North Dakota Was Great! Onto South Dakota! (ND-SD) “DAY 64” – 9/6/10

September 7, 2010 - 12:02 pm - (ND) “DAY 64”

I woke up this morning at 11:15 am to a phone call from the front desk telling me to leave my room because I should have checked out by 11am.   Ahhh.... So I politely asked for a late check-out.  She agreed, but said noon is the latest I could stay.

OK, I have a lot to do before I go.  I have to shower, gather my stuff, pack the car, upload all my pictures, write my post, etc...  I don’t have enough time!

By the time I got to uploading pictures it was 12:15 pm and they were knocking on my door.  I went to the door and asked for more time, she gave me 15 more minutes.  This happened again but at 1 pm they said I had to go or pay for another day... so I left!

For the record... I got all the nights I stayed here... comped!  Thank you Dakota Magic!  I had a great time in your casino and will return someday.... 🙂

Next Stop: South Dakota
F.Y.I - Where I stayed in North Dakota was the southern most east corner of the state, so I am just 1 mile north of South Dakota.  So getting into S.D. will be easy and quick.  (I'm just west of Big Stone)

The problem... there always is... I have nowhere to go and nowhere to stay when I get there.  I can already feel the anxiety of this trip again.  My vacation from my vacation is over! 🙂 I already miss North Dakota... ;(

OK... I pulled my self together and did what I normally do when I have nowhere to go and nowhere to stay... I found a casino about 1 hour south of where I am in South Dakota.  It’s called Dakota Sioux and is owned by the same Indian Tribe as Dakota Magic.

The problem... even though they are owned by the same people... the comps I earned while playing in ND for the past week do not transfer to SD.  It’s as if I was never at one of their casinos.  Damn!  I’m gonna have to start over.

The Weather
I haven’t spoken yet about the weather on this trip because everyday (for the most part) has been

My View from Drivers seat

sunny, warm, and pleasant.  Well.. today was vey different!

While I was driving south on highway 29 a storm rolled in.  Again, I was only driving 70 miles south to my new destination (Dakota Sioux) but I couldn’t make it the whole way with stopping.

At first, the clouds just got real black and it went from day to night in a matter of minutes.  Then it started to rain but a normal hard rain, no biggie.  Then it got so dark, I could barely see in front of me as the hail started to crash into my car.  Yes.. I said hail!

At this point, it was to dangerous to keep driving so I pulled over on the should with  numerous other cars and waited it out.  Twenty minutes later, I got back on the road and  eventually made it to the

Dakota Sioux Casino

casino safe and sound around 3 pm.

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel
While I was driving, I called ahead and asked if they had rooms available and the prices.  They did for Monday and Tuesday ($60 per) but not Wednesday (that’s all I asked about).  I didn’t book or reserve a room, I just needed to know what I was dealing with.

OK... I’ll worry about Wednesday when Wednesday comes... that’s a world away in my life anyway. 😉

The Plan: I’ll go to the poker room and see if they can comp me a room for the next 2 days even though I have never been here and haven’t played yet.  Sounds daunting... huh?

I got to the poker room and asked the gentleman working the floor if I could get a comped room and he said the best he could do was give me a poker rate ($30 per) if I play for 4 hours.

That’s not bad.. but I need free.  So I asked him who I needed to speak with to get that done.  He called over a lady who was above him and we spoke.

I told her my story (minus the website info.), I play poker, gamble, and I’m in SD where I know nobody... So all I’ll be doing is playing poker while I’m here.  She took a liking to me and said, “OK Rooster... I’ll take a chance on you.” as she walked me over to the hotel lobby and comped me a room for 2 nights!  NICE!

My New Room
Whew! .... I’m back on a vacation again... Sweet!  I got to my new room and this time it’s as far from the poker room as I can be in the casino (Room 520 - top floor, last room).  Still it’s just a 2 minutes walk.  Dakota Magic got me spoiled with a 20 step walk to the poker room. 😉

None-the-less, it is very nice and I thrilled to have it!  Now, I just have to play a lot of poker.  Oh no... that will be so hard... (Sarcasm). 🙂

Poker Room
The poker room here is nice but small (7 tables), about the same as the North Dakota property.  This is fine by me, I loved playing in N.D. 🙂  The game was full (only one table going) and they were playing dealers choice, 2-10 limit.

F.Y.I - Dealers choice means the person in the dealer button can choose which game we are playing for that hand.  The options in this casino were Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-lo, Pineapple before flop, Pineapple after flop.  Ahh... What happened to just hold’em. 🙁

View from room

I put my name on the list (with my room number) and went up to my room to settle in.  (They’ll call me when a seat opens.)

I got the call around 5 pm and headed downstairs to play.

Playing Poker
I took my seat and bought in for $200 (new table- 2 tables going now).  Again, I don’t know how to write all these crazy hands with all the rules and extra cards so I’ll state how I did.

After the first 3 hours of play... I was down almost my whole buy in.  I had just $50 when I decided to take a break and head upstairs for a hour or so.  I left my chips on the table, I knew I was going back... what else I am gonna do here in South Dakoteeeee?? 🙂

When I got back there, they had pizza for the players, so I had a few slices.  It’s not NY/NJ pizza but like I have said before... “Pizza is like sex... even bad pizza is pretty good! :)”

Playing Poker

I was re-focused and decided I wasn't gonna play those dumb pineapple hands and just hit the Hold’em and Omaha hard.  My decision paid off as I went on a run and got back to about even by 11 pm.

Rules on screen

At this point, the game was winding down but I kept playing until it completely broke at around 12:30 am.  (I kept my word... I would play until the room closed.)

I finished the night up $73.  I won a good hand right before the game broke in Omaha Hi-lo.  (The hand was (A, 5) suited, I won the hi and low.)   Nice!

It was great day.  I got a place to sleep (comped) and I won in poker!  What else could I want except... a real hot girl to join me.... 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Brian says:

    Hello Rooster,

    I was in your brother’s HS class. I read about your journey everyday, goodstuff. I was going to recommend a picture of the Rooster with the Presidents at Mt Rushmore, drive through the badlands, but I think you are on the other side of the state 7 hours away. I was surprised to hear you liked North Dakota, I remember being there and being in the middle of nowhere. Growing up the family traveled all over the US by station wagon just like the Griswolds.

    Good Luck
    Brian Kingsbury

  2. dave says:

    Yeah, ND was cool because I had a room and there were nice people there.


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