New Year… Same Old Mistakes! (MO) “DAY 184” – 1/4/11

January 5, 2010 - 1 pm - (MO) “DAY 184” - week 27 - State 25

Well... today I didn’t do to much except learn a lesson, a painful lesson that I should have learned 10 years ago.  Yes, I lost a bunch of money playing blackjack today (FOR THE LAST TIME!).

Other than learning that miserating lesson again, I had a lot of real life stuff to do today like paying my bills, doing laundry, writing, organizing, my things, etc..  So, with that preface... here’s my day. 🙁

I woke up today and after writing for a bit, I decided I wanted to change rooms to a king size bed, so I called the front desk and switched rooms.  After getting my new one, I kept on writing until 2pm when I decided to start doing some laundry.

There is a laundry room in the hotel but the problem was... my laundry detergent was in my car overnight and the liquid inside was frozen.  So, I had think on my feet and decided to run the hot water in the washer, then put the detergent inside so it could thaw out. (It worked. :))

While I did my laundry, I kept on writing until all my cloths were clean and dry.  Nice!  After that, I went back to my room where I posted all the writing I had done during the day (with pictures, 2 days worth of posts).

Poker Tournament
By the time I finished all that stuff, it was almost 7 pm, so I headed to the poker room to enter their 7 pm $50 poker tourney.   The need to knows; $50 entry, no re-buys or add-ons, 2000 in starting chips, regular blinds, 40 players max,  yada yada yada. 😉

Hour 1
Anyway, after getting my seat assignment, I sat down at my table ready to play some good poker.  For the first hour, I played real tight (shocker) and doubled up when I got quad deuces!  I slowed played it and got called on the river by pocket Jacks.  Sweet!

Hour 2
During hour two, I continued to play tight and again... I doubled up, except this time, I hit a set of 3’s ( I had pocket 3’s and hit one on the flop).  The only problem, other than those two hands, I didn’t see any good cards at all, if you even call pocket 2’s and 3’s good hands. 😉

Hour 3
When hour 3 arrived I was at the final table and somewhat short stacked.  I was still playing tight but I made one bad decision and it cost me my tournament with just 8 people left.  Ahhh!

I’ll explain, I was in the big blind (400-800) and I had (J, 5) off-suit.  Nobody raised the hand so I saw the flop for free.  The flop... (K, 5, 2).  I was first to act and pushed All-in with just a pair of 5’s.  If nobody had a king, I’m good.

Well, the one guy who called had (A,K).  I could’t put him on that hand because he didn’t raise pre-flop and it worked out for him because I basically just gave him the rest of my chips (less than 4 big blinds worth).  He knocked me out. 🙁

Blackjack - Mississippi Stud - Roulette - Slots
For whatever reason (there is no good one), I was on mad tilt after I left the poker room but, instead of going back to my room to relax and regroup, I hit the casino floor in an attempt to win my $50 back I just lost in the tournament.  Oh No! 🙁

Long story short, I lost at every game I played and the grand total for my stupid decision was... minus $230 for the day!  How can I be so stupid!?  Really, I am so frustrated still that it pains me to even write this entry!

But, if this is really the last time I play any other table game besides poker... than I just won!  On the other hand, if I make this mistake again... it could cost me my trip!  So, I better be smart and careful the rest of the way! 😉

Rest Of My Night

For the rest of the night, I just sat in my room nauseous at the fact that I just lost over $200 of money I don’t have to lose, especially like that! 🙁  Luckily for me, Jeremy was around to talk and get me down off the fence.

F.Y.I. - Gambling can cause such drastic mood swings that if suicide was an option in life, it would be times like this where I would have to fight it!   This is not a cry for help!  I’m just letting you know how low a big gambling loss makes me feel, especially from non-poker games!

Reece’s Pieces Pays Out
Anyway, after my intervention with Jeremy, I just sat in my room planing my trip for the next few weeks on the computer.  Other than that, I actually won $3 on a vending machine and still got the candy (Reece’s Pieces)!

It’s not that exciting but it’s the only positive from my day, so I’ll tell you.  Around 2 am, I was hungry, so I went to the vending machine to get Reece’s Pieces ($2).

I put in my money but the spring didn’t push it out and it was stuck!  Just my luck! (Right: Whatamacallit is where the Reece's were, I was so mad... I forgot to take a picture last night.)

So I called the front desk and they said they would refund me my money but I had to go down there and get it.  When I got there, the guy gave me $5 instead of $2 for my troubles.  Nice, a $3 win!  Who knew vending machines payed out?! 😉

Then, while I was at the front desk I saw paper clip and thought maybe I could still get my candy if I was crafty enough with a paper clip.  I was... and wound up with the candy and $3!  Not a big win but after a day like this... I’ll take it! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. JD says:

    What’s up, Rooster? You gotta be careful of Karma. 2 candy bars and 3 free bucks from the hotel can come back to cost you in the long run one! Retrun the $$, you know what happened to GReg Brady when he took the rocks from Hawaii!!!

    And learn your lesson, you jackass, stay away from BlackJack! You suck at it and’ll tell you why. You look at every hand as though it is critical. It isn’t, it’s all about the long haul. You are never going to win more than 60% of your BJ hands, and that’s if you are lucky! You have to be willing to lose and go through bad streak before you win. You can’t do that! A few losses, you leave the table and look for the nearest bridge! Relax and stick to Poker!

    My 3YO learned not to touch the hot stove a hell of a lot quicker than you and BlackJack! Still love you, but wise up!

  2. JD says:

    Oh yeah, congrats on the half way mark! One hell of an accomplishment! Keep it up!

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