My Shortest Post Yet! (MN) “DAY 57” – 8/30/10

August 30, 2010 - 12:06 pm - (MN) “Day 57”

This will be the shortest post I have written yet.  Why you ask?
1.) I kinda need a day off from writing, but that’s not even the real reason, the real reason is...
2.) I lost my shirt yesterday and don’t feel like re-living it right now! 🙁

So with that said... here we go.

I got up yesterday, wrote my post - “DAY 56”, then tried copying all my files (from my computer) to my external hard drive.  The problem... there always is... I’m not very computer literate and lost all my documents during the transfer.  (At least I thought I did.)


Apple Store
So I went down to the Apple Store and asked an employee there (Zach) to help me figure out what I had done.  I knew that if I was with somebody who knew what they were doing, I’d be OK and I was.  Thanks for the help Zach!  You were a life savor!

Canterbury Park
My only plan for the day was to play some poker at Canterbury Park & Card Club.  One of the reasons I wanted to play (other than it’s what I do), is that they were running a promotion for a 10 cent steak dinner if you played two hours of live poker between 4 pm - 10 pm.

Nice!  A free steak dinner or at least I thought so at that point.  😉

Long story short... I played from 7:30 pm - 3 am and paid $300 for a 10 cent steak dinner!  WHAT A DEAL!!!  F$$K!

I have received many donations, of all kinds over the course of my journey.

I have tried to thank all the people who have helped me on daily basis (buying beer, tickets, etc...) in my post everyday, but for the people who have helped me through Paypal (sending $$$), I would like to take this time to say Thank You and recognize your generosity.

Derek and Deniro

I will start in the order in which I received each donation.  All of these donations have occurred sometime between July 14th and the present (8/31/10).


Deniro (AZ)  - $5
Derrick(AZ)  - $20
Geri     (NJ)  - $20
Steve  (CA)  - $30
Adam  (NJ)  - $75
Geri     (NJ)  - $25
Edie    (NJ)  - $30

Adam, Sophia, Matt, Olivia

Bunker (WI) - $20
Geri      (NJ) - $20

And in the last hour... One of favorite people in the world... Gene (AZ via Philly area) just sent me $100!   Thank you Gene and Amanda!

And... one anonymous donor who gave me an extremely generous amount!

From the bottom of my heart... I sincerely say... THANK YOU!

And again... to all the people who have shared their home, spared a meal, bought a beer,  handed me a cash donation, or any other form of help... I say Thank You! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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