Poker and Fitness: The Battle Continues… (DE) “DAY 5” – 7/9/10

July 9, 2010 (DE) 4:15pm

If you are a regular reader, you might have picked up from "DAY 4's" story that I did not make it to today's (Friday) 10 am poker tournament at Delaware Park Racetrack and Casino.  I was just too tired and the casino is 30 minutes away.  Plus, I have learned I don't play good poker when I'm tired or angry.  If I went this morning it would have been both!  I also could have went to hot yoga class at noon... missed that too... I was sleeping like a rock.

As I am writing right now, I am working out in John's basement.  He has a nice set of dumbbells so I am doing a bunch of different exercises to re-build my flabby physique.  After each set, I type a little. (break time) See, I'm back already.  (I did a set of curls).

I'm already feeling a little better although my body doesn't show it yet.  Day by day...

Tonight I'm playing poker after I eat dinner with John and the family! 🙂  I'm sure it will be something good, Sara's cooking! (John's wife)

July 10, 2010 (DE) 6:06 am


I just got home from the casino (Delaware Park) and I am tired but I must type on!

Tonight was a crazy night in the casino... from a 3 hour wait with a 123 person list to fights breaking out all over the place, topped off with a drunk crazy dude who sung the whole Salt N Pepper song "Push It" for the whole poker room to hear, needless to say, I have stuff to write.

Me "Rooster" and Rich

After I had dinner at John's and it was real good (eggplant parm.) I headed over to the casino to build an empire!

Oh yeah, at dinner Sara's Dad (Rich) gave me a $5 donation to put in my gas tank.  Thanks Rich!

I was full of energy for a lively Friday night of poker so when I arrived to see there was a waiting list to play, I was a little deflated.  It wasn't just because

It's blurry but you get the picture

there was a list, it was because the list for  a 1-2 NL game was 123 people long.  Yes, there was 122 people ahead of me waiting to play or at least they put their name down. (Some people just left because of the daunting wait.)

For the people unfamiliar with casino poker, sometimes a big list has 20 names on it, a huge list has 50, I've never seen a list of 123 people waiting to play poker.

Anyway, when you approach the board (the area where you put your name down), I put mine down for 3 different games: 1-2 NL (123 person list), 2-5 NL (65 person list), and 3-6 limit Hold'em (45 person list).

After a 3 hour wait, I was finally seated at a 2-5 NL limit game.  The buy in for this game in this casino is anywhere between $200 - $1,000.   I bought in for $250.

The table was a full of big stacks ranging from $700 to over $2,000.  I was definitely the short stack. My first hand I got A, 2 of spades.  I limped in for $5 and saw the flop.  Nothing came and I folded.

A few hands later I got pocket KK's in the small blind and after a big stack raised it to $25, I popped it back to $75.  Everybody folded and I picked up a few bucks.  About ten more hands went by before I was called for the 1-2 NL game I wanted to play.  I was up $29 so I decided to go to the smaller game and play more in my comfort zone. (I do only have a 2 G bankroll.)

Me "Rooster and Luc

This is where all the action begun.  Since it was 1-2 NL game, the buy in amount is different.  In a 1-2 NL game (in this casino) the buy is anywhere between $100 - $300.  So I put $75 back in my pocket and I played with $204 on the table.

To my right was a Asian guy who had over $900 in chips.  He was a nice guy and when he picked up his chips to leave, he gave me a $25 donation toward my journey.  Thank you Luc!

Nick and Me "Rooster - I guess good players do dress alike!

Seated to my left was a really cool guy named Nick.  He was a regular there and knew most of the players.  I could tell he knew the game and we talked for most of the night... as well as bs-ing with anybody who would listen to me! 🙂

Around 3am a full moon must of come out cause the whole poker room started arguing.  The table right behind me almost had a fist fight between and old skinny dude and younger Italian acting guy.  They almost came to blows and the floor ended up throwing both of them out.

Then minutes later, the table to my left got into a fight and some people were thrown out.

Stop... Push It... Push it real good!

Lastly and most memorably, A drunk crazy dude started to sing Salt N' Pepper's "Push It".  Ya know, stop.. push it, push it real good.. Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dadunna... You get it.

Well... he got thrown out to, I guess they don't like Salt N Pepper in Delaware!

After all the madness I cashed out of the 1-2 game at 5am with $349.  So, lets do some math. I won $25 at the 2-5 game and $149 at the 1-2 game, totaling $174 for the night.  Oh yeah, and Luc's $25 donation made it a $200 night. (although that $25 will go into it's own bank account for emergency!)

Tomorrow (well tonight) I have to find a date!  Let's see if I can pull it off!


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  1. Dad says:

    your meeting some very generous, interesting people.
    between the photo’s and stories, there should be
    enough material to publish a few books.
    keep on writing, it’s great stuff.

  2. Adam says:

    My first post just to let you – and everyone else – know that even though I haven’t posted a comment (or called or emailed or texted…let’s face it – there’s no need – I know everything that’s going on), your big brother is out here keeping an eye on you…Can’t wait to see what happens tonight on “date night”

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