Updated!: Poker, Seeing More Old Friends, & Cirque Du Soleil, Wow! (AZ) “DAY 136” – 11/17/10

November 17, 2010 - 1:19 pm - (AZ) “DAY 136”

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I saw was Ryan Cooper!  My man Coop came down to see me before he went to work, Nice!  As I told you yesterday, Coop and I used to live together for a bunch of years and obviously... hung out all the time!

We played poker together last night but really didn’t get to just shoot the shit, so he came by the morning to catch up on my trip and whatever’s going on in his life.  Coop is doing great and as always... looks pretty sharp.  You go Coop!

He could only stay for about 30 minutes (had to go to work), so as soon as he left, I did what I always do first thing in the morning.  Nooo!  Get your minds out of the gutter... 😉  I  started writing my daily post. 🙂

Casino Arizona - Poker
Casino Arizona is just a few minutes from where I’m staying (less than 2 miles). It’s so awesome to be back home again (my second home)! 🙂

My plan is go there and win just a $100 bucks because all I need right now is a positive day to get the momentum going in the right direction.

I got to the casino around 2 pm and had to leave by 4:30pm  because I’m going to see a show later with my old radio partner Curt.  He’s the man!.  Anyway, I parked the Rooster mobile right next to a police car and headed into the casino.  Hey, at least my car isn’t get broken into while I’m playing. 😉

Poker Room
I only had 2 hours to play so I got into limit game instead of a no-limit game.  (I didn’t want to busted real quick before I was going to a awesome show and be in a bad mood for the evening.)

So, I went to the poker board and put my name down on the 4-8 limit list. (I prefer 6-12 limit but they said it doesn’t go (make it) that much anymore, 8-16 took over.)  I didn’t want to play that big right now... so 4-8 it was.

I bought in for $84 and sat down at a real friendly table.  Normally, the afternoon crowds in limit games are older people looking to have some fun while staying away from their wives/husbands (the ladies play too). 😉

Anyway, it is a limit game so sometimes you are gonna get busted with a big hand like did in the first 20 minutes.  I had pocket Aces (A, A) and hit an A on the flop.  A set of ACES, NICE!  Well... by the river... there were 4 diamonds on the board and I didn’t have one.  You do the math!

Buying Back In

I was now down $84, so I reached into my dusty wallet and grabbed the last $100 I had on me.  It’s now or never for the Rooster!  Ahhh! Did I just write in 3rd person (well, 3rd farm animal ;)).  Writing this much can make you crazy or... did I just leave NJ that way?

I wasn’t on tilt or in chase mode, I was just ready to keep playing tight poker and more times than not... my trip aces or whatever will hold.  I’m glad I stuck to my guns because the odds of poker finally tipped in my favor.

I went on run of cards (where my hands held) until I was not only even... but up about $180.  I said to my self at that point, I will not leave here with less than $100 and if I get over $200... I will leave with that amount for certain.

I was still getting real good hands, but now... they weren’t holding up, so I picked up my chips and cashed out up $135.  Poker is games of runs (especially in limit) so if you know
the swing... you can decided when it’s time to leave pretty easily (if your playing to win and not for fun).

Meeting Curt For Dinner - “Hard Rock Cafe” - November 19, 2010 - 2:00 am - (AZ) "DAY 136"
I got the Hard Rock Cafe (right outside U.S. Airlines Arena) around 5:30 pm and when I walked up to
the front, I saw Curt seconds later as he and was in his own car.

F.Y.I. - I met Curt about 12 years ago through Scott through Deniro.  Deniro was friends with Scott and Scott worked for Curt as a writer for Sports Arizona magazine. (Curt was the editor).

Anyway, after becoming friends with Curt, we wound up doing a radio show together for 4 or 5 years (on and off).  I can honestly say, that nobody in my life has helped me more (except for my family) than Curt has over the past 10 years.  He has been like brother to me.

To Curt: I sincerely Thank You for everything you have ever done for me.  You have been
a great friend, one have been lucky to have!  As you already know, anything I can ever do for you... just ask and I’ll do my best to help!

Eating Dinner
There were 6 of us eating dinner and going to show after
.  We ordered a bunch of food as we talked about my  our lives.


