My Last Saturday In Chicago, I Saw My 1st Air & Water Show! (IL) “DAY 41” – 8/14/10

August 14, 2010 - 12:22 pm - (IL) “DAY 41”

I woke up this morning at noon but still only got 5 hours of sleep.  There is just so much to do in this city in the summer time, you have no time to rest :)!

Air and Water Show
As always, I started my day by writing my post “DAY 40”.  I finished around 2 pm and headed back to my place to watch the “Air and Water Show” from the rooftop of my (Toby’s) building.

F.Y.I - Every year Chicago has this a show and it is a massive event.

The roof off the building was packed with people partying, taking pictures, and enjoying the sunshine.   I was alone up there, as Toby and his girlfriend went to Michigan for the weekend (camping).

Mike, Me "Rooster", Megan, Dave, Kim

About 30 minutes went by, then Toby’s roommate Dave (who kinda moved out- lease ends end of month) showed up with a few of his friends (Megan, Kim, Mike).  We watched most of the Air Show (Water Show ended earlier).  It was amazing!  I watched in awe as planes were zooming around at mock speed in formation (5 planes at a time.)


I met a few cool people while I was on the roof, one guy was named Shawn.  He was up  there with his friends drinking beers and having a good time.  I asked him if he could take few pictures of us and he did enthuisiaism.  Thanks Pal!

The show ended between 3-4 pm, then we headed downstairs to grill food and have drinks.  Dave is awesome dude, he bought food for me even though he wasn’t sure I’d be around.  Thank you!

It was 6-ish when our little party ended.  They went home and I took a nap on the couch.  I needed it, I was tired.

Wallace (Forever Eden)
Oh yeah, Wallace and I tried to meet up again.  He was going to the Jimmy Buffet concert at 7 pm and we planned to have a drink at bar before he left.  It didn’t happen. Again around 2 am, I was gonna meet him at different bar but that didn’t happen either.

For one reason or another we have not been able to get on the same page this week.  Our schedules have been just slightly different enough that the timing has been off.  I just invited him to the Cubs game on Monday (on voicemail), maybe we’ll catch up then.

Block Party
It was 9 pm and I had just gotten up from my nap.  I called Dana (girl I went to dinner with) to see if the party was still going on.  It was... so I headed over there.

Her neighborhood was nice and the street was blocked off from the all day bash.  By the time I had arrived, it was winding down but a few of us stayed and drank until 3 am.

Bridget, Mark, Dana

Hanging til the end was Bridget, Mark, Dana, and myself.  We talked and laughed about everything from dropping your cell phone in the toilet while you’re peeing (girls and guys) to Dana wearing bunny ears and putting X-mas decorations in perverted positions as a teenager.

Me "Rooster" and Dana

I was the last man standing and left around 4 am.  Dana and I made tentative plans for her to come by today (Sunday) to watch the 2cd day of the “Air and Water Show” from the roof of Toby’s place.  We’ll see. 🙂

Parking and Getting In the Building
Parking in Chicago is as bad as finding a spot in NYC... Brutal!  I knew finding a spot was gonna be tough but I drove around for almost a hour before I got one and when I did... I almost got into a fight over it with a guy who thought it was his.

I got out of my car and approached his with an anger you only have at 5 am when you’ve been driving around for an hour looking for parking ;).

F.Y.I. - I had been waiting for the that spot for 15 minutes (an Asian man was moving out ) when the guy tried to jump in it ahead of me at the last second.)  Wasn’t happening! 🙂

Anyway, I was finally parked and all I wanted to do was go to bed when... I realized I couldn’t get in.  Toby’s building has 2 keys.  One for the main lobby door and one for the apartment door.  Earlier this week, I made a key for the apartment door but wasn’t allowed to do the same for the lobby door.

It didn’t matter cause people are always coming in and out plus Toby was home.  Well... Toby was away and it was 5 am... nobody was around!  Ahhhhh!  I waited out front in the foyyer for 45 minutes until somebody arrived.

Finally, I’m getting in!  But when the guy saw me, he rushed to the side entrance and snuck in that way leaving me in the foyer.  I ran to the side entrance and banged on the door until he finally let me in.

The guy reluctantly opened the it but then followed me all the way to Toby’s door to make sure I actually lived there.  I guess he was paranoid that I might be a burglar. LOL  I’m a lot of things... but I am definitely not a thief. (I didn't take his picture because he was already acting weird with me.)

It was 6 am and I finally got to bed.  It was a great night except for the last 2 hours.

Thanks for reading!


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