My Last Day Of Spaulding’s Life! (AR) “DAY 193” – 1/13/11

January 14, 2011 - 10:45 am - (AR) “DAY 193” - Week 28 - State 26

Spaulding and I got up this morning early because he had an appointment to get to in Malvern.  (He has been getting up early every day but I had to get up early today too.)  Anyway, the plan was to go to Malvern, then head back to Fayetteville which is where Spaulding lives.

The thing about today that is different, other than the fact we will staying at Spaulding home rather than a hotel later is we will be in the car for about 5 hours today. (The drive to Malvern is 30-40 minutes and the drive from there to Fayetteville is 4 hours.)

Now, as you already know, I had done many a 5 hour drives on this trip so far, but when I’m a passenger on these type drives, I fall fast asleep like a baby. Zzzzzz...  Plus, I haven’t been sleeping to well at night, so a good nap in the car (while Spaulding isn’t snoring) is perfect! 😉

While I was awake during our travels, I did see a burger joint with my namesake.  No, not Rooster’s Burgers but a sign that said David’s Burgers.  Not bad!  Other than that sign, I took a picture of the Arkansas river as we went over a bridge.  Then, it was night night for me!

Back To Spaulding’s
Sometime in the evening (5-6-ish), we got back to Spaulding and when we got upstairs... there was a kid party going on!  Well, not really a kid party but there was 4 kids running around the place having a good old time. (Dayna (Spaulding girl) had a few of her friends over with their kids.)

The ladies were all sitting at the dining room table while the kids did kid stuff all over the house.  While this was going on, Spaulding was cooking dinner for everybody as I was writing my daily post.

Dinner Time
I didn’t realize it while I was posting, but Spaulding put together one hell of a meal!  He made homemade meatballs with organic pasta, homemade garlic bread, and a homemade Italian Wedding soup.  It was all awesome!

While we were eating, the girls and I got to talking about my trip.  I told them stories about a bunch of my adventures (meeting the Pres., Santa Run, etc..) and during this time, Noel asked me if I had anywhere to stay in Oklahoma (my next state).

I told her I didn’t and before I knew it... she was looking through all her contacts (phone/internet) in Oklahoma and Texas to see if she knew anybody I could stay with when I got there.

How F&$king cool are people!  Even if nothing pans out, it is still awesome!

After dinner was finished, it was time for dessert.  Our dessert (cake) tonight was made by the kids or at least frosted by the kids.  I’m not sure which one but when it was all finished... it looked like a cake that I would have made! 😉

The Rest Of The Night
The get together party ended sometime between 9-10 pm and shortly after that... everybody was either asleep or gone for the night (except Spaulding and I).  So, for the rest of the night, the two of us just watched recorded TV shows that I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Spaulding passed out on the couch around mid-night but I stayed up a little bit longer watching TV and catching up on my writing.  Since the snoring bear was in the living room, I went to Chyna’s room to pass out for the night (Chyna was sleeping with her Mom in the master bedroom).

Well, that was my last day following Spaulding through the working world and now that's it over... I'm back to the usual grind of my trip!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. mtmiller says:

    Stein, A working man’s week seems so out of character for you. I especially enjoyed how you felt like it was a work week, but stayed up until 5, slept until noon and only awoke for all you can eat KFC and various photo opps on the ride home. Your perception of a work week is so “Kramer”, which is what I love about you. Keep up the good “work”!

  2. DAD says:

    mtmiller hasn’t met me, has he? My perfect work week is usally no more than 3 days and 18 hours max, but
    it took 40yrs of experience to accomplish. Dave, your on the right track.

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