Poker, Charity Work, & A Night On The Town! (IA) “DAY 74” – 9/16/10

September 17, 2010 - 1:32 pm - (IA) “DAY 74”

I got up this morning around 10 am and I had to be out of my room by 1 pm (late check-out) so I got to writing and finished my post just before I had to leave.  Nice!

Finding A Place To Stay
Today at 4 pm, I have charity work to do at The Micah House.  My contact there is a girl named Jessica.  She was super cool and took it upon herself (after talking to me) to try and get a room for me at one of the Harrah’s properties (they work with Harrah’s).

So, I called Jessica as I was leaving to see if she was able to make it happen.  I spoke with her briefly and she said she thought her contact (Tiffany) at Harrah’s got a me a room for the night (Thursday) and would have already called me about it.

She hadn’t... so I just went right over to Harrah’s and tried to check into my room (I was hoping for the best :)).  When I got to the front desk, the guy working there had no idea who I was. 🙁

So I called Jessica and asked her if she could find out what was going on.  She was very helpful and told me she had called her contact on left a message for her and would let me know if anything transpires.

It was about 1:30 pm, so I got back in my car and went to go play some poker at the Horseshoe.  I had about 2 hours to kill before I had charity work.  (I’ll worry about where I’m staying after.) 😉


On my way over to the Horseshoe, I got a call from Tiffany (Harrah’s PR).  She explained to me there was a mis-understanding and that she hadn’t booked me a room for Thursday but would try and get one right now.  She then added that if she could, I would probably hear from her with-in the hour.  Nice!

I got to poker room around 2 pm and was immediately sat into a 1-3 NL game.  I bought in for $140 as I pulled out my lucky Billy Goat and placed him on top of my chips.  So far... he’s 2-2!  Good Billy Goat! 🙂

The whole time I was playing, I was hoping for the phone call to let me know I had a room.  The call never came...

Anyway, I played real tight and won the hands I was in but unfortunately I was never a big hand.  Every time I had something, the other person didn’t. 🙁  None-the-less, I was up $63 and it was 3 pm, so I left the table to head off to do some charity work.

On my way to the car, I received a call from Harrah’s letting me know I had a room for the night and I could stop by at any time to check in.  Sweet!  The Karma of doing charity work must have just paid off!  🙂

Harrah’s Casino & Hotel
It was about 3:30 pm, so I rushed over to Harrah’s to check in and put stuff stuff away.  The Micah House is just 5 miles away, so I still had some time to get to my volunteer work on time.  Perfect! 🙂

Charity Work
So far this day has worked out perfectly.  I won at poker, got a room for the night, and arrived at the Micah House on time for my volunteer shift.

The Micah House is a place where people (mostly families) who are down and out have a place to go for a month or so, to get back on their feet.  They provides everything they need to get a new start in life.

The people that live there have to attend classes (workshops) on how to get a job, money management, etc... while they are living there.  They are provided with a free room, food, and all the necessities needed to live a normal lifestyle while they are there.

The Micah House even has an area with all kinds of dress cloths so when the individuals there get a job interview, they have the appropriate clothing necessary to get the job.

When I arrived there, I was put right to work.  My first task was to bottle laundry detergent into single size servings using empty pill containers.  (I filled about 50-70 of them.)

After I finished that task, I finally met Jessica (she was out on errand when I arrived).

Me "Rooster" and Jessica

F.Y.I - She was as cool in person as she was on the phone.  Anyway, she walked me down to the kitchen where her and I made some cookies together (for the kids).

I am not much of baker but we followed a recipe she found on the internet and... well... I don’t how good they were but I tried my best and I think people ate them without getting sick! 😉

My next job was serving dinner to residents at the Micah House.  The head cook there was a young girl named Deanna.

She was real nice and ran a pretty smooth kitchen.  Not to mention, the chili she made was pretty good.  🙂 Working along side me for the day was another volunteer named Cissy.


She was there because she had fill 20 hours of volunteer work for a class she was taking in


college.  Cissy and I talked for most of the time I worked in the kitchen.

We spoke about my journey, her life and goals, as well as anything that came up.  We got along pretty well as talking with her made the time fly by.  I wish you the best of luck in life Cissy!  Be good and make things you want in life a priority!  🙂

It was 7 pm and we had finished everything that needed to be done, so I said good-bye to the Micah House and headed back to Harrah’s to relax in my room.

I had such good time there (great people) and I really feel like they do help, so if I can, I might go back and give another day of service.

Cory, Girls, Me "Rooster"

A New Friend: Cory
Earlier in the day, I reached out to guy I met at the casino (Cory).  Cory and I had played poker together Monday night and after he left, he Facebook friended me.

I checked out his profile/page and realized he was just a younger version on me and my friends from NJ, so I sent him message seeing what he up to later.  All I wrote was for him to call me if he had minute.

It was on my drive back to Harrah’s that he called me.  We spoke for a few minutes on phone as he told he was going out with a bunch of girls later and invited me to join them.

People are so cool!  He said they were going out at about 10 pm but he would text me when he knew exactly.  Perfect!  You da man Cory!

Meeting Up With Cory & The Girls
I met Cory at 10 pm-ish in the parking lot of the bar we were going to (Fedora).  He was with 2 girls (Taylor and ??) and one more showed up, I don’t remember their names.  My bad. 🙂

Taylor and Cory

Anyway, instead of going right in, we sat in the car in the parking lot and finished off a bottle of Vodka as a pre-game (money saver)!  Ahh... to be young again! 😉  I haven’t done this in forever but I remember the days when I did and I always had fun, this should be no different.

We finally entered the bar around 10:30-11 pm and I could already feel the vodka hitting me.  I am gonna be drunk tonight!  There’s no escaping it now! LOL 🙂

Cory seemed to know everybody in the bar as well as every hot girl that passed us by.  Seriously, he probably had at least 3 different hot chicks that would had left with him if in a second if he wanted to.

Ahhhh... to be young!  I’d trade places in a second to be 22 again!

Over the course of the evening, we did shots, hung out with numerous groups of girls, and laughed for most of the night!  Cory was super cool and introduced to everybody as

Cory & Cool Bartneder

he included me in every aspect of the evening, I never felt out of place.  Thank you pal!

The bar closed at 2 am, so we hit the parking lot and tried to find our ride.  There were people everywhere in the parking lot acting a fool.  I must have saw about 3 fights almost break out.

And... the crazy thing was, there were cops all over the place but the young maniacs didn’t even care as they keep yelling at each other while the cops were in the middle of scuffle.  Nothing happened though as the police did a good job of keeping the peace.

We eventually found our ride and I arrived back at Harrah’s around 3 am-ish.  Thank you Cory for a great night out!  I needed it!

Harrah’s - Aces Diner
I was trashed and hungry so I went to the 24 hr diner inside of Harrah’s.  I didn’t want to waste money on a drunken food binge so I order the cheapest thing they had... 99 cent fries!

The fries hit the spot as I ate them in my bed until I fell asleep around 4 am.

It is 3:08 pm and I am sitting at Aces Diner in Harrahs.  I have been checked out of my room since 1 pm and I have nowhere to go and nowhere to stay.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


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