My Last Full Day in Ohio… – (OH) “DAY 20” – 7/24/10

July 25, 2010 - 10:15 am - (OH) “DAY 20”

Charity Work
It was hot today (105 degrees, heat index), whew wee!  Even though it was brutally hot out, I still went down to the Jazz & Rib Fest to do more charity work (2pm).   Yes... my chunky frame decided to work outside in the heat for free when I haven’t even worked for money in the last 15 years ;).

Anyway, it was a lot cooler on the dock than it was in the festival area so I caught a little break there.  But then my job changed from working on the docks and helping people in and out of the river to passing fliers out in the festival area.

Two Kayakers and Me "Rooster"

I didn’t mind because 1.) I needed the work out  2.) They (Hero USA) needed somebody in the crowd to let people know they were even down there.

Picture this, the Festival was set up in a square and inside this square is where every thing was happening.  Well... we were on the river, off to the side so a lot of people didn’t even know we were there.  This where my loud mouth came into play.

I passed out fliers and let as many people know as I could that Hero USA was on site and helping out the “Boy’s & Girls Club.”  I think I helped because a bunch of people I spoke to went down to the docks and checked it out.

While I was walking around I checked out everything the festival had to offer.  I went back to the

What up Gecko?

Lunchables truck (from yesterday) and had a snack (their food was free), took a picture with the Geico Gecko, followed by eating some more BBQ ribs.  I ended my day by entering a contest to win a whole pig.  I didn’t win :(...

Umm.. Bacon....

It was almost 5:30 pm and Matt was gonna be home from work around 7 pm.  I still wanted to look around Ohio St. University, so the time gap was perfect.

I didn’t know what I wanted to see so I went to the one area I’ve seen on TV... The football stadium.  It looked very old like it had been there forever but at the same time looked like it was refurbished.  It had that old/new look going but it was cool to see in person.

Right next to the stadium was a huge gym.  I walked over and got a day pass from the guy at the counter (it was easy, all I did was ask for one :)).  I walked the entire gym and it took me over 15 minutes.  Three was at least 4 levels and God knows how many cardio machines.  It looked like an endless cardio row.

I did a quick 20 minute free-weight work out just to loosen up all the muscles I haven’t used in a while.

The Evening
I got back to the place right around 7pm, the time Matt said he would home.  He was running a little late so I waited in the street for him.  As I was waiting, a guy walked right up to me and said “Rooster ?”...  I had never met this person before.

I responded, yeah I’m Rooster.  He then told me he was the guys 3rd roommate, Terry.  He got lucky...

Let me explain.  If he wouldn’t have walked up to me and introduced himself, all I would have seen was some guy breakinginto Matt’s/Pratt’s house.  Then, I would have immediately rushed into the place and wrecked the dude!  Heck, nobody is gonna steal from my boys while I’m sitting out front!

Terry - 3rd Roommate

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that as Terry and I entered the pad as friends :).  Matt got home a few minutes later, followed by his girlfriend (Amanda).  They hadn’t seen each other all week and were going to the movies.

Amanda, Matt, Me "Rooster"

Matt invited me to go with them and at first I didn’t want to be a 3rd wheel but then he said “Rooster, it’s your last day here, come to the movies, I want you to go.”  His girlfriend Amanda also said she wanted me to come.  So I did.

We went to see DiCaprio’s new movie, “Inception”.  As we walked up to the ticket window, Matt insisted he pay for my movie ticket.  Honestly, these guys have been to much!  


The movie was very good and deep.  It has a “Matrix” feel although it is nothing like “The Matrix”.   That’s all I’ll say incase you haven’t seen it yet.  But if you are a movie fan... you would enjoy this one.

Matt, Me "Rooster", Pratt

When we got home from the movie (12:30 am), Pratt was back from work.  Instead of going out to a local bar, we hung out on the couch and laughed the night away.  A perfect ending to what turned out to be a perfect week! (Well... staying with twins would have been the perfect ending, but I can't ask for the world ;)!

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Ann Arbor, Michigan to stay with my cousin J.T.  I’m not sure what time I will be heading out, I might have a date with Yana (girl who ran out of gas) if she still wants to get lunch me.

We’’ll see!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Big Brother Adam says:

    ..and to think I was a little worried about your first week in a city with nobody waiting for you…I should’ve known. I guess going to see the hospital I was born in may have to wait for the next cross country trip.

    Thanks to Matt & Pratt for taking care of my baby brother this week…I’m sure you both got as much out of it as he did.

    Before you cross the border to Mich., don’t forget to take off the OSU maroon/silver for the MU maze & blue (they’re crazy up there and may run you off the road)

    Great week of stories David…later.

  2. Mike says:

    What hAppened to you playing poker seems like you are just bleeding money?

  3. dave says:

    Yes, I have been spending some money but not to worry… I’ll be in Michigan in hours and a whole week of poker awaits! Ohio has no legal poker rooms and the poker club I was guided to… I couldn’t find..

    Wish me luck!


  4. Matt says:

    Dude, Pratt and I are both seriously sad you had to leave. You’re the 3rd roommate we never had haha. I’ve never met a dude I became friends with so quickly. (To Rooster friends you know what I mean. To people who haven’t met him YET, ohhh you will find out..this guy is HILARIOUS!!!) I’m glad as hell I took a chance and offered you our house. Ive never done that before but common its the rooster how couldn’t I? Good luck with everything man, esp cards so that you will have funds to continue your journey.

  5. dave says:

    Thanks Matt! Whether you two like it or not… you guys are my friends forever.


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