On The Road Again! (OH-MI) “DAY 21” – 7/25/10

July 26, 2010 - 9:15am - (OH - MI) “DAY 21”

Matt and Pratt's

I woke up this morning knowing it would be my last day in Ohio.

F.Y.I.- The only reason I choose Columbus, Ohio was because my older brother, Adam was born there.  My parents lived there for a few years and then when my Mom got knocked up with me (baby Rooster)... they moved back to NJ.

Family History
Adam was born at Grant Medical Center, so I decided to head down there and see where big brother had his first breath.

I tell ya this... it’s definitely a little awkward (maybe even creepy) walking into a hospital as a 35 year old single man and asking where the maternity area is?... You’re thinking right now... that’s not to creepy...

Correct!  That’s not the creepy part... It’s when you tell them you’re not here to see anybody and you just want to take pictures of other people’s babies!  That’s the creepy part! 🙂 lol

Baby Adam.. 39 years ago.

But... I needed a makeshift picture of baby Adam so I sucked it up, registered as a sex offender, and took the pictures. JK 🙂 lol

After that, I drove to the home where my Mom and Dad lived 40 years ago.  I don’t know if this was the exact town house but it was definitely this style.  (I was on the phone with my Dad when I arrived and he told me where they lived, give or take.)

That was the extent of my family history in Ohio, so I went back to the pad to say my good-byes to Matt and Pratt.  I obviously thanked them, but more than that... I made two friends for life and that is awesome!

Matt, Me "Rooster", Pratt


It was now 5:30 pm and I had one more thing to do before I left Ohio.  Matt’s cousin, Ryan lived 20 minutes away (toward Michigan) and I remembered he had a bunch of roosters running around his backyard when we partied there this week.

Relax... You're my people! 🙂

I called Ryan and asked him if I could stop by before I left town to take a few pictures of me and his roosters.  He laughed, then agreed so I headed to his place as my last stop before Ann Arbor, MI.

When I got there, I didn’t realize how many roosters he had.  There were 20 or so running around everywhere.  I tried my best to get into a picture with a few of them but they couldn’t feel my kinship so I jumped into the rooster cage where they couldn’t run!

Thanks Ryan, it was a lot of fun!

While I was on my way to the highway, I saw a homeless man (Victor) on the side of the road.  I pulled over and spoke with him.


He told me a little about what got him to this point (being homeless), then I gave him a dollar and a gatorade.  He was a nice man, I wish him luck!

I was now headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I will be staying with family.  Nice!  My cousin J.T (25 years old) has lived there for a year or so while he’s attending Law School.  I got lucky because this is his last 2 weeks in Ann Arbor.  He was just accepted into Seton Hall Law to finish his degree back home in New Jersey.  Congrats!

Timing is everything... and so far my timing has been spot on.  Let’s hope that continues. 🙂  It will have to in order for me to make it a whole year.

Charity - Homeless
Anyway as I pulled off the highway and into town, another homeless man was standing on the side of the road with a sign.  I was stopped at the light, so I rolled down my window and spoke with him for a few seconds.  Again, another nice man who is down on his luck.  I gave him close to a dollar in change and headed to J.T.’s.  Good luck my man!

I’ve only been on the road for 3 weeks and I am already seeing that the homeless problem in the United States is vast and to tell you the truth... it seems like it goes unnoticed as well.

If everybody just gave a little money, or time, or resources this problem would exist on a much smaller level.  My eyes have been closed for 34 years... they have finally been opened and for the rest of my life I will try to donate what I can to help out.  Whether it’s just one dollar or a day a month at the soup kitchen, I will be giving back for the rest of my life in some way!

J.T.'s Place

When I pulled up to J.T.’s place, it was 9:30 pm.  We talked on the phone before I got there and decided to order food that would be there upon my arrival.  He told me about a great Deli so I ordered the food and paid for it (credit card again $32.).

It’s great to see family and for those of you don’t know my cousin J.T., he is one of the coolest people in the world.  He reminds me of my best friend Jeremy (who’s doing the website)... I don’t know anybody who knows either of them, that doesn’t like them!  They are just those kinds of people. 🙂

J.T. - "Sookie!"

I was a little beat up from the drive so we decided to stay in and watch HBO shows (True Blood, Entourage)... It’s not just television... It’s HBO!  We ate our sandwiches (which were good) as we cheered on... (Bill’s vampire voice) Sookie!

After that, we watched a movie while we laughed and talked until I passed out on the couch.  I’ve said it before but I actually prefer a couch to a bed.  I don’t know why, but I do.

Oh yeah... I forgot to tell ya, I texted that Russian girl Yana (cups of gas) around noon to go to lunch with me... she never responded.  Oh well, I have learned something though... No more Sunday Dates!  People are to lazy and beat up from the weekend to want to go out with somebody new on a Sunday morning!

Or... I’m still fat!  Either way, I’m working on it! 🙂

Today (Monday), I will playing poker in Detroit at the MGM Grand Casino.  Wish me luck, I need it to replenish my funds!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Gene says:

    Good stuff Dave. The photo of Matt and Pratt is classic (along with guest stars Gatorad and Antacids).

  2. Amanda says:

    It was actually “all my fault” that the Russian girl didn’t call (everything is always my fault).
    Good luck in Ann Arbor and on the rest of the trip. I hope you can come back to Columbus at some point!

  3. dave says:

    You get it Amanda… It was your fault! lol Take care of Matt and hopefully I’ll stop back in a 40 weeks or so!


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