here’s a good chance to give back to someone.)

Anyway, we talked about basketball (doesn’t want the Heat to win it all), football (Eagle Fan), baseball (he’s a Red Sox fan, Ahhh! ;)), as well as his life, illnesses (he has Parkinson’s), living situation (lives with a Russian lady), religious values (devout Christian although he has Jewish Heritage),  etc...

Really... he told me everything he could about himself over the hour we talked while I worked on my site.  During our conversation, John asked me if I’d give him a ride home after I was done.

I immediately told him no problem for many reasons.  One, it was pouring rain out.  Two, he has Parkinson’s.  Three, it’s the right thing to do if it was sunny and he was Jack Lalane.  🙂

John is a such a nice guy, he demanded I take some peanuts he had for giving him a ride home.  I really didn’t want them, but he insisted and I didn’t want to make him feel bad... so I took them.  Thanks John!

On the way to John’s place, we continued talking for another 15 minutes when I realized... all this guy really wanted was somebody to talk to and hang out with.  So when I got to his place, I continued our conversation even though I could have said good bye and left.

All in all, I probably spent over 2 hours with John and I’m glad I did.  And... when he finally left my car, I even gave him a box of tissues he asked for that I had.  I don’t why?... I guess he needed tissues. 😉  Hey, I took it from a Hotel so I didn’t mind at all. 😉

Back To Casey’s
I didn’t get back to Casey’s until almost 4 pm and I still had some stuff pack.  By the time I got done doing everything I had to do to leave for Oregon... it was 5 pm.

I was about to leave when thought about driving to Oregon at night (it was getting dark) in this trecherous rain storm that was happening outside.  It was very windy and raining sideways! 😉

I talked with Casey and he said I could crash another night.  It wasn’t going to be safest drive, so I think I made a good decision.  Thanks Casey!

Anyway, we hung out in the living room and watched some football while one of Casey’s cats (Fat Boy) hung onto the couch for dear life.  It was funny watching this cat hold onto each side of the arm. 🙂

It was 7 pm and I didn’t want to bother them any further, so I got into my car headed down to Muckelshoot Casino for the night.

October 27, 2010 - 1:52 pm - (WA) “DAY 114”
Poker - Muckelshoot Casino

I just woke up from going to sleep last night, so I have to finish this post and then hit the road for Oregon!  Now, on to poker last night.  I got to the Muck (7:30 pm) and was immediately sat in a 4-8 limit game.

F.Y.I. - Muckelshoot doesn’t have any 1-2 NL, the closest thing they have is a 3-5 spread limit that plays like a 2-5 NL game but... I currently don’t have the bankroll for that game.  And... the biggest limit game they play is... 4-8.

Anyway, I bought in for $100 and started playing.  Sitting at the table with me was about 7 Asian guys, a guy from Texas, and me. 🙂  For the first 3 hours I played, I floated from $50 - $130.  So, at most I was up $30 and down $50.

Then, I hit a bad slide where I lost my buy-in and bought in for another $100.  I continued playing and by 1 am I was up $50 from my second buy-in (down $50 on the night).

Then, I got quad Kings.  Nice!  Not only did I won the hand but I won the promotion they run every half hour ($100 for high hand in the room).  I went from down $50 to up $100 in a second.  Sweet!

I was now in my run as I built my chip stack up to $400 on the table as well the $100 that was in pocket for the high hand.  It was 3 am, so I took a little break and ate some food (cheeseburger and fries).

Now... I should have just left when I was up over $300 for the day.  Really... what do I expect to win in a 4-8 limit game anyway???  But I didn’t... and when I sat back down, I lost over $100 back to the Muck before I decided to leave.

It wasn’t a bad night but I do have realize when my run has ended and enough is enough.  I could have had another $100 in my wallet :(, but I left up $173 for the night.  Not bad... and I did a win... so I can’t complain to much.

F.Y.I. - It was the Armadillo claw that took my money!  Damn Armadillo!

Back To Casey’s
It was 5 am when I left the Muck and headed back to Casey’s.  When I got there, Casey was up getting ready for work so we said our good-byes (for real this time) as I started writing “DAY 114”.  (I had to so when I got up, I would only have a little left to write.) 🙂

Around 6:30 am, I finally went to sleep and woke up at this afternoon (Wednesday) around 1 pm.

I’m all packed up and ready to leave as soon as I post this entree.  I’m not sure where I’m going yet in Oregon but I do know where there is a hostel and poker room in Portland, Oregon so... I think I’m headed in that direction!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Spending time with John, winning at poker and not driving in the dark & rain. All good.
    Casey and family the best!!!!
    Let’s hope Portland keeps you on a winning streak.
    As you may know, we lost Fox network almost 10 days ago and no settlement in site for Cablevision
    customers.Did you see any of the Giants/Rangers game?
    I guess Lee is human after all.

  2. Lisa says:

    Good luck on your journey! You are welcome back here anytime!

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