Nascar On The Strip & Poker! (Vegas) “DAY 151” – 12/2/10

December 3, 2010 - 1:56 pm - (Vegas) “DAY 151”

I woke up early this morning (especially for Vegas, 9 am) and immediately started writing.  It’s nice to be up to date on my posts and only have to write one at a time.  Nice!

I finished “DAY 150” around 2 pm and then had to figure out what I wanted to do for the day.  The only thing I was aware of (other than gambling) that was interesting to me was a Nascar event that was taking place on the strip at 3:30 pm.

Nascar Sheet & Event Details
I walked outside of the Flamingo and sitting right there was Nascar car with a guy handing out things and what not.  I wanted to find out more about the 3:30 pm event, so I asked the guy was going on.

He told me that at 3:30 pm 12 Nascar drivers in their cars would be driving up and down the strip.  Their were doing a pit stop at one casino, do-nuts in front of another, and that it started and ended in front of the Planet Hollywood (PH) casino and Hotel.

Then, he handed me a sheet with 10 different stops on it.  At each stop you got a chance to win a $25 gift certificate (to somewhere), a gift of some sort (t-shirt, key chain, etc...), and if you/when you complete all ten of them, you get a Nascar car poker chip. 🙂

Starting The Sheet
This is perfect!  Now I have something that cool to do today (watching the Nascar Victory Lap) and I have a make-shift scavenger hunt where I”ll get a Nascar poker chip at the end.  Nice!  I now have a full day ahead of me. 🙂

OK, there are 10 stops on the sheet and since I’m at the Flamingo, I started there and obviously... got that one done.  I knew I wouldn’t get them all done before the Victory Lap started so I just did as many as I could before 3:30 pm.

Bally’s & Planet Hollywood (PH)
Since the Nascar drivers were starting at PH, I walked in that direction while I worked on getting my sheet stamped (the stamp showed you were there).   The 2nd stop on my sheet was in front of Bally’s.

The guy working the stand in front of Bally’s was real cool and he handed me a t-shirt for stopping by.  Also, in front of every stand was a different Nascar car that you could take a picture if front of and sometimes inside of.  (I took one at every stand.) 🙂

After that, I walked another block to PH and just like the guy told me, out front on the strip was 12 Nascar cars ready to take off.  I don’t follow Nascar but I think all the top drivers were right in front of me, but I wouldn’t know. 😉

Getting A Front Row View

When I initially walked up, I was about 30 yards from where the drivers and their cars were but after a little Rooster bobbing and weaving, I was right next to where the cars were on the strip!

Again, I’m not much of a Nascar fan but I do know who Jeff Gordon is and he was about 15 feet from me getting into his car.  Pretty cool! 🙂  I took a few pictures of him and even tried to get a good shot of the inside of his car but it’s just OK.

Besides Gordon, I couldn’t pick out a Nascar driver out from a line-up, so although I may have been even closer to somebody else... I wouldn’t have known it. 😉 (right: Gordon)

Nascar Championship Week & Victory Lap
I may sound ignorant right now because I don’t follow the sport, but I think they are doing this event because it’s Nascar’s Championship Week in Vegas.  It must be a big deal because there were a ton of people lined up to catch a glimpse of the drivers.

Before the drivers took off for the lap around the strip, an announcer did all the bells and whistles of a Nascar race.  She announced the drivers, the sponsors, and then told all the drivers to... “Start their engines”!  It was so loud being that close to the engines!

Cars Leaving
Like I said, I was right next to the rail so I could see all the cars drive away in front of me one at a time.  This would be a better a write if I knew who the drivers were in the cars that passed by but I don’t... so I can’t really tell you more except it was cool anyway!

Even though I don’t know who I took pictures of, I got some great shots of all the cars pulling of the make-shift pit and onto the street.  When you are that close, you can really get an appreciation of how powerful the cars are that their driving!

After the last car pulled out onto the strip, I continued on with my sheet because I knew they wouldn’t back here for about 45 or so.  (It was an hour long ride and they were ending where they started, so I had some time.)

