Almost A Normal Day… Poker & Living! (NE) “DAY 79” – 9/21/10

September 21, 2010 - 8:09 pm - (NE) “DAY 79”

Before I write today’s post, let me explain something about my Iowa and Nebraska weeks.  When I planned this trip, I knew nothing about the Mid-West and as I travel... I learn as I go.

Anyway, I thought that Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, NE would be 2 different cities and I stay would stay in each for a week.  Well... as I wrote a few days ago.. it’s like one big city in two different states.

I have been in both cities/states interchangeably for the past 9 days and it will continue that way until I leave for Wyoming on Monday (9/27).  So basically... I’m spending 14 days total between the two states for these two weeks.

"DAY 79"
I woke up this morning and 9:30 am and rushed downstairs not to miss the free continental breakfast.  I made it just in time (closes as 9:30 am) and made a togo plate along with a bunch of apple juices.  (I like apple juice! :))

With breakfast now in my room, I took a shower then headed out to mail my Mom the Yankee tickets for the Red Sox game this coming Sunday.  The closest post offices were in Omaha (5 miles away), so I headed there and sent them off to my Mom.  (Thanks Glenn!)

After that, I got back to my hotel room and began to write/post “DAY 78”.  It took some time but I finished around 2:30 pm.

Finding A Place To Stay
Knowing I have nowhere to stay tomorrow, I started to work on finding a place.  So I hit the casino and looked for Dean (Casino Host) to see if he could comp me another room for Wednesday.  (I know I’m pushing it but... ya gotta try! ;))

I found Dean and he was cool, just has he has been all week.  But... he couldn’t get a room in any of the Harrah’s properties for Wednesday.  There is a Slash (Guns and Roses guy) concert on Wednesday night so the comped rooms for Joe’s like me are already booked up.

He did look at Thursday for me and got a me comped room for then.  Cool!  I have room Thursday... I can make a day without a room.  I’m still stuck for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... but I’ll worry about that when the time comes. 😉

It was close to 5 pm and I was finished with whatever daily errands I had to do, so I hit the poker room.  I didn’t bring the Bull with me (he’s a tournament Bull only now), so I looked through my choices of animal figures and choose... A fierce ram!  Let’s give’m a chance...

Anyway, I was immediately sat into 1-3 NL game and I bought in for $140.  The table was short handed (6 players).  I don’t like playing at a short table, the play is much looser and you get can get caught playing hands you wouldn’t normally get involved in.

It was my only choice because I didn’t want to play 3-6 limit again and not playing... well... that’s not even an option! 😉  The table was full with regulars except for one kid who was traveling like myself.  Well... not like me, but he was moving to Seattle from D.C.

I played for almost 2 hours before the game broke (7 pm tournament) as I left up $93.  Not bad for a game I didn’t want to play in.  You go fierce Ram!  🙂

Hotel Room
I’m now in my room writing this post and watching “The Biggest Loser”.  (singing) What have you done today... to make you feel proud!  Jillian is such a crazy monkey faced lunatic... she monkey whips you into shape!

For the record:  She’s a hot monkey faced person but if she was on “Planet of the Apes” with nomake-up... I wouldn’t even notice a difference.  She’d be the hottest monkey person there... but none-the-less... a monkey person!  🙂

I decided to write right now because without a room tomorrow, I don’t want to have any more responsibilities than I have to.  I’m gonna hit the poker room again and see if the Ram’s luck holds out... 😉

September 22, 2010 - 10:10 am - (NE) “DAY 79” : Poker Again

When I got back to the poker room, I was immediately sat into a 1-3 NL game and bought in for $140.  The problem... the game was short handed.  I hate playing in short handed games but I’ve already talked about before (if you your are regular reader :)).

The guys I was playing with were cool, but really... like that even matters when you’re losing!  I didn’t win one hand I played to the river and after just an hour or so... I had lost my $140 buy-in.  🙁

Thank you!

I shouldn’t have even been playing in that game.  I don’t have play all the time so when the time doesn’t feel right to me, I have to remember to live for another day and wait for the game I’m comfortable playing in.  I learn more about this trip every day. 😉

Oh yeah, during this time, I met a real nice couple from South Dakota (Starlet and Husband).  We spoke for a bit about my trip and they even helped me out.  I can't write what they did but it wasn't illegal and I really appreciated it.  Thank you guys!


Tonight, I have nowhere to stay and nowhere to go.  Well... I do have somewhere to go.  I have 6 tickets to a “SLASH” concert tonight (Guns and Roses guitar player).  He’s playing at Harrah’s in their outdoor concert arena, so I have that to do later but nowhere to stay after.

I’m working on it now... but it seems grim, to say the least!

Thanks for reading!


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