Poker, More Poker, & A Fantasy Football Draft! (SD) “DAY 65” – 9/7/10

September 8, 2010 - 1:28 am - (SD) “DAY 65”

I was woken up this morning (11 am) by housekeeping knocking on my door even though I put the out do not disturb sign!!!  It plainly says in red... Please, Do Not Disturb!  You’d think that would be self explanatory...

Anyway, I was a little pissed but my room is free... how much can I complain. 😉

I was to awake to fall back asleep so I did my normal routine of writing, showering, etc...  and then hit the poker room.

The poker room opens at 1 pm on Tuesday so that’s when I showed up.  I was the 3rd person to put my name down so I went back to my room and waited for the call that we had enough for a game.

F.Y.I. - Their poker room is closed on Wednesday and Thursday so today is the last day I can play poker here until Friday.  I don’t why they choose to close on those days except they just aren’t that busy...

Moving on, I got the call in my room (about 2 pm) that we had enough for a game to start.  I got down there and there were just 7 players including me.

We played for roughly 2 hours then the game broke.  I had bought in for $200 and cashed out with $264 (up $64).  Not bad, but it sucks that the game broke so early.  I can already tell after just 2 days that this room is lacking players. 🙁

My Room
I went back to my hotel room and tried figuring out what I’m going to do about tomorrow.  First, I have don’t have anywhere to stay... again!  And second, I have to find a poker game so I can try to make some $-money-$!

F.Y.I.- Not knowing where I will be staying is most stressful part of this trip, it really does affect my mood when I think about it... so I usually try not to. 😉

Anyway, I looked on internet for other poker rooms in South Dakota and the closest was  70 miles south in Flandreau (Royal River Casino).  The problem... there always is... they don’t have poker on Wednesday either and the person I spoke to on the phone wouldn’t comp me a room either.

Huh??? What to do??? I thought for minute and then called the casino I was just at and enjoyed in North Dakota, Dakota Magic (60 miles north).  They have poker on Wednesday and might comp me a room again.

I called and I was right!  They gave me 2 free nights (Wed. and Thur.).  Nice!  I have a place to stay and play poker.  Not to mention, I like the people there, I liked the room, and the players aren’t that good!  Perfect!

Plus, I only spent 5 days in North Dakota so going back for 2 more actually fills out my week there. 😉

Poker Again
It was 5 pm when my phone rang to tell me they had a game going again.  I forgot to mention this earlier but on Monday and Tuesday this poker room has a high hand promotion.

The way it works is; every time you get Aces full or better you get a point or more. The top two players with the most points for the day split the pot.  Each hand a dollar is taken out for the promotion and if the game last 5 hours or more the casino adds $200 to it.


Anyway, this stupid promotion wound up costing me in the end but I’ll get to that in a minute.  I again bought in for $200 and played until 6:10 pm.

I know that because that’s when I had to quit so I could do a fantasy football draft (on line) with my friends from NJ (Jeremy and I are partners and he couldn’t get free for the draft.)

I didn’t cash out but was up $26 as I took my chips back to my room with me.

Fantasy Football Draft
The draft started at 7:15 and lasted for over 2 hours.  There wasn’t a clock used between picks as each player had as much time as they needed.  It took awhile...  In case you care... with the our first pick we got Frank Gore (7th overall).

Then, we took Tom Brady, Roddy White, Steve Smith (Car.), Ronny Brown, Knowshon Moreno, Jason Whitten, Steelers D, Adam Vinatieri and more... I like our team! 🙂

After the draft ended, I went back to the poker room.

Poker Again
I already had my chips so I sat back down in the game with $226.  I was playing a little loose trying to get high hands for the promotion.  So stupid!  Since we played mostly Omaha... you can get caught chasing one outers all night!’

I don’t usually play like this but I had 2 points and the leader had just 4.  One four of a kind or better and I would be the leader.  F.Y.I. - If I won the promotion I would get about $200- $300.

This mentality wound up costing me big-time as I lost the $226 I bought in for and never got another point!  I missed so many straight flushes and quads it was annoying!

The game broke around midnight so I said good bye to floor people and players, then headed back to my room.  I ended the day down $136. 🙁

Rather than go right to sleep, I decided to get some food (food comp) and then write my post so when I get up tomorrow, I have nothing to do except pack and leave for Dakota Magic (North Dakota).

By the way... I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries!

Thanks for reading!


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