Nebraska Football Party’s, The Bar, & Sleeping In My Car! (IA) “DAY 76” – 9/18/10

September 19, 2010 - 3:53 pm - (IA) “DAY 76”

I woke up this morning in my car at 9 am. 🙁   Actually... it wasn’t that bad and I got a good 5 hours.  Then, like most people do first thing in the morning, I had to find a bathroom (#1 ;)) except... they walk down the hall of their house and I had to find a hotel lobby in the area.

I found a nearby hotel and when I entered, I realized they were serving a free continental breakfast.  Nice!  So, I blended in with hotel guests and had a nice breakfast.  (It was a good continental breakfast, most are so-so at best).

Then... as I always do... I wrote my daily post in a different nearby hotel (free-wifi in most hotels).   It was close to 1 pm when I finished and I had decide what I was gonna do for the day.

My Choices
Now, as you may already be aware, I do not have a place to sleep again tonight (I really don’t mind).  But... because of that, I have nowhere to be... so I can go anywhere.

After searching the net, I realized that Kansas City is just 3 hours away (190 miles) and the Royals have a baseball game tonight (6 pm).  It would be the last pro-game I would be able to see based on my route.   I may do this....

Then, I checked the weather and it said that Kansas City had rain in their forecast (isolated thunder storms).  Ahhh... do I drive 3 hours to see the last place Royals play the last place Indians and then... have it be rained out when I get there???   I was on the fence...

I wasn’t sold on this idea, then as I started to look for another option, Cory text me.  He said there was a keg party “Nebraska football” that started at 2:30pm and asked me if I wanted to go.  Sweet!  I said OK and headed right over to where Cory worked (he got out at 2 pm).

Cory’s Work
Cory works at a real cool place in Elkhorn, NE (25 minutes from Council Bluffs, IA).  It’s like a breakfast shop / restaurant / bakery / flowershop / night-time local hang out.  It was a little bit of everything and had a lot character.

Cory was just about done with his shift when I arrived and the plan was for me, him, and his friend (guy he worked with Joel) to go to a keg party and watch the Nebraska football game.

F.Y.I.- Nebraska Cornhusker Football is huge out here!  Everybody is fan regardless of age, sex, or


anything for that matter.  Everybody I saw all day long was wearing Nebraska red... or black for the defense.

Anyway, since the game was about to start we went to one Joel’s friends place first so we wouldn’t miss the 1st quarter.  Like I said, they are huge fans out here.  Really cool to see!

Joel’s Friends Place- Bruce
We arrived at Bruce’s place and it was a regular college pad (beer cans, posters, etc...).  There were a bunch of real cool guys there watching the game and having some beers.   We joined in.  It was funny because they are so Nebraska crazy that all they talk about it Nebraska football.

Example: During the first quarter, they had a discussion about how Eric Crouch could still return

Cory, Joel, Cool guy 1, Bruce, Cool guy 2, Cool guy 3

kicks in the NFL if he wanted to.  Eric Crouch!?  I haven’t heard his name in 5 years!  🙂

Hey, I get it.  They love the Cornhuskers like I love the Yankees, Mountaineers, etc...  But it was even more so because it was the whole state (as far can I can tell).  Basically,... Joel, Bruce, and all their friends reminded me of me and all my boys from WVU when we would watch football together.  (Sorry guy's whose name I forgot, I got wasted yesterday!  You understand!)

During this time, Bruce even offered me his couch if I needed it.  People are so cool!  I will be taking him up on that next week when I am officially in Nebraska.  Technically, this is my Iowa week although I have been in Omaha for everything but sleep and poker.

F.Y.I.- That’s one of the things I have learned about being where I am (Council Bluffs).  If you live in Council Bluffs, most of the things you do are right across the state line Omaha, NE.  It’s just 2 miles away or so and the two cities, although they are in two different states, are like one big city.

Anyway, we kicked it with them until Cory’s girl-friends showed up to head to the keg party with us (Taylor, Olivia, and two others- forgot your names, my bad :)).  It was half time.

Thanks guys for the hospitality and the couch offer!  See ya again sometime next week!  Go Big Red!  🙂

Keg Party


When we got to the keg party, the first person we ran into, I already knew.  How funny is that, I’m starting to get a group of friends in Nebraska (through Cory). 🙂  It was James (I played poker with him and Cory last Monday night).

