Poker, The General Manger’s Club, A Slash Concert, & I Found A Play Stay! (NE) “DAY 80” – 9/22/10

September 23, 2010 - 1:01 pm - (NE) “DAY 80”

I woke up this morning at 9:17 am, just in time for the continental breakfast.  After I had breakfast, I went up to my room and packed up all my things.  Once all my thing were organized, I wrote the rest of “Day 79”.  (It only took an hour because I wrote most it yesterday). 🙂

It was now 11 am and I had nothing to do except relax, well... for the next two and half hours (that’s when I get booted from the room). 😉   It was a relief to have had my post done already because in past days like this, I’ve been writing and posting until the last the second I have been in the room.  Whew... Nice!

At 1:30 pm on the dot, I left the room and packed my car back up.  Now, my plan for the day was to play poker, then hang out in the General Manger’s Club (VIP pass I got), followed by going to the“Slash Concert” at Harrah’s (8 pm, 2 miles away).


Since I had 6 tickets to the show and my VIP pass was for two people, I called Cory to see if he wanted to go to the concert as well as hang in the GM Club with me (everything in there is free: drinks, food, whatever...) 🙂  Plus, I told him he could invite 4 more people if wanted to.

Cory was in and he also told me, he would bring whoever he could round up.  I really don’t care who he brings, everybody I have met through Cory has been real cool so far. 🙂

I got the poker room at 1:45 pm and was immediately sat into 1-3 NL game.  I bought in for what I’ve been buying for lately... $140.  It seems to be a good number, I can double it up an and be happy with the win or if I lose it... I’m not to sad :(.

F.Y.I.- The GM Club is right across from the poker room but doesn’t open until 3 pm (closes at 10 pm).  So, I have to play until at least 3 pm, that way I have a place to go if I’m on a losing streak.

Since the Ram lost for me last night, I decided to change animals again and this time I choose a cow.?  Yes, a cow.  People commented at the table how they had never seen a cow card protector... Nice... I got them right where I want them... confused! 😉 LOL

The table was playing tight and so was I.  It was 3 pm when I checked my chip stack and I was up about $40.  Not bad... but I wasn’t ready to go yet.  The next hand I played was (K, J) off-suit in the little blind.

Nobody raised, so I limped in (6 callers).  The flop came... (K, 9, 2) with two diamonds.  I checked and somebody bet $11.  There were 3 callers so I check raised it to $36.  The better called as everybody else folded.

The turn... 4 of clubs.  I bet out $35.  The other guy raised me to $75 total.  Ahhh... did I let him get a garbage two pair by not raising pre-flop???  Or, is he chasing a flush and wants me to go away???  I thought about it, checked my chip stack (I had $100 or so left), then called.

The river... Jack (no diamond)!  Cha-ching!  Unless he has a set, I’m gold, so I pushed ALL IN!  He called but never showed, he said he had two pair.  Whew... I rivered a bug winner!  It’s about time!  🙂

I played until 5 pm and left the game when it got shot handed (5 people left).  It worked out perfectly because the GM Club put out a dinner spread that started at 5.  Nice!  Sometimes things just work out! Oh Yeah!  I won $302!


General Manager’s Club
When I walked in to the Mangers Club, the first thing I had to do was check in at the front desk they had there.  I was greeted by a hot girl named Lyndsey who very friendly and cool!  She told me about what they offered there and told me to have a good time.

Thank you Lyndsey!  If your single and read this... shoot me an email and we can go to dinner or drinks while I”m still here ( I leave Monday). 😉

Anyway, the General Manager’s Club was really nice and they had everything you want if you had just took a beating in the casino... except for your money back! 😉  I ate some food, had a few Captain and Cokes, and played pinball while I waited for Cory to show up.

Cory called me at 5:30 pm to tell me he was close and that he had two friends with him (Mitch and Gary Busey Jr... Kevin. LOL).  Cool, but I now to figure out how to get to more people in here.  I only have a pass for me and Cory...  I have concert tickets for 6 but only free drinks and food for 2.

So... I went back to front desk to talk to Lyndsey.  Heck.. I wanted to talk to Lyndsey anyway! 🙂  Back to the story, I told her my situation and asked her what she could do.  At that moment, another executive walked up named John and asked me what he could do.

We spoke about Jersey as he was fellow east coaster and after a few minutes, we came to a Let’s Make A Deal moment.  He said he couldn’t let 4 of us into the General Managers Club, it was just to exclusive but... he would let all of us in the Diamond Club which also had free drinks and food but no leather coaches, pinball, etc...

Busey Jr., Cory, Me "Rooster", Mitch

Perfect!  I felt like I had a Susan B. Anthony dollar and John was Monty Hall looking around the audience looking for random stuff!  🙂  LOL

The Diamond Club
Cory and his friends arrived at 6:30 as we bellied up to the bar to pre-game for the “Slash Concert”.  Free drinks and food... this is a time to make the most of it!  We drank as much you could without acting a fool at the bar.  Probably... 6-8 drinks in the hour and a half we were there.


