Poker & James’s Birthday Night At Octoberfest! (NE) “DAY 82” – 9/24/10

September 25, 2010- - 11:56 am - (NE) “DAY 83”

I woke up this morning at 9:15 am because the made walked in my room (forgot to put up the do not disturb sign).  Damn!  But.. it turned out to be OK because I made it to the free continental breakfast just in time (closes at 9:30 am).

I ate some food and then... you know by now... took some back to my room while I finished writing “DAY 81”. 🙂   It only took a half hour or so because I wrote most of it last night but I still had to upload it, add the pics, etc...

It was 1:30 pm when I left the room and went downstairs to check out,  For the first time, I had to pay for my room (discounted to $59.99).   Before I paid though, I asked the lady at the hotel desk to call down to casino host to see if they would comp it based on my play.

We waited for a little while for a response, during this time I found a rooster in the lobby. 🙂  Anyway, 20 minutes later...  the room was comped!  Cha-ching!  🙂


The Plan
Today, my plan is to hang out with a guy I met named James.  He’s also letting me crash at his place for the night  (waiting on a confirmation text, he told me this a few days ago).   He wound up texting me at 2 pm telling me he’d call me at 3:30 pm after he got out of class.

Anyway, It’s his 23rd birthday so he’s going out and having a party at his place afterwards.  Nice!  It should be a wild night!

I had time to kill and nowhere to be until I heard from James, so I hit the poker room.  I found the Cash Cow again and bought in for $130 (1-3 NL game).  The table was perfect for me as there wasn’t many wild players and I could see flops cheap.

Within the first half hour, I was already up close to $100.  Perfect!  I keep playing good cards and by the time 4 pm rolled around, I was up $175.  The this a great day already!  I was now checking my phone constantly ready to leave for James place.  I’m up enough already. 😉

Diamond Lounge
Trying to kill some time, I hit the Diamond Lounge and ate some lunch.  The Diamond is awesome!  Free food, drinks, TV’s... I can get used to this kind of treatment.  I stayed there for 30 minutes waiting for James text.  I decided at this point, I would call him at 5 pm, so I went back to the poker table.

Poker Again
I sat back down at the table I left (chips still on table) and... almost got up and cashed out but I was dealt in so I played some more (mistake number #1!).  I got into a hand with a Chinese guy who had sat down while I was away ( I didn’t know how he played?).

Anyway, long story short... he rivered a runner, runner flush on me when I flopped top 2 pair and bet it hard.  I lost most of what I was up! 🙁  I was on tilt so I got up and cashed out up just $19.  Ahhhhhh!

Happy Birthday James!

So frustrating!  If I win that hand... I leave up $400+.

James’s Place
I got up from the table and called James.  He answered and said he forgot to text me but to come right over.  Nice!  I’m still up (even if it’s $19) and I have a good time ahead of me.

On my way to James place, I stopped at a liquor store and bought him a Birthday present (Crown Royal).  When I got to his to place, I gave it to him and we immediately started drinking.  Oh no... it’s gonna be a long one!

James is place is big as well as being a college party house.  Add in the fact that it’s James birthday and... I’m not getting any sleep tonight! 😉  He then showed me where I would be crashing and seriously... this is exactly how it looked (pic to right). 😉

Girls, James, Manny, Girls

Pre-Game Drinking
It was 6 pm as James, I, and few girls who came over were already doing shots and having drinks.  It’s James Birthday... I knew it was gonna be like this!  Good times!

We hung around his place waiting on a bunch of people to show up.  We were all going to Octoberfest (in September) at a bar called the Cresent Moon.  They have a huge outdoor festival/party/bar... you get the idea.

Anyway, we got there at 7:30 pm and it was a awesome set up with a tom of people there.  There was great food, beer, shots ($2 each), and more hot girls than I have seen on this trip!  I love Omaha!

Bottoms up!

The first we did when we got inside was do Birthday shots with James!  I was pumped because they had Black Haus there (blackberry flavored 80 proof liquor).  Sweet!  I will be trashed tonight!  The girl working the tent was super cool and did shots we us all nice!  Nice meeting you Jen?! 😉

James, His Boy, me "Rooster"

After that the place was packed and crazy that I got split up from the people I went there with.  It didn’t matter though, this place packed with friendly people looking to have some fun!

Meeting Another Rooster
While I was bouncing around meeting people, I came across a guy who liked my story and bought me a shot (forgot your name, I was trashed!).

Rooster and Rooster

Anyway, his friend over heard what I was talking about and then showed me his arm.

Yes!!!  Another Rooster... and this one had Rooster tattooed on the inside of his arm.  Super cool!  We hung out for a bit and had a drink two while talking Rooster stuff, ya know... just between us Roosters!

During this time, I bought some Octoberfest beads from a young salesman.  The kid was like 10 years old selling things like a New York street hustler.  F.Y.I. - The beads will come in handy when I’m in Mardi Gras! 🙂

Hot Girls Everywhere

Caitlyn, Me "Rooster", Her friend

As I was looking for James, I met a super hot girl named Caitlyn.  She was there with one of her girlfriends and when I asked her if she wanted to do some shots me... she was way fired up and said let’s go.  She had just gotten there and was ready to party! 😉

We did a shot or two together and then went our separate ways.  I did run into her again later in the night and did do another shot with her... but she was with a lot of people and didn’t seem as interested in me as she did on the free shots! 😉  Damn!  She was hot and cool!

Hokey Pokey...

It was now close to 11 pm and James text me to tell me they were leaving to go back to his place for his late night birthday party.  On my way out of Octoberfest, I had to dance at least once, so I hit the dance floor and did the hokey poker!

I put my love handle in, I put my love handle out, I put my love handle in and I shuck it all about, I did the hokey pokey and I turned myself around and that’s what it’s all about! dun. dun.


House Party
When we got back to James place, they was at least 40 people with us.  The party was on!  Around this time, I met James three roommates (Keeno, Peter, and Andy).

They were all real guys and reinforced that I was welcome to stay the night!  Thanks guys!

Drunk girls

Anyway, back to the party!  People were drinking and having a great time when two drunk girls started a beer fight between themselves in the kitchen!

It was sexy and disturbing all at the same time but James like it and that all that matters!  It is his birthday! 🙂


We partied in the kitchen area for awhile for some reason (the place was so big but there we were cramped in the kitchen! lol).

Cory had just showed up with Lisa, so I had to get a group picture of all of us!  Nice!

James and Cory are the guys I met 12 days ago at the poker table the first day I got to Iowa/Nebraska.  It’s awesome how things work out and how cool people are!

Logan, Cory, Lisa, James, Me, Andrea, Sarah

We partied late into the night as I met and hung out with a ton of cool people.  Omaha is a great little city!

One girl had a tattoo of the world on the inside of her arm.  Really cool and not in the usual girl location.  You go Kerry!


It was 3 am and somebody went to Taco Bell so we ate Taco like animals as we passed out close to 4 am.  I passed out on the couch instead of the weed bed, somebody spilled beer on it! 😉

To James & Friends
First... Happy Birthday James!  Then, to you and your and friends... I had a blast and would like to thank all of you for showing me a good time and including me in everything all night!   Go Big Red!

China and James

I’m sitting in James living room with Keeno laughing while I write this post (he has a great personality).

I’m leaving for Lincoln (1 hour away) as soon as I’m finished to see the Cornhuskers play at 7 pm.  It supposed to be a sight a remember...  We’ll see but I think it will be!

Thanks for reading!


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