Poker, The Bar, & Sleeping In My Car! (IA) “DAY 75” – 9/17/10

September 18, 2010 - 10:44 am - (IA) “DAY 75”

I woke up today extremely hungover around 1 pm.  I was supposed to be out of my room by noon but I didn’t wake up until I got numerous calls from the front desk telling me I had to leave.  I didn’t even hear the phone until the last time it rang.

Rooster and Rooster

Anyway... I finally got up, packed up my things, and found a place to write my post (Aces Diner).   While I was out front packing my car though, I met another “Rooster”.  He was out front of the casino with his friends when they saw my car with the Rooster logo’s on it.

They asked me what it was all about and then told me their friend’s nickname was also Rooster.  After a few minutes of talking, Rooster and I (Rooster) took a picture together.  All Roosters are cool and this Rooster was no different!  Nice meeting you guys!

Aces Diner
I stayed at the Aces Diner from about 1 pm until 5 pm writing my post and uploading pictures.  When I finished my work, I ordered the special... $2.99 all you can eat pancakes!  Nice!  I did my best but only had 6 pancakes (they were big).

What To Do?
It was 5 pm and I had nowhere to go and nowhere to stay.  All the comped rooms in the area are booked up and I do not want to spend $70+ on hotel room... so I guess I’m homeless for the day.

Jeremy called me to see how I was doing, so I talked to him from my new living room (hotel parking lot lawn).  We spoke for a bit as we decided I would just suck it again and pull my 2cd all nighter since I’ve been in Iowa.

The Horseshoe Casino
After speaking with Jer, I went over to the Horseshoe to...???? I don’t know... I had nowhere else to go.  When I got there, I thought about playing poker but decided to go the casino bar and see if I could


find out something to do from the bartender.

The bartender was a real cool guy named Zack and he told me about a Semi-Pro football game that was being played just a few miles away at 7 pm (Omaha, NE).

F.Y.I.- It’s a new league and I would be going to the inarugrial game.  Ahmad Green and Tony Dorsetts’ son are some of the big names playing in the league.  It should be cool!

Rosenblatt Stadium
I arrived at the stadium a little early figuring I would take in the scene but when I got there... there was nobody in the parking lot, not a sole!  So... I went up to the ticket window to see what was going on.

I asked the guy working the window if the game still being played and he said yes but... it was next Friday night, not this Friday night.  Damn!  I actually wanted to check out this new league.

Oh yeah, on my way to Rosenblatt stadium I saw a burger joint I had never seen before... King Kong Burgers!  F.Y.I.- I’m a huge King Kong fan and even have numerous Kong statues back home.

I took a bunch of pictures of all the Kongs and mini-Kongs they had out front but I didn’t go in and eat burger.  I will sometime this week... for certain!

Finding a Sporting Event
It was 6:30 pm when I left the Rosenblatt Stadium as I headed back to the Horseshoe to talk to Zack again.  Zack then told me about a H.S. football game in the area, so I guess I’ll go there instead.

The game was just a few miles away from the casino and when I arrived... there was no game either!  They were on the road and the team they were playing was over 30 miles away.

I then checked a newspaper in Walgreens to see if there was any other games in the area and after consulting with a local, he told me all the games were at least 30 miles or more away.  I’m not going to a game tonight.  Oh well. 😉

The Horseshoe Again - Poker
It was now a little after 7 pm, so I went back to Horseshoe to play poker but before I went in... I took a hour nap in my car to refresh the body and mind for a long night ahead.

I finally entered the casino at 8 pm and after a short wait, I was seated into a 1-3 NL game.  I bought in for $140 as I placed my lucky Billy Goat on my chips.  He’s 3-3 now!  You go Billy Goat!

Anyway, the table was real friendly as we talked about my journey most the time I was there.  It was a good time Friday night table!  I played tight poker and was doing real well until I got beat with (A, K) to (A, Q).  Ace on the flop... Q on the turn... Ahhh!

I was about even after that hand and frustrated that I can’t hit a run of good cards that will hold!  Either way, I kept playing tight and eventually got back up a little ($62).

At this point, I got a call from Cory (11 pm) and he asked me if I wanted to go out to a bar in Omaha

Lisa and Cory

(10 min away) with him and few girls.  Nice!  He is always hanging around real hot girls so this should be another good time!  Not to mention, Cory is a real cool down to earth kind of guy.

So I picked up my chips, cashed out, and headed to Omaha to meet up with Cory.  It was nice playing everybody at the table.  Good luck to all of you!

The Bar
Cory and I met up near the bar and walked a few blocks to where we were headed.  On the way I saw some horse carriages lit up light Xmas time.  Pretty cool, I have always liked things that are festive!

F.Y.I.- I forgot to bring my camera so I do not have many pictures.  I used cell phone for some but the bar was dark and I do not have a flash on my cell.

The Captain!

Just like last night, Cory knew a ton of people and just like last night... he introduced me to everybody and made me feel welcome!  Thank you Cory!

I didn’t drink much tonight because I knew I still had nowhere to sleep and was probably sleeping in my car.  I had to stay sober and I did.

I met a bunch of cool people and more real hot girls.  The area is packed with smoking hot girls!

Me "Rooster", Mark, Cory, John

Truthfully, this place has had the most beautiful girls I have seen on my trip by far! 🙂

It was getting close to closing when Cory introduced to me a kid from NJ (Mark).  Nice!  A fellow NJ guy, even though he was South Jersey ( a world away when I’m back home but when you’re in Nebraska... he felt like a neighbor.) 🙂

We bullshitted for awhile about home, the food, and wrestling.  Yes, wrestling.  He was a NJ stateThursday night pic champ in 2005 (171 lbs) and had just finished his college career this past season.

It was nice meeting you even though you are from Philly Jersey. 😉  And your boy from Washington State, John.

We stayed until the bar closed (2 am), then Cory headed back home (he had work again at 6 am, what a trooper!) and I headed back to my parking lot at the Horseshoe. 🙂

Sleeping In My Car
After getting some food at Burger King, I found a cozy spot in the parking lot and settled into my bed (front seat).  It was storming out (crazy rain) but that was good because it covered my windows with rain as well as giving me a soothing sound to fall asleep to.

I got about 5 hours of sleep and woke up this morning at 9 am unharmed and refreshed!

I am sitting in the hotel lobby writing my post.  Again, I have nowhere to stay and nowhere to go tonight but tomorrow... I do have another comped room.  Nice!  I just have to make it another 24 hours and I will have a bed again.

Thanks for reading!


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