Curt had gotten 6 tickets to the show for all of us.  (He has his ways.)  I was excited to see Cirque De

Cirque Du Soleil
For those of you out there that has never saw Cirque Du Soleil (like me until tonight), you are missing out!  This is the wildest show I have ever seen.  It’s a cross between a circus, Pink Floyd “The Wall”, the movie “A Clockwork Orange”, with great acrobats!

The show opens with a weird looking Jester who dictates the whole show through his movements and actions.  He is followed by a weird looking band dresses in all white with crazy masks.  F&$King freaky!

F.Y.I. - Our tickets were awesome as we were seated dead center stage about 15 rows from the show.  From our view, you could see everything!  Sweet!  Thanks again Curt!

During the course of the show, there were clowns performing in-between ever major act.  There skits were very basic and they spoke some other language (Not French or English) but you understood them and each was funny! 🙂

Different Acts
There were a lot of outrageously awesome performances but my favorite was by far a girl who hula hooped with 5 hoops at once.  She had one on her foot on the ground and another on her foot straight up in the air while 3 of them circled around her waist.

It was unbelievable!  Other than her, there were 2 Asian contortionists who were out of this world.  Their body control was beyond belief as they twisted themselves into positions only a porno director could truly appreciate! 😉

Then, there was a guy who was so strong and flexible, he was able to balance himself with one hand on the a pole in a crazy position for seconds at a time.  It was incredible!

The show lasted for almost 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission somewhere in-between.  During the intermission, I took a picture with the Suns Gorilla (he’s on the wall) as well as Curt and his youngest daughter Kira.

2nd Half Of The Show
The second half of the show more of the same as the first... Clowns, jesters, tremendous acrobatics, a fire performance, and live music (which by the way was amazing, the lead girl singer was out of this world). 🙂

The show ended with a bunch of guys doing a trapeze type routine while the lead singer  and band played some French song (I think).  And then, as they did for the entire show... the clowns came out and made fun of the routine. 😉

Closing Bows
At the end of the show, the whole cast lined up on the front of the stage and took their bows.  Now that it was over and there wasn’t any more madness going on, I was able to  just look at there costumes.  They were so detailed!  (I heard that each mask cost $30,000 and takes up to 800 hours to make.)

As soon as they said good-bye’s and left the stage, I hopped down there and took a picture of myself right in front of the stage.  Then, I headed back to where Curt and his family was.

Leaving The Show
As we were exiting the arena, Breanna spotted a little girl being interviewed by a TV station (channel 7).  We hung around and watched the interview and when it was over... dun..dun..dun.. I was the next person interviewed! 🙂

I was wearing the Michigan t-shirt I got while I was in Ann Arbor and the reporter (Jill) was from Michigan so when she done with the little girl, she asked me if I drove all the way from Michigan.  I told her no... I drove all the way New Jersey! 😉

That was enough for her, so she asked me about the show and I told her the truth.  It was one of the best shows I had ever seen.  It was so different and entertaining all at the same
time.  The music, the acrobats, the dancers, and on and on.... All Great! 🙂

After I got done talking with Jill, I said good-bye to the whole gang and thanked Curt again for great night!  I really did have fun and I have always liked Curt’s family so it was a great night for me! 🙂

Back To Mike’s - Then The Store
I got back to Mike’s and hung out with him for awhile before we went out to go to the store.  Mike wanted cigarettes and I wanted to get something to eat.  Across the street from Taco Bell was smoke shop, so we walked over to get Mike’s some cigarettes.

The guys working there were awesome dudes as we talked about my trip for awhile.  It was late (midnight), so I guess... what else did they have do. 😉  Anyway, by the time we leaving, the owner gave us a new product he created called Dragon’s Breath.

Basically, it is a device so other people won’t smell the smoke exhaled by cigarettes.  I guess it’s for people who date or are married to someone who doesn’t smoke and they have to hide it.  Or it could just be used to be polite to others who don’t smoke.  Thanks guys!

It was late and Mike and I were getting tired, so when we got home and both went to bed in our respective domains.  I had another great day!  AZ kicks ass!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. tom buckley says:

    How hot is Jill!?

  2. DAD says:

    We’ve seen a few of their shows, and they are amazing.
    Kurt and you look good. Nice to see some of the
    faces I know from my AZ visit long ago.

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