Partying All Day With Amy, Scott, & Their Family! (NH) “DAY 314” – 5/14/11

May 16, 2011 - 1:35 pm - (NH) “DAY 314” - Week 46 - State 43

After a good night’s sleep in Amy and Scott’s guest room, I woke up today and immediately got to writing. (I knew I had to get some posts done today before anything else happened.)

And, it actually worked out perfect because as I was writing Scott and Amy were doing the normal stuff they would do on any Saturday afternoon (yard work, dog stuff, etc..).  Cool, I’m not bothering them at all. (Hey, I don’t want to disrupt anybody’s life when somebody is doing me a huge favor.)

Going To A Party
I knew last night that today the five of us (dogs included) were going to Scott’s sister’s house (Kelly) for a party today around 3 pm. (It’s a family party with a bunch of their of friends but also they are a having a local popular band show up to play for any hour.) (Left: Kelly, Lower right: Jeff)

F.Y.I. - The band is friends with Kelly and her husband (Jeff) and since they let the band use one of their Van’s for traveling purposes, the band repays them by playing at their party.  It works out for everybody.  As Charlie Sheen would say... Winning!

Dropping Off A Ladder & Rescuing A Bird
We left the house (Amy and Scott’s) around 3 pm but before we drove to his sister’s house (which is only 1/2 mile away), we stopped off somewhere so Scott could drop off a ladder or something.

Anyway, while Amy and I were waiting on Scott, she noticed a bird that was trapped inside a screen on the side of the house.  Wow, she must have eyes like a hawk cause I didn’t even notice it.

Amy is a huge animal lover so she immediately got down on the ground and tried to free the bird.  I didn’t know how to help because I have no idea how to take out a screen, but Amy figured it out and freed him/her.

I think the bird kinda knew she was helping because it stayed calm until Amy got the screen off.  But once the the bird realized it had an opening, it flew right past her and off into the sky. (I even got a picture of the it flying around in the sky after it was freed.)  Really cool! 🙂 (Right: Bird flying.)

Kelly & Jeff’s House (Scott’s Sister)
We arrived at the party slightly after 3 pm and when we got there I was introduced to a lot of people. (For starters, Kelly and Jeff have 5 kids, so just trying to remember their names was more than enough for me.) 😉

Anyway, for the next hour or so I just walked around the party mingling with whoever would talk to a traveling New Jersey guy. (Actually, one of Kelly’s friends said to her the next day, “You’re parties always have something interesting going on, but last night you even had a homeless guy at your party.” LOL

The Band Arrives
Sometime around 4 pm the band that was playing at the party showed up.  I didn’t know anybody who was playing but after talking to the guys in the band (and girl), I found out that they weren’t a band at all as each person plays in their own band.

So, what we were seeing was a real cool jam feast from 4 separate artists playing together to have some fun.  If I was from around here and was already a fan of these bands, this would be the coolest show I could see.

F.Y.I. - Although it would be on a much smaller level, this is like seeing Eddie Vedder, John Cougar Mellencamp, John Popper, & Alanis Morissette all playing together at a house party.  Like I said, really cool. 🙂

Marty England
Even though I met all four members of the make-shift band, I only remember three of their names (Cole, Jesse, Marty) and only one of them (Marty England), I knew the whole name of. (Sorry guys and to the girl who sang, I’m really sorry.)

Still, I really did enjoy their show as they played a variety of different songs for about an hour on the back porch.  I’m not sure of the names of the songs they sang because most of them were original tunes by each performer there.

But, at some point Marty started to sing a popular song as a favor to Kelly.  The song he sang was “Sweet Caroline”.  I don’t think he enjoyed it that much but everybody loved it as we all sand along. (Kelly was dancing it up with her kids while he played a Neil Diamond favorite.)

The Band Packs To Leave
The reason the band was even at the house playing (other than the fact that they are friends with Kelly and Jeff) is because Kelly and Jeff let them use their van for shows on the road.  The van is nicknamed the “Ass Van” because there are two donkey’s on the back of it. LOL 😉

So, after getting a picture with the band by the Asses, they packed up all their stuff and said good-bye to the party. (All day long this band was going from house to house playing music to return favors to people that have helped them out this year. I think they’re playing 6 places today for an hour each.)  Good luck guys and girl! 🙂

A Coal Burning Stove
After the band left it was starting to get cold out, so Jeff (his house) went inside and started up the coal burning stove in order to warm up the party .  I don’t know about anybody else but I have never seen a piece of coal up close before.  Why would I, when would I have been in a coal mine or used a coal burning stove. 😉

Anyway, it was real cool to see and let me tell you... when this stove finally got going, it got really hot in there.  The only problem is, you have to keep fueling it with coal in order to keep it going. (In case your curious, I was told coal cost .19 cents a pound around here.)

The Bruins Play-off Game On TV
Unfortunately for me, I’m in the Boston area so everybody around here are fans of the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins.  Now, I don’t dislike the Bruins that much, but I do hate all the other Boston teams so this is painful for me to be around. (I don’t hate the Bruins completely because I stopped following hockey religiously after their strike.)

By the time the game started (8 pm) a lot of people had already left the party.  But, there still was a few people who hung around as the die-hard sports fans stayed to watch their Bruins get ransacked by the Tampa Bay Lightning. (The final was 5-2 and it wasn’t even that close.)

Calling It A Night
After the game ended, Amy, Scott, and I left the party and went back to their house for the night. (The party was already over as we were 3 of the last 5 people standing when we left.  Everybody else has either bounced or was passed out.)

Then, after getting everything out of the car (mainly the dogs), Amy and Scott went to sleep as I stayed up a little while longer so I could talk with Jeremy on the phone as I always do.

I gotta end this post by saying that Amy, Scott, and his family are all awesome people!  Seriously, how cool is it that this family has taken me in and treated me like a life-long friend even though they have known me for only a short period of time. So, to everybody I met today, Thank You and I had a great time! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    New Englanders are very hospitable. I bet they don’t even lock their doors. Have a great week in the fresh outdoors.

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