Continuing With The Sheet - (Coca-Cola Store, Monte Carlo, & NY-NY)

I figured I could get the next 3 stops done on the sheet before they got back to PH, so I put in gear and kept walking around to each location.  The next one in path was in front of the Monte Carlo casino and hotel.

Again, I took a picture in front of the car they had on display and kept pushing forward.  I was on a time schedule now if I didn’t want to miss the Nascar cars return.   After that, I walked across the street to the Coca-cola store.

Out front of the Coke store was a real cool Coca-Cola motorcycle that you were allowed to sit on and a take a picture with so... of course I did! 🙂  Then, I took another picture of the Coca-Cola Nascar car they had.  Both of them were real Sweet!

The last stop I was able to make before I had to turn back was at New York-New York Casino and Hotel.  The Nascar pit stop was on their version of the Brooklyn Bridge and to be honest... it did look cool as hell!

Again, I took a picture with the car they had as well as trying again to win a $25 GC by picking a yellow chip out of a box with 100 blue chips (their were 3 yellow, 100 blue).  I didn’t win again!  Damn! 😉

I had been gone for about 40 minutes, so I headed back toward PH to see the Nascar cars return.  I misjudged my timing because when I got a block away, the police had stopped traffic so the cars could get though safely.

Stopping My Sheet - For Now
The event was over and I had completed 6 out of the 10 stops on the sheet when I called a day, at least for Nascar stuff.  (I still have all day Friday to complete the sheet and get the Nascar poker chip, so I’ll finish it tomorrow.)

Sports Betting
By the time I walked back to the Flamingo and got to my room, it was almost 5 pm.  Ahhh!  I want to bet a some footballs and the first one starts at 5 pm!  So I rushed downstairs to Sports Book and bet a $110 two team teaser (Texans +14.5, U. of A +1.5).

For the next 3 hours, I stayed in the Sports book area and watched both games on the multiple TV’s they had there.  I was routing to win my bet but I was more interested in Houston winning outright because I’m in suicide pool with 10 people left out 200 and 7 of them had Phila to win.

F.Y.I. - A suicide pool is when you pick a different team to win each week and once you pick that team you can’t use them again.  The pot is over $4,000... winner take all!  Ahhh!  I need to win this thing somehow!

By the time the games were winding down, I knew I was good in the Phila vs. Houston game (with the spread) but the ASU vs. U of A game was in question.  It went to overtime and now I would have to sweat it out!

The game went back and forth in OT but with the Sun Devils leading by 1 pt in double OT, U of A’s kicker missed the extra point and ASU won 30-29.  Sweet!  I covered by a half point and won my bet!

Poker Time
I was now up $90 for the day, so it was time to play some poker.  I bought in for $150 and sat down in 1-2 NL game.  I was a little anxious to play but still... I was gonna play tight. 🙂

I didn’t play long because about 20 hands in, I got pocket Aces (A,A).  The was a pre-flop to $12 and I just smooth called it.  It didn’t matter because nobody else called and I was heads up.

The flop... (J, 8, 2).  Perfect, a great flop for me.  He checked and I bet $20.  He called.  The turn... 7.  He now lead out with $35.  Huh?  Is he trying to steal this?  I thought so or  put him on Jack something so I pushed All-In!

He insta-called... Oh No!  Still, he could have (A, J) or something.  He didn’t... he had pocket Jack’s and flopped a set!  Ahhh!  I thought I was slow playing him but as it turns out, I was the fish on the hook!  🙁

I was frustrated from losing with pocket Aces, so I got up from the poker table and on my way back to the room, stopped at a blackjack table and played with $50.

It didn’t last long (like usual) and I lost the $50 I took out.  The only good thing I did was to stop the bleeding there as I headed back to my room down just $100 for the day.  The way my mind was at that moment, it could have been a downward slide to doom!

Back To The Room
It was only midnight on a Thursday in Vegas (early for Vegas) but I wasn’t in the mood to gamble or drink so I stayed in my pimp room for the rest of the night and watched TV.

I better enjoy this room while I have it because tomorrow I have to change rooms and go to the Imperial Palace across the street.  It can’t be as nice as this. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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