Organizing My Life & Seeing Old Friends! (AZ) “DAY 135” – 11/16/10

November 17, 2010 - 10:24 am - (Arizona) “DAY 135”

The only thing I had planned for today was organizing my life and catching with up old friends.  As I have told you, I used to live here for awhile so I have many friends who I’m excited to see again. 🙂

I woke up this morning (early) and after talking with Mike before he left for work.  Then, I started to do some laundry while I wrote 2 days worth of posts.  During this time, I hung out Mike’s dogs (Cali and Bailey).

Mike’s dog (Cali) is a really cool garbage eating dog. 😉  I kid... because I really get along with Cali.  Actually, I enjoyed hanging with his dog so much, it’s the reason that I got my dog (Max) about 3 years ago.

F.Y.I. - When I used to visit here (for a month at a time), when everybody would leave the house to go to work (Mike, Bopp, Jeff), I would take Cali for walks and just chill out together.  Cali’s a pimp dog!  Now... Bailey is new and a puppy at that, so we’ll see! 😉

Lyndsey - Mike’s Roommate
During this time, Mike’s roommate and my friend Lyndsey got home from work (1 pm).  (I think Lyndsey might be the coolest girl I have ever met, for real. :))  Anyway, I have known her for about 4 or 5 years and ever since we first hung out... we just got along real well! 🙂

I would like to write more about Lyndsey but she wouldn’t take any pictures for me yesterday because when she got home, she had just worked, worked out, and Monday... she was so hungover I thought she was dead when I got here. 😉

Cooper’s Place
I finished writing/posting around 5 pm and as soon as I was done, I hit the road to go see my old roommate and one of my best friends, Ryan Cooper (Coop).  Cooper is a great dude who I have know since 1998.

We met when he was still going to ASU and I was just living here doing... whatever.?  We were friends then, but it wasn’t until 2001 that we became such close friends.  After that, I lived with Casey (Seattle friend) and Cooper for about 4 years.  We had a blast! 🙂

Anyway, I got to Coop’s and when I walked in... I saw another old friend, Deniro (Jeremy Friedland).  Deniro and I have been friends for almost 18 years now.  He’s from NYC and I’m from NJ but that’s not how we know each other.

We met at WVU in 1992.  I was “Crazy Dave” back then (that’s how the whole school knew me) and he was well... still Deniro! LOL  The truth is, he has always looked like Robert Deniro even when he was just 18. 😉

We were friends our freshman year at college and stayed friends until I left 4 years later with 28 credits (1992-96).  After that, we didn’t speak again until I was on vacation in Arizona 2 years later.  I was at a random bar and out of nowhere... Deniro walks up to me and says, “Crazy Dave?”.

F$&king wild how life works out sometimes.  It was just that random.  We grew up 15 miles from each other but never met.  Then, we originally meet in West Virginia and years later re-meet, but this time... all the way across the country in Tempe, AZ.

Sometimes... you are just meant to be friends with certain people and Deniro is one of them!  Thanks for being such a good friend for all these years!  F.Y.I. - Deniro introduced me to Scott (Vegas) back then as well.

Larry Miller - Home Poker Game
While I was hanging out with the boys, Larry Miller text me to see if I was in town yet and if I wanted to play in a home poker game (I thought tournament).  He said I could bring Coop if he wanted to go too (Deniro doesn’t play).

Coop and I were in, so we said good-bye to Deniro and headed to Larry’s buddy’s house about 10 minutes away.

Home Poker Game
When we arrived, Larry was outside waiting for us which was perfect because we were a few houses away.  Thanks Larry!

F.Y.I. - I have known Larry for 5 years. We used to play softball together and have many mutual friends.  Also... he’s the worst fantasy baseball owner I know! LOL JK 😉

We eventually walked in after bull shitting for a bit and met Jake (the guy who’s house it was).  Jake was a cool guy as he explained to us how the game was gonna be played as well as where the beer was and whatnot.

I didn’t know it until that minute but it wasn’t a home poker tournament... it was a home poker cash game.  It’s not that big of a deal but a cash game is played different than tourney and with the buy-in being just $25 (per man/woman)... I just wasn’t that interested anymore.

None-the-less, I was there and everybody was cool, so I stayed and played until I lost my $25 buy-in.  I didn’t mind losing because I was getting tired and hey... it’s only $25 bucks.  (I lost most of my chips to quad 4’s.)  It happens! 😉

Back To Mike’s
Like I said, I was getting tired and still had some laundry to put away, so I went back to Mike’s to hang with him and Jeff for a bit. (to left: Jeff)

My plan was to watch some TV with Mike and then hit the casino but... before I knew it, it was after midnight as I crashed on the couch.

F.Y.I. - The texting between Celine an I hasn't slowed down and... I’m pretty sure this Friday, Celine is jumping on plane to meet me here in Arizona.  Our plan is to travel together until... well... we hate each other! 🙂

I said it yesterday, but I am so happy to be back In Arizona for the week or more.  I do have 4 weeks to play with. (Only 48 states but 52 weeks.) 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Dave, I even remember Coop. He looks pretty much the same. Sounds like AZ feels right for you at the right time. Enjoy catching up with the gang.
    My best to all.

  2. bennervous says:

    Ironic that Deniro’s shirt has a royal flush on it, but he doesn’t play poker. Also, amazing similarity to the real Deniro.

  3. tom buckley says:

    Celine is sexy

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