July 22, 2010 - 10:00 am - (Columbus, Ohio) “DAY 17” -

I got up this morning in West Virginia still a little salty with myself.  I have to remember...I’m not gonna make it around the country playing blackjack, heck I wouldn’t make around the block, I must stay disciplined in the casino.

Funny Story

Oh yeah, I almost forget to tell you guys a funny story about the motel I stayed in last night (Tuesday).  After I realized Bub was in jail or whatever??? 🙂 I went and got a motel room, you guys know that, here’s what I forgot to tell you...

While I was getting a room at the front desk, I talked with a gentleman who owned/ran the property (Bruce).   After I got the key, I went to shake his hand and thank him for the room.  This is where it gets funny.

He looks me dead in the eye and with a thick West Virginia accent said, “I don’t know if I’d shake my hand Rooster... I’ve been setting coon traps all night, you know how dirty those coon traps can be?”


I didn’t respond, I’m just sitting there thinking... No, I don’t!  And... am I living with raccoons for the night.  I made a small joke about getting a discount if I killed a raccoon that tries to strong-arm my room and he responded very seriously to me...

“Rooster, I wouldn’t worry about that, I only killed 9 or so last year, you should be fine!”

Oh.. only 9, I feel so much better now... In that case.. can I get a room for the week? Inspite of the “The Great Outdoors (John Candy)” moment,  I slept OK and was glad I got the room.

I don’t have a picture of Bruce but I do have a picture of the girl who was working in the morning that I handed my key in to.  Oh West Virginia... I love it here!  🙂

Ohio... Here I Come!

It was empty.

I loaded up my Rooster mobile and hit the road.  I stopped at a local mall before I left so I could get some WVU/ Steelers gear.  The best place to find a team’s products is when you are close to where they play, so I couldn’t pass it up even though I lost money last night.

I wound up in a K-Mart in Wheeling.  I bought 3 WVU T-shirts, a WVU hat, and a Pittsburgh Steelers hat for $30.  It was such a deal, I couldn’t pass it up.

Matt's cat - Fern!

After wasting a hour or so I was finally on the road to Columbus, Ohio (Ohio ST. U.).

One of the reasons I put off being in Ohio on Monday (other than seeing my WVU friends in PA and WV) was because Ohio was the first state I had nowhere to stay and knew nobody.

Basically I'm driving there to meet nobody and stay nowhere.  As we all know by now, I am on a very tight budget and can’t afford to get hotels/motels in every city I’m in, let alone... having to get a room for a week!


So I had to come up with a plan...  OK, the plan... When I get to campus, I’m gonna go to the area where the fraternity houses are and let them know I’m a wild cool dude who they need party with for a week!

I arrived on campus and that’s what I did.  I asked around and found out where the partying frats were (thanks Jason).  Then,  I drove over to that area and mulled around the houses for a bit.  After 1 hour,  I finally found a frat that looked like it would suit me.

It had a big blow up pool on the front yard with basketball rims on each side, there was beer cans all over, and garbage everywhere.  This is the place for me!  I yelled up to a open window and pleaded my case to one of the brothers in the house.  After 5 minutes of talking, he said he would check out my website and let me know.  Ten minutes went by, so I decided to leave and figure something else out.

It’s almost 4 pm at this point and I still have nowhere to go or nowhere to be.  This is starting to suck!  With nothing else to do, I decided to go to a bar and maybe meet some people there.  It was happy hour! 🙂

After walking in and out of about 5 bars, I finally stopped at a place called “The Little Bar”.  It had just opened and there were about 10 people there.  I ordered a beer and sat down at the bar.

I sat there by myself for a few minutes before this dude (Matt) walked in and ordered a beer next to me.

F.Y.I - They had a bar/tailgate game called corn-hole set up outside on the patio, the guy who ordered the beer (Matt, 23 yrs old) was walking in that direction to play. (There were already 4 people playing outside, Matt’s friends).

I noticed he would need a partner and asked him if I could play with him.  Now I didn’t know it then but this would be the best decision I have made all trip!  Matt and I played against 2 of his friends (Ian, 26 yrs old, and Adam, 28 yrs old - brothers).

Me "Rooster", Adam, Ian, Matt

F.Y.I - They were only out because Ian lives in Florida and was back home for a few days.  He was leaving in the morning.

Anyway, Adam played on my side and we B.S.’d the whole game.  After I lost, I offered to buy the guys a shot, they accepted and we hit the bar!

