One More Day In NJ! (NJ) “DAY 312” – 5/12/11

May 13, 2011 - 10:15 am - (NJ) “DAY 312” - Week 46 - State 42

I’m not sure how it happened, but here I am 3 days later and I’m still in NJ.  Well, I do know how it happened, Monday I was here to see my Mom, Tuesday was poker and a buddies birthday, Wednesday was the Yankee's game, and today I got stuck here again because of my laptop.  I’ll explain.

My Morning
I woke up this morning around 10 am and after I got done packing to leave, I found my external hard drive and decided to finally back up all my work from my laptop. (Can you believe I’ve been driving for over 10 months without backing up my work.  This could have been a disaster.

Anyway, after a few minutes of trying to figure it out how to back to it up (configuration problems), I decided to go to the Apple store where I bought this laptop and see of they could help me. (This is most important information in the world to me and I need to make sure it’s done right.)

Apple Store (Menlo Mall)
The mall is only 15 minutes from my Mom’s place, so I figured this would take about 20 minutes and then I’d be on the road for the Northeast and the remaining states I have left.

Well.... what happened was the furthest thing from from 20 minutes.  Long story short, I was in the Apple store for over 2 hours while they were transferring my data.  And I was only there that short because that’s when I asked if this transfer could be completed anywhere else.

The guy said yes and told me how to start it back up again when I got to my destination. Now, I had to decided where to finish the download.  After thinking about it for a minute, I went back to my Mom’s to finish it there because when the transfer is complete I’ll leave that information at her place.

F.Y.I. - I could have finished this transfer when I got to wherever I was going, but if my stuff got stolen or a tornado swept my car away, I would have nothing!  No car, no laptop, and no back-up to my work.  So, this way I’ll at least have my first 10 months and 1 week saved incase disaster strikes!

The American Legion
After I stopped at my Mom’s and set up the transfer again, I left her house while it was still loading to go see one of my friend’s (Moose) who just opened up a new place to eat in our home town. (It’s a lunch type place inside the American Legion.)

So, when I got to the Legion, I ordered a hot roast beef sandwich topped with gravy.  Oh yeah!  And to be completely honest, this was one of the best sandwiches I have had all trip long.  It was awesome! (I don’t think I took one breath the whole time I was eating.) Thanks Moose! 🙂

Back To Mom’s
When I got back to Mom’s around 3 pm, I checked my laptop to see how much more time I had to stick around and there was still over 3 hours left in the transfer.  Really!  It takes this long to save some information.  I guess 30,000 pictures will do that. 😉

Frank Stops By
As I was sitting my Mom’s living room watching paint dry (file transfer), Frankie stopped by to say good-bye to me and have a few laughs before I left town.  Frankie is the man as he always has a good attitude about what is going on in life.  He’s a real sharp dude.

Anyway, Frankie and I hung out until Mom got home from work and he only left because my Mom was getting her nails done in her place at 4 pm. (Her nail stylist (Lisa) comes to her place now to do her nails.)  On another note, it could have been Frank, Lisa, or my Mom but somebody left $10 on the table for me.  Thank you whoever!

Waiting On My Mac & Writing
Since I had time to kill while I waiting for my files to be saved, I started to catch up on my writing.  So, for the next 4 hours I just sat in the living room writing and writing and writing.  Then, around 8 pm, I looked down at my computer and realized my transfer was complete.  Whew!  That’s a huge relief! 🙂

Staying The Night
Even though it was already dark out and I had nowhere specifically to be, I got my things ready to leave NJ and head to somewhere.  But then my Mom told me she had just ordered me a pizza because I hadn’t eaten the whole time I was writing in her place. (That’s the standard though, I usually never eat until my writing is done.) 😉

Anyway, since I love pizza and my Mom, I decided to stay for the pizza and the night.  Why not at this point, I’d only be in a car on the way to nowhere with nowhere to stay anyway.  So, there you have it, I got stuck in NJ for another day.

Final Thoughts
Even though I only came to NJ to see my Mom for Mother’s Day, I guess being home does get you stuck sometimes.  So tomorrow, come hell or high water, I’m off to my next state which I think is gonna be New Hampshire now.

F.Y.I - A girl I met in D.C. in week 2 sent me a message inviting me to stay at her place for the week.  She has a boyfriend.)  Thanks Amy and Scott! 🙂

So there you have it, that was my time in NJ.  I stayed a little longer than I expected but I enjoyed every second I got to spend time with family and friends.  New Jersey kicks ass!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Your our hometown guru. Have a great 7 weeks.

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