People Are Awesome! (GA) “DAY 258” – 3/19/11

March 20 - 3:06 am - (GA) “DAY 258” - Week 37 - State 33

I woke up in my car this morning at 10 am-ish in the Hostel parking lot.  Wow!  I didn’t think I was gonna sleep that long.  Now I have decide what I’m gonna do.  With no reason to stay in Brunswick anymore, I hopped on highway and headed north.

Traveling To Savannah
I choose to head to Savannah today for a few reasons. 1.) It was north with is the way I’m traveling. 2.) They is a casino cruise line there. 3.) It’s suppose to a beautiful city. 4.) I have another day to spend in Georgia before I head to Myrtle Beach, SC.

Deciding Where To Stay

For over 200 days my Dad has been offering to get me a room for the night, but each time he offers I tell him that I got it and one day when I really need it I’ll call him for his donation.  Well... today was that day.

Finding A Room In Savannah
I only did a quick internet search, but rooms were kinda expensive this weekend in and around Savannah.  The reason... Savannah supposedly has one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day party’s in the America where over 300,000 people hit the town.

So, even though St. Patty’s Day was 2 days ago, their are still a lot of extra people in town for the event.  Knowing this, I pulled off highway about 10 miles from where the downtown area is to find a room.

Budget Hotel

After checking with a few hotels off the highway, I spotted a Budget Hotel and negotiated the room from $65 down $55 before I called my Dad to make sure he was OK with the price.  He said that was fine so I got the room for the night.  Thanks for the donation Dad! 🙂

Meeting Rob

After I parked my car in front of my room and was getting out to unpack some things, a guy (Rob) who was walking his dog shouted out to me, “ What’s  Then, as I always do, I explained to him what I was doing and some of what I have done.

Interested in my tale, Rob and I talked for at least 20 minutes about my journey and then about whatever.  He was a real nice guy and before he left to go back to his room, he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him and wife later, his treat.

People are so amazing!  I told him that would great as I went to my room to write for what turned out to be the entire day and evening. (I’m still writing and it’s 4:30 am.)

Writing While Watching NCAA Basketball
The room I have tonight isn’t bad as it has a fridge and microwave along with other usual amenities.  Truthfully, I don’t really care as long as there’s a clean bed and shower.

So, after taking a much needed shower, I sat down on the bed and got to writing while I watched WVU play Kentucky in the NCAA tournament.  Unfortunately for Mountaineer fans everywhere, our season ended as Kentucky outplayed us in the 2nd half.

After the game ended, I took a nap because lying on a soft bed felt really nice after a night in the car and 2 nights in a tree. 😉  Zzzzzzzz.  Two hours later (around 4:30 pm), I got up and immediately started writing again.

Rob Buys Me Dinner
Around 6 pm, Rob knocked on my door and after a quick conversation, he said he would buy me dinner.  Rob and wife decided to stay in for dinner, so Rob and I drove to KFC so we could get some take-out.

When we got there, he told me to get whatever I wanted so I ordered a KFC meal and he ordered two to-go meals for him and his wife.  We talked for another 20 minutes or so about life and then parted ways for the night.  Thanks you again Rob!

The Rest Of The Night

I wish there was more to tell but for the rest of the night I just sat in my room and wrote/posted while I watched TV.  It has been a long day though as it’s currently 5:15 am and I’m still up working.  Tomorrow I leave for South Carolina, my 34th State!  Woo Hoo!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Glad to here the TV,shower & bed were good.
    I hope Savannah is fun

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