NFL Sunday Football & A Movie! (ID) “DAY 98” – 10/10/10

October 11, 2010 - 11:22 am - (ID) “DAY 98”

I hate Sunday’s during football season on the west coast!  Ahhh!  The games start at 11 am (here) but I’m on my way to 10 am soon (Seattle)!   It just doesn’t feel like football until 1 pm, like how it is on the east coast!

Anyway, I woke up around 10 am and knew I had to get moving in order to get to a bar to watch football by 11 am.  I wasn’t writing my post first today, I was gonna write it while I was watching the games at a bar.

Rooster’s Lounge
While I was driving to the sports bar I found on my “sometimes working” GPS I spotted Rooster’s Lounge on the side of the road.  Wow!  My own lounge, I had to check it out.

I pulled over and spotted in to see what this Rooster joint was all about.  It was empty for one, well... it was 11 am and it seemed like a night-time bar.  But two, it was awesome!

There were roosters all over the place and they even had a Rooster painting on the wall.  It was super cool! 🙂  I didn’t have a drink or any food but it still was a cool little place to stop at.

Firehouse Pub
Where I watched the majority of the games was at the Firehouse Pub.  It was a smaller type sports bar but that was just what I wanted because I had to “DAY 97” while I was there.  It sucks to have bewriting while watching football but hey... That’s my life for now!


For all of the early games and and even a half of the late games (1pm and 4pm east coast time), I was writing!  Ahhh!  It takes so long when I have fun! 😉

During the entire time I was writing, I kept asking the bartender (Charissa) if she could help me

Harvey and Sal

spell words.  Not words like “garbage or flower” but...I’d ask her how to spell what a horse say... “neigh”.  She was very helpful as she was english major.  Thank you!

Other than Charissa, I only other people I spoke to while I was there was two Giant fans (Harvey and Sal).  They were wearing their Giant jersey’s so I stopped over and talked to them a bit about the Gints.

They were cool guys and invited me back later to have beers with them but I never made it.  Thanks anyway guys!

Tully’s Coffee House
If was halftime of the late games, so I left the Firehouse and went to a nearby coffee house so I could post “DAY 97”. (They have free wi-fi.)  It took me a little while to finish but I made over to Winger’s (another sports bar) before the end of the late games.

Wingers was the type of sports bar I would want to be at if I didn’t have write during the football games.  It had all the match-ups on multiple flat screen TV’s all over the bar.  A good set-up!

I stayed there until the late games ended and then headed across the street to a TGIF’s to watch the Sunday Night Football game.

I got to Friday’s around 6 pm and bellied up to the bar to watch the 49ers play the Eagles.  I ordered some appetizers and a soda. (I’m not drinking today. ;))

I stayed there until the game ended and when I went to pay my tab... the bartender had comped most of bill ($4.01 was my tab).  Thanks Chris!

Movie - “Social Connection”
The game ended around 10 pm and I was tired yet, so I went to the movie theater around the corner to watch “The Social Connection”, the movie about Facebook and it’s founders.

I arrived at the theater and when I got there... nobody was working the ticket area... so I just walked in and saw the movie.  Nice!  A free movie!  The movie was real good and I would recommend it to anybody.

It was after midnight when it ended so I called it a night and went back to the Hostel.

I’m sitting in the Hostel writing this post and getting ready to leave for Montana (7 hour drive or so).  I do not know where I’m going yet or where I’ll be staying but... they do have poker so I should be OK.

And... I’m trying to get a new GPS without having to pay for it.  I’ve been on the phone with Garmin all morning trying to come to a solution for their lemon of a product they sold me 98 days ago!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Fitch says:

    We’re here waiting for you in Seattle Rooster. Drive safe!

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