The Pirates’ Mascot Tried To Kill Me… Why!!! (Pitt,PA) “Day 15” – 7/19/10

July 20, 2010 - 9:26am - (Pittsburgh, PA) - “Day 15”

Yesterday (Monday), I packed up all my stuff and headed out of VA.  Thanks for a great week Kim!  Next city... Columbus, Ohio.  If you read “Day 14”, you would know I was planning a one day pit stop in Pittsburgh, to see a baseball game, play poker, and catch up with old friends before I continue on to Ohio..

I left Kim’s (VA) at Noon and arrived in Washington, PA (20 min. south of Pitt.) around 5pm.  It took a little longer than expected because I had to get gas, eat, and GPS got me lost for a minute.

My plan was... to get to the casino around 3pm, play for a few hours, then meet up with my (WVU) friends and go to the Pirates baseball game.  Since I arrived later than expected, I only had time to walk into the casino and check it out before I met up with B.J and Shakes (WVU Friends) to leave for Pittsburgh.

Nick, Greg, Me "Rooster", Shakes, Frank

B.J. and Shakes invited a few of there other friends (Nick, Greg, Frank), so we had a nice crew for game (Pirate’s vs. Brewer’s).  We didn't hit any traffic and got to PNC Park in no time.  So much different than a Yankee game.

We had time to get a few pre-game drinks, so we hit a bar across from the stadium.  When I walked in, I looked around to see if there was any pretty girls I could talk to (after getting a drink).

It was mostly dudes in there then I saw two girls sitting by themselves outside on the patio.  I immediately approached them and asked if they minded some conversation, they said pull up a chair, I did.

Missy, Me "Rooster", Allie - Woo Hoo!

It turned out, they were mother/daughter and just got back from kayaking.  Their bill was already paid and were about to leave when I offered them a shot.  We did the shot and talked for 20 minutes or so.

They were both really cool and pretty, like mother... like daughter. 🙂  I asked them to take a picture with me and I got one :).  Thanks Missy and Allie.

After that, it was time to get our tickets and head into the game.  One of the guys negotiated with a scalper and got 6 tickets ($7 each).  Our seats were... anywhere we wanted...

We made our home base seats in the left field-outfield, 2cd row (home run territory).  As soon as we sat down... It started to pour!  The game was immediately stopped and went into a rain delay.

Forty-five minutes later, the game was back on and we were in our seats.  I hadn’t hung out with

You'll be hearing from lawyer!

Shakes (one of the coolest guys in the world) in awhile so we ventured to do whatever throughout the stadium.

The first thing that happened was the Pirate’s mascot didn’t like my Yankee Jersey and tried to kill me!  You’ll be hearing from lawyer parrot! JK 🙂

Then, we bounced around the stadium sitting in almost any seat we wanted. we stay somewhere for a inning and then would move on.  It was a lot of laughs!

Shakes and I then went back to the outfield seats around the 7th inning.  The Pirates were down 3-1 in the bottom of the 9th when they almost rallied back to win.  They didn’t and that’s why there was only 10,000 or so people at the game.

Zoe and Me "Rooster"

Oh, I almost forgot, during the ninth inning, I spotted another hot MLB ball girl.  So, I rushed over to the other side of the field (she was on the 1st base side) and asked her if she would take a picture with me.  She did and I gave her a Rooster card with my number on it ;).  Thanks Zoe!

By the way, where are all these hot ball girl’s coming from?  I guess the answer would be... WHO CARES! Just keep ‘em coming at every stadium.. 🙂

I met back up with the guys after the game and then we headed to the parking lot to go home.  We debated on wether or not to go a bar but ended up heading back to the cars in Washington, PA.

BJ, Me "Rooster", Shakes

I had a great time with everybody but hanging with Shakes and BJ is always a blast!  They are great dudes who I’m glad I’m still such good friends with.

It was 11:30 pm and I called another old college friend (Jen) to see what she was up to.  She was invited to the game with us but couldn’t go cause she was working.  After a few text messages she told me to stop by her place and have a drink.

Of course, I said OK and headed over.  Jen still looks great.  We talked and laughed for awhile, then rented “Alice in Wonderland”.  I was so exhausted and the movie was so crazy... next thing I knew... it was morning.  I passed out cold and apparently snored like a water buffalo.  I never heard a water buffalo snore but I’m sure it isn’t pleasant!


It’s now morning and I have to move on!  Thanks for letting me crash Jen!

Ahh..I should have already been in Columbus, Ohio by now..

I plan on stopping in Wheeling,WV to have lunch with another WVU friend (Bub).  He is a character, to say the least.  After that... I’m really off to Ohio ST!


I never did get to play but... I haven’t left yet either.  If I do, you’ll find out about it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Hey Dave,
    Hangin with WVU buddies, getting kissed by a Mother & Daughter, photo’s with cute ball girls and hot lookin
    friends like Jen. Life is good for the Rooster !!!

  2. Gene Montemore says:

    Last time I saw BJ and Shakes we were stun gunning each other. Thanks for the memories (NOT).

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