NFL Sunday & The Beginning of My Birthday! (WA) “DAY 112”

October 25, 2010 - 1:00 pm - (WA) “DAY 112”

Even though it’s October 24, 2010 on my site... it is really October 25th and that’s my birthday!  So today’s post will be short and sweet, so I can just relax and enjoy my 30 something-th 😉 birthday!

All week Casey and I were talking about going to Seahawk’s game but come Saturday night, I could tell Casey didn’t want to go.  It was raining sideways and that was the forecast for Sunday as well, so he told me around 1 am (Sun. morn) he wasn’t going.

I could have convinced him to go but the truth is... it was nasty out and I didn’t really want to go either.  Plus... I have seen them before (at home) about 5 years ago when Casey got married, he had season tickets then and we had a great seats as I saw a Seattle victory.

Anyway, instead of going to the game we went to Bode’s again.  This is perfect for me because I’m hanging with cool guys, Bode has all the games, and his internet connection works so I can post “DAY 111” while I watch the games.

The Seahawks weren’t on until 1 pm (West coast time) so this week I was able to see some of Steelers game.  I say some because Bode still hates them from the Seattle - Pittsburgh Super Bowl, so he can only stomach watching so much of them.

The Steelers defeated the Dolphins in a crazy game as Ben’s last second touchdown was kinda reversed but they still won anyway!  Woo Hoo!

Seahawk Game
After that... it was Seahawk time!  I was routing for the Seahawks this week because I’m in a Survivor football pool and I choose them to win.

F.Y.I.- A survivor pool is when a bunch of guys each put in some money and every week they have to pick a team to win without the spread.  You can only use each team once and the last person left wins all the money.  (My pool started with 188 and we have 26 left.)

So needless to say... I’m a big Seattle fan this week! 🙂  We watched the game while we ate pizza and laughed at stupid shit.  That’s what’s cool about hanging out with a bunch of friends, you don’t have to do much to have a good time! 🙂

After the bulk of the games ended, Casey and I went back to his place to eat dinner and watch the late night game (Minn. vs G.B.).

Casey’s Place
At Casey’s, I did exactly what I just wrote.  We watched the game and ate some food until they went to bed around 9-10 pm.  After they crashed (they had work on Monday), I went out to the Casino (Muckleshoot) to bring in my birthday while playing some cards.

Poker - Muckleshoot Casino
I got to Muckleshoot around 10:30 pm and played poker until 2 am.  I bought in for $200 and when it was all said and done... I left with just the cloths on my back!  Ahhh!  What a bad way to bring in my 30+ birthday!

I didn’t let it me get me down although I hated losing. So, I said good night to everybody there and headed back to Casey’s with a smile on my face.  Well... a smirk.  I was trying to smile! 😉

Casey’s - My Birthday
It was after 2 am as it was officially my birthday now, so I just sat back and thought about everything I have done in my life and what I have accomplished so far.  That got me sad... 🙁 so I just played with the cat who had just ate a birds’ head!

Ya see... there’s a solution for everything! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    You’ve accomplished more than most people I know, who have more financially than you do.
    Your respected,trusted and loved by many.
    You have a “Heart”!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you had a great day.
    Happy (3+)Birthday David.

    Love Dad

  2. Casey says:

    Sounds like a good Bday to me. If you want to take the bird torso with you to Eugene the family will oblige. Happy Birthday and thanks for visiting. You are welcome back anytime (unless the Yankees are playing). Very fun.


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