We thanked and tipped our bartender Zack, then headed to the front of the Horseshoe for the free shuttle to Harrah’s.  We weren’t driving! 🙂

Inside the van on the way to the concert we met a guy named Dennis.  Dennis was cool dude and as we found out... a big fan music fan.

Dennis and Cory

We told him we were going to the concert as he responded, he’d love to go but didn’t have ticket.  I reached into pocket and handed it to him.  He asked, “How much?”.  I told him to just take it and enjoy the show.  Heck, I’ve gotten free tickets... my time to pass it forward.

Walking To Concert Through Harrah’s
We had now added Dennis to the crew and we walking to the concert when I saw some people buying tickets at the window.

Dennis.. John

I approached a guy who was by himself and asked him if he wanted my last ticket.

He looked confused as I just handed it to him and told him to take it for it for nothing...  He was just about to pay $25 for one so I guess he took it off guard.  He thanked me and as this was going on, Dennis couldn’t wait any longer and bolted on us into the show!  So funny! 🙂

"Slash Concert"
The show was sold out and there was a packed crowd, none-the-less... we made our way (lead by Busey Jr.) all the way to the front of the stage for the show (2cd row).

I found out early on that couldn’t take pictures with a digital camera as a security guard beamed a light at me and threatened to take my camera or kick me out.  That’s one of the problems I guess you have when you’re 3 feet from security... they can see what you do and pick you out!

He didn’t stop me as though, as I took over 100 pictures during the evening.  I just had to be more careful when I snapped a picture! 😉

Cory, Mitch, Me "Rooster"

The guys and me had a raging time as we danced, sang, and hung out with everybody around us.  Behind me was Slash’s #1 fan or at least I named him that!  He sang every single song they played (even the unpopular ones) as he couldn’t control himself most of the time!  😉

For real though... the concert was awesome!  Slash is a phenomenal guitar player and he did what Dave Matthews didn’t... He played his hits, the songs everybody was there to see!

When I saw Dave last week, it was good but he let me down in the fact that he played all new stuff (except 3 songs).  Slash played the right amount of everything as well as sounding great!  I didn’t think I would have had better time here than at Dave but... I did!

The concert ended around 10:45 pm and as we were leaving we started to look for Dennis.  No reason,we were just messing around yelling his name and laughing.

Cory, Mitch, Kevin, Dennis, Me "Rooster"

Then, as we got to the Van to head back to the Horseshoe (it was pulling away as we stopped it), there was Dennis in the front seat!  LOL   He told us he was at the front, right by us but we just didn’t see him.  He thanked me for the ticket again as we took a group picture!

The Bars
We were all having a good time, so we decided to continue on to some bars in Omaha.  We first bar we got to was called Firewater.  It $1 drafts but it still wasn’t busy.  While I was there, I saw an unusual site for a guy from Jersey...

I saw a guy selling roses to people in the bar.  Now, I’m used to seeing this in NJ but... back home it’s usually a hot chick wearing nothing, not a older man in mini-suit.  Just unusual... that all!

Anyway, after a little but we headed to another bar a few blocks away called the Pipeline.  This bar was also dead but at least there was a girl with her ass hanging out at the bar! LOL   Even with the ass shot, we left after a few minutes and called it a night.

Kevin (Gary Busey Jr.)

A Place To Stay
As we we headed out of the bar, Kevin (Busey Jr.) asked me if I needed a place to crash.  He said we could all crash at his place because it was just a few blocks away and the cab ride would be cheap.  Perfect!  Thank You Kevin!

We got to Kevin’s and it was a typical college house (posters, beer cans, etc...).  I walked out back where people were drinking around a fire pit.  Nice, except I’m exhausted and need to crash! 😉

Luckily for me, the guys I went out with all had to be up by 7 am (work or school) so they were tired as well and wanted to crash too.  Thank God!

Thanks Guys!

Kevin set me up on the couch in the living room as I got good night’s sleep.  I also met Kevin’s roommates Mike and Dan.  They were also super cool as we hung out in the morning but you’ll hear about that tomorrow.  Thanks guys for letting me crash!

I am back in a hotel room at the Horseshoe writing this post and I am doing charity work again at the Micah House at 4 pm.  Other than that... who knows!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Matt says:

    Sounds like an awesome day man…its easy to have a good time when you win $300 haha..sounds like you milked that cow for all its worth but lets hope not 😉

  2. DAD says:

    The picture of you and the 4 guys, makes you look small. Only Kevin “Busey Jr.” looks to be your size. Are you shrinking or hanging out with BIG GUYS?

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