A few drinks and games later they were leaving to hit another bar (to play pool), I wasn’t sure what would happen... but they invited me to join them... I gladly accepted.  Heck, I have nowhere to go and nowhere to be, this is exactly what I had hoped would happen!  Not to mention, these are a bunch of cool guys that would fit in with any of friends from around the country.


We arrived at “Suzi-Que” and hit the bar.  After another round of shots and beers we started to play pool.  Matt is a great pool player and his friends are good too. I’m good enough to beat a drunk girl who doesn’t play pool ;).

It was around 9 pm when they were getting ready to split up.  Adam (Ian’s older brother) was heading home because he had work in the morning and Matt was gonna drive Ian 20 minutes to his parents house so he could make his flight.

Matt walked up to me and asked “Where are you going? Where are you staying?”  I told him I didn’t know.  He then immediately invited me to come with him and stay at his place.  Nice!  He told me to leave my car in the parking lot and jump in with him and Ian.


We headed back to Matt’s place where I met his roommate Pratt.  Matt walked in and said “Pratt, this is Rooster from NJ, he’s crashing with us for a few days.”  Pratt just looked over and said “alright.”  What a cool dude!

It’s crazy how you can become such good friends with people in such a short period of time.  I honestly feel like I’m in Jersey or at WVU hanging out with friends I’ve had my whole life.

We hung out, drank beers, and played darts.  What do ya expect...  it’s a college house!  What next???  What else, time for pizza!  So we walked to “Hound Dogs (Pizza)”.  It was a 20 blocks away but it was walking time ;).

We played pool and ate pizza while we were deciding what to do next.  It’s Ian’s last night in town, we have to do something!  🙂 Matt made a few calls before we headed to a bar closer to where Ian’s parents lived.

A friend of theirs picked us up and drove us to a bar just outside of Columbus.  It was a local bar with pool tables and a band.  We had a bunch more drinks and laughed all night.

Dark, but you get the idea.

A older drunk girl was fumbling around our pool table all night, it wasn’t long before she fell into the band’s equipment and then asleep on a bar stool right in the middle of where were playing.  It was funny, so I took picture.  Enjoy!


The bar closed, so we headed over to Matt’s cousin’s place (Ryan).  There was a bunch of people there getting ready to start a fire and drink beer.  It’s 2:30 am, I’m trashed and exhausted but the party continues, man I am old!

A little bit later, our ride decided to leave so we headed back Matt’s place.  Whew!  I’m falling apart, 10 hours of drinking is to much for my has-been body.

We walked in and Pratt was sleeping on the couch.  He woke up and grabbed a beer. Nice!  The three of us talked for awhile exchanging stories and laughing.  We realized we all liked and watched “Hell’s Kitchen” (Chef Gordon Ramsey”).

Piss off!

Next thing I know, it’s 4 am and the three of us are yelling at the screen in British accents... “It’s about standards, yes.” ... “It’s bloody raw!” ... “Shut it down, now piss off!”.

If I didn’t know better, I’d a thought I was at my old place in Rahway, NJ watching TV with Buck after getting home from playing poker!  So wild and awesome!

It was around 5 am when I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and I had to go to sleep.  They have a guest room (kinda), the guy who’s room it is is never there, so I headed to my room 🙂 and went to sleep.

I normally wait until the end of the week to thank somebody but what Matt did for me is really more than I could have imagined.  He opened up his home and friends to me and for that... I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!

Matt, for as long as I live, you will always have a friend in the “Rooster”!  You too, Pratt!

Thank You!

I’m not sure what’s planned for today except we are going to eat lunch at place called “Rooster’s”.  Perfect, can this week get any better... Yeah it can, a hot girl can feed me wings while I get a back rub!  LOL


There is no legal poker in Ohio but I think I found a poker club.  I’m checking it out sometime today.  I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Deniro says:

    Your best post yet. That’s awesome. Sounds like something we would have done in 1993

  2. jeremy says:

    yo rooster, keep making eddy curry feel like a waste of humanity.

  3. dave says:

    You got it Jeremy because there is no fatter, lazier, man in the history of pro sports!


  4. Jeremy says:

    Hey Rooster,

    I just checked out that Sally Struthers video and seriously could not stopping laughing for about 5 minutes. I guess my weak spot for comedy lies in grown-ass men in diapers. who knew? Keep it real in Ann Arbor and everywhere else.


  5. dave says:

    Thanks Jeremy! And.. Eddie Curry is still fat and lazy!

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