Poker & A Place To Sleep! NIce! (IA) “DAY 73” – 9/15/10

September 15, 2010 - 11:40 am - (IA) “DAY 73”

Well... for the first time on this trip, I didn’t wake up this morning because I never went to sleep.  I had a room for Monday and Wednesday but not Tuesday, so I had to suck it up and pull an all nighter.

I did get into my room as early as possible (9:30 am when check in is 3 pm), so it wasn’t that bad.  I still had to write my post though, so before I went to sleep, I finished writing “DAY 72”.  It was about 2:30 pm when I got done... time to take a nap!  Zzzzzzzz 🙂

I set the alarm on my phone for 5 pm but that didn’t work as I sleep right through it.  I eventually woke up on my own around 6:30 pm.   I was still tired but couldn’t waste the rest of the day lying in bed so I got up, showered, and then hit the poker room.


I had winning day yesterday (+$187) and need to continue the positive momentum.  Maybe the change from a weak rooster to a billy goat was just the move I needed to make! 😉  We’ll see...

I was immediately sat in a 1-3 NL limit game and bought in for $140. (If I’ve been writing 1-2 NL, my bad... it’s been 1-3 NL the whole time in Iowa.)  I have been here a few days now and I’m starting recognize some of the players.  That helps!

Anyway, I can’t remember the hands like I usually do because I was still sleepy and not truly awake yet.  None-the-less, I’ll do my best.  The first hand I played was (10, 7) off- suit in the button.

Everybody limped in so I did the same.  The flop... (Q, 8, 2) two clubs.  Everybody checked up to the player before me.  He bet $10.  I had played with him already and knew he had nothing so I raised it to $30... with nothing.

The guy in the little blind called... Oh No! And the guy who bet folded as I knew he would.  Now, I’m in trouble though, the little blind must have a big hand and he only has $35 left.  I can’t bluff him out. 🙁

The turn... 9.  Ok... I have an open end straight.  Maybe, I’ll get lucky one time!  He checked, so I checked back.  Again, I knew he wasn’t going anywhere.  The river... 10.  He checked.  I thought about pushing him ALL IN but I just checked back and I’m glad I did.  He had a Q and a club draw.  He took down the pot.

Ahhh... WHY AM I BLUFFING!  I re-grouped my game, tightened up, and went on a run.  I knew I was only playing until 9 pm because True Blood (HBO) was rerunning the finale that I had missed (last Sunday) at 9 pm. 🙂

Around 8:45, I order some breakfast (from the table) and when it was done I picked up chips and left to go watch HBO (up $123).  It’s not TV... It’s HBO!  LOL

True Blood (HBO)
So... I settled down in my room, ate my breakfast, and watched the finale of True Blood.  I needed a day like this after basically being homeless yesterday. 😉

After True Blood ended, I watched some more TV and then decided I should go work out in the free gym they have downstairs.  I need to start using free weights again and rebuild my muscles. 🙂

Now, I haven’t lifted weights in a little over a year.  The longest I haven’t used free weights in whole life (since 13).  Yes, it’s because I have been lazy but the reason for the extreme length was that I had shoulder surgery last August 14 and it was a 10 month recovery.

I wasn’t gonna push it so I just did some chest, tries, bies, and shoulders.  I only did 5 sets of each using light dumbbells.  I know it worked because as I write this (Thursday morning) I am already feeling sore. 🙂  Nice!

A Good Nights Rest
It was midnight when I finished working out so I went back up to my room, showered, and then laid down while watching TV.   I don’t know what time I fell asleep at but it was sometime after 2 am. (I remember seeing the clock at 2:04 am.)

Today was basically uneventful but I did pick up another $123 at the poker table and I had a place to sleep.  Sounds like heaven to me! 😉

Charity Work
Tomorrow (Thursday), I have charity work to do at the Micah House at 4 pm.  I think I’ll be playing and working with kids.  I’m excited to help out and look forward to going there.

Plus the lady who is my contact there (Jessica), may have gotten me a room at Harrah’s for the night!  I look forward to meeting you.  Thank you Jessica!

Thanks for reading!


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