We bull shitted for a bit and he’s a great dude, he even paid for my $5 beer cup (keg party prices) Thanks James!

Me "Rooster" and James

Then, he introduced to the some his friends there and even invited me to go out with them this coming Friday night for his Birthday bash in Omaha!  How awesome are people!

The party was set up like a tailgate in the backyard complete with a flatscreen TV under a tent for everybody to watch.  They do love their college football out here.

Ashley, Craig, Megan

I watched some of the game with Craig (owner of the house) and the hot twins he was standing with ( I think they were twins).  Regardless, Nebraska women are so hot!!!

This state has had the best looking women as a whole by far and... they are all down to earth!  You go Nebraska hotties!

It was getting cold out and the game was out of hand (Nebraska was smashing the Washington Huskies) so we (Me, Cory, and the girls) headed out to go to Cory’s sister’s house.  She was having a Nebraska get together type party.

Cory’s Sister’s House
On our way there, Cory decided it might be better not to bring a bunch a people to a family get together, so we only stopped by there and meet the girls at Taylor’s house about a half-hour later.

Everybody at Cory’s sister’s house was dressed as everybody was on Saturday in Nebraska... draped in red or black!   They were all real cool and I think this Saturday I will be tail-gaiting with them when I actually attend a game in Lincoln (vs. SDSU - 9/25 ).   See ya again this weekend!

Cory, Olivia, Taylor, Me "Rooster"

Taylor’s House
When we got to Taylor’s place it was close to 6 pm.  The plan was to have a few drinks, some dinner, and then head to a bar for the evening.   The other two girls had left and it was just me, Cory, Taylor, and Olivia.


I had met Olivia the other night but it wasn’t until we were hanging out right now in Taylor’s room that I realized she had to different color eyes.  Yes!!!  One blue and one brown... like a husky or X-Men character.  So freaking cool!!!

Anyway, we hung out for a while and surfed the net looking at funny things.  We were on Facebook, Youtube, etc...  Then, I realized that Taylor had a bottle of True Blood in her room.  Sweet!  I love that show.   When we drank vodka later, we chased it with True Blood!  🙂

Me "Rooster", Olivia creeping 😉

After that, we ate dinner around 8:30 pm with the girls before we headed off to Cory’s to change for the night.

Taylor and Olivia

The girls were definitely ready to have to good time tonight, heck they even had Taylor’s pimp cup out before we left! 😉

The Bar
Cory and I changed, then headed back to Taylor’s to get the girls before we headed out.  The girls were dressed to impress as they both looked hot!

We took a ton of pre-evening pictures as we pre-gamed with some vodka and True Blood!

Cory, Taylor, Olivia, Taylor

Taylor's friend Taylor was also there but she wasn't going out.  She has a boyfriend.

For the record... The girls and I were just hanging out as good friends would, not like 2 couples going out.  I don’t want to send the wrong impression of the night. 😉

Taylor, Me "Rooster", Olivia

Anyway, we were all already having a blast and we haven’t even left the house yet.  This is gonna be a fun night!  We left Taylor’s around 10:45pm and headed to downtown Omaha.

I don’t remember the name the bar we went to to but I do remember that we danced we our asses off the whole time we were there.  The girls were wearing

Olivia, Cory, Taylor

big stripper heals and somehow I wound up carrying/dancing with Olivia’s heals for a good part of the night!  LOL 🙂

I don’t know when we exactly left the bar but when we did, we were all pretty drunk and hungry so we went to I-Hop to get some breakfast.  (I forgot to take pictures there.)

The night ended around 3 am when everybody got dropped off at their respective location... mine being the parking the lot of the Horseshoe Casino. 😉

I had a great time tonight and think I made a few new friends.  Thanks Cory and girls for a wild night on the town!  See ya next week when I’m actually in Nebraska! 😉

For the second night in a row, I will be sleeping in my car.  Again, it was raining which is perfect because it covers the windows with rain/fog and people can’t see in unless they really want to.

I just have to make it through the night (5 hours) and I will have a room again at the Horseshoe (Sunday).

Thanks for reading!


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