Playing Tennis & Catching Up On NY Sports Teams! (NJ) “DAY 361” – 6/30/11

July 2, 2011 - 11:20 am - (NJ) “DAY 361” - Week 52 - State 48

Just as I have done almost every day this year, I woke up this morning and immediately started writing.  The only thing different today is that I’m watching multiple TV shows while I’m doing it.  Ya see, in a week or two I have my next audition for 660 AM “The FAN” and I need to catch up on my NY sports knowledge.

F.Y.I. - I don’t know exactly when the next audition is because they didn’t tell me, but I know it must be relatively soon because the contest ends sometime in late August.

Watching Sports Talk On TV
So, while I was writing and posting my daily story, I watched (well... listened to) a few different sports talk show hosts who were on the TV.  The first show I listened to was Boomer and Carton in the morning. (Boomer is Boomer Esiason, former NFL QB and Craig Carton is a professional broadcaster who grew up on Long island.)

Anyway, I really like this show because they are funny, informative, and have a good flow.  If you’ve never listened to them they are on every morning on 660 AM “The Fan” here in the NY area.

Then, after that show ended, I changed the channel to watch Dan Patrick on MSG+.  If you don’t know who Dan Patrick is... I can’t help you because you obviously don’t have a TV or laptop.

F.Y.I. - In my opinion, Dan Patrick is one best around when talking sports on the radio. (I’m also a fan of Colin Cowherd and Jim Rome although I only like Rome when he is actually talking sports.)

Buck Calls Me
While I was doing all that, my phone rang and it was Buck asking me if I wanted to play tennis with him.  Since I knew I wasn’t gonna do much else today except brush up on my sports knowledge and finish writing, I decided to get a little exercise and said sure.

Playing Tennis With Buck
Now, yesterday when Buck and I went to Tamaques Park to play tennis, we didn’t actually play a match, we just hit around because I’m so fat and out of shape, I didn’t want to die on the court. 😉

But, today is a different day, so I told Buck I’d actually play a set against him (maybe  two).  The reason it’s maybe two because who knows if I’ll make it through a set of tennis on hot day like today and Buck has somewhere he has to be.

The First Set
Just to set the scene appropriately, Buck never played any competitive tennis in his life (he just uses it for exercise), whereas I used to play in high school and was selected to an All-State team (2nd team All-State, Group 2, 3rd singles in 1992).

My point is, although I’m in terrible shape, I can still hit a tennis ball well.  And on the flip side, although Tom is in very good shape, his tennis skills are not at the level mine are.  So, the only way he can beat me is to get me tired and then just watch me fall apart in front him.  It’s happened before. 🙂

Anyway, long story short, we played a pretty competitive set although the score didn’t reflect it. (I won it 6-0.)  Then, luckily for me, Buck had somewhere to be because if we played another set, I may have died right there in on the court.  Whew, I’m in real bad shape!

The Rest Of My Day/Night
After playing tennis and getting home, the only thing I did for the rest of the day besides eat and whatnot, was to watch sports while trying to remember everything I saw and heard.  Like I said, I have to do everything I can in order to give myself the best chance to win that radio show.

Now, I could go into each and every channel I watched but since that’s ridiculous, I’ll just give you a quick idea of my night.  First, since the NBA lockout started tonight at midnight, I watched a little NBA TV trying to figure out what’s going on there. (I gotta tell ya, it’s much harder to learn about a lockout than about a actual sports season.)

Then, I watched MLB TV to see what was going in baseball, followed by the NFL network, then ESPN’s Sportscenter, and so on and so on.  By the time I went to bed (in my own bed), it was after 2 am and my brain was tired.  Well, that’s it.  Tomorrow, I have family things planned as well as charity stuff.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    You look good holding the racket, but how did
    